5 quick and easy ways to lower your blood pressure

Fluctuations in blood pressure throughout the day is a normal thing. However, if the fluctuations are too high and uncontrolled, it could be threatening to your health. Therefore, it is important that you always keep your blood pressure in check. You do not have to always take medication to control your blood pressure. There are a few quick and easy tips for lowering your blood pressure.



Your blood pressure tends to spike up when you are under stress. Therefore, by practicising relaxation, through means such as meditation, you significantly lower your blood pressure. Relaxation helps to calm your nerves and hence reduce the production of epinephrine. Epinephrine is the hormone responsible for raising blood pressure.

Listen to Music

Music is known to have a calming effect on people. Listening to music is one of the easiest and fastest ways to reduce blood pressure. Research indicates that music triggers the production of dopamine. The result of this is lowered blood pressure. Therefore, instead of seating in silence and allowing thoughts to overcome you, listen to some music.

Drink Some Water

One of the simplest ways to keep your blood pressure in check is by keeping yourself hydrated. Water is a natural cure for blood pressure. Drinking the recommended amount of water everyday will lead to an excessive amount of sodium held in the body so as to protect the body from losing water. Additionally, keeping hydrated tends to keep the capillary beds open. This eases pressure on the pipes, meaning that blood pressure will normalize.

Eat Healthy

Eating healthy is a great way for normalizing your blood pressure. Try to regulate the amount of your daily salt intake. Salt contains a high level of sodium which triggers high blood pressure. Also, ensure that you incorporate a huge portion of fruits and vegetables in your diet. They contain a high amount of magnesium and potassium. According to researchers, these two minerals can significantly lower the diastolic and systolic blood pressure

Take a Walk

Walking can help you regulate your blood pressure level. Walking is a simple form of exercise. According to researchers, walking encourages blood flow into different parts of the body. This is very important in keeping your blood pressure level normalized. Additionally, walking can help you ward off stress which is a very important aspect of lowering your blood pressure.

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    • I have the same question! I’m supposed to travel next month for work and I’m scared and don’t think I should fly. Anyone have an answer to this question? My BP just now was 193/103. I’ve never in my life had BP problems before and I’m petrified I’m going to drop dead, or worse, with a stroke or heart attack. Help…

      • Drink lemon juice & more water.. add fresh garlic to food intake.. have brisk walk.. seek early GP attention.. they help.

        I experienced fluctuating BP as high as 200/110 this year and luckily it has stabilised.

        You will be fine.. provided you do not procastinate. Stay safe and good luck !

      • Blood pressure issues are nothing too kid around about and can be at times life threatening. People come here for help and advice and not for idiotic unnecessary remarks… Just saying …

    • Just went to the doc today and he told me mine was 138/90. He wanted to put me on water pills but I chose not to. I guess it’s low salt diet time.

    • If not drinking water and having high bp readings (188/118) it could be from the not drinking water? So if I dehydrate myself it would help the bp lower itself?

      • No. You need to hydrate yourself. Drink as much water as possible. 8 – 8 oz glasses are suggested, but anything close to that would be good.

  1. Why are you charging people for this? Did the Dr. who sent it to you charge you for his plan? Are you sending him part of the money you are making from his work and research?

  2. I drink 3litres of water a day follow a healthy diets which is controlled and scanned into my fitness pal and I walk on average 15000-20000 steps a day. My calorie burn is on average 3000 a day.
    I don’t have time to relax that’s the only thing I’m going wrong and my blood pressure is always high?????

    • It depends on when you check your blood pressure. Blood pressure is adaptive meaning it goes up and down depending on what your body needs.

      The best time to check your blood pressure is in the morning or evening just before bed at the same time on an empty stomach and no liquid meaning go ahead and urinate by checking it.

      Also, stressing about your blood pressure will make it worst. I am learning how to relax with deep breathing meditating exercise.

    • Sometimes the underlying cause is genetic. Have you been diagnosed with a heart, kidney, or thyroid problem?

  3. I’m on bp medication but today my bp is high. My normal bp is 127/72. Now it’s 148/88. My medication has not brought it down

    • When you get a high reading: sit down, relax, get some water. Try taking your blood pressure again. If it’s still high, call your doctor. However, this website is a good one to use; if your bp is in hypertensive crisis range, call your dr immediately.

  4. Well my blood pressure was 147/125 one day and I take medication for it, along with having servere sleep apnea. I’m a smoker I really don’t drink much alcohol any more. I smoke pot here and there to relax. I also smoke cigarettes I also take Abilify 30mg along with taking vitiaman d supplements. And now I’m having problems when ever I run up and down stairs I have a real difficult time catching my breath. I’m seeing my new GP in the morning but I’m really scared of having a heart attack or a stroke I will let him know but I like to get a second opinion above all that I have blurred vision can’t really see to much at night. And on top of that my new Doctor says my lung compasity is at 80% from smoking. I also suffer from extreme fatigue I don’t believe the lung test was accurate what can I do to improve my life . Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      • Why ask for help if you’re smoking? It’s like poking yourself with a fork and asking the Doctor to make it stop hurting. The best help you can get is to help yourself. My Mom quit smoking when diagnosed with stage four Lung Cancer. If she can quit, you can too. But quit now, today! She died a month after her cancer diagnosis. Take charge of your life Randy. Until you do it will take charge of you. Good luck!

        • I am very sorry for the loss of your mom. Wish i could tell you that it gets easier. Lost mine to the same disease. My heart breaks for you.

        • I am very sorry for the loss of your mom. Wish i could tell you that it gets easier. Lost mine to the same disease. My heart breaks for you.

    • Randy, The best things you can do for your health is quit smoking If I had not quit 5 years ago I would not be here today you will feel better smell better taste better and breathe better for sure Oh and save money! 2gs a year for me

    • Weed lowers bp, but smoking is not good on the lungs. Get a vaporizer. It heats the weed to the point of almost burning but not. It vaporizes the THC you inhale. No smoke, no crap, no smell, great taste.

      • Hi Terri Vaporizers have been blowing up in people’s faces. Last one I saw was a hole in his cheek! He was in a right state. Please research. My bp is 174/111

        • I didn’t have room on my screen to see what I was doing lol.
          About my bp I’ve taken some of your tips thank you. I’ve taken aspirin too. My ex who did ambulance training for first aid. They give an aspiring under tongue. It’s saved lives from heart attacks. Ive had a massive headache since yesterday evening too. I’ll try to keep up water. Goodnight Much love to you allxxx

          • Ugh… The intranet and crazy people can provide bad information please be careful before doing anything such as smoking weed, plant based diets and verify information with a doctor to suit your needs for your cardio system. If you want to try things, definitely try breathing methods like wim hoff method, meditation or even yoga. For supplements try Hawthorne, aspirin, b12, fish oil, coq10, St John’s Wort, fish oil. If you have blood pressure issues combined with breathing complications this could be a irregular heartbeat, leaky aorta, atrial affibulation, or blood clot. You need to find the cause to diagnose the right issue. Money issues or live? Not a hard choice. I’m 38 with a repaired aorta dissection and heart arythmia. I’m lucky to be alive, I’m in better shape now than I was in college. Active life style changes combined with knowledge from cardiologist and doctors will lead to be the best you can. High blood pressure is not something that’s fixed immediately, you have to really want to live and create a change in your life. There’s no simple cure or elixer. The deepest wounds are self inflicted. Make the right choices, talk to the right people, and support forums like this are a added bonus. But be prepared to change your habits and choices if you want to live.

        • There are plenty of reputable vaporizer makers, do your research! Hysteria around cannabis , and its safety is ignorant, and only through legalization can we regulate and ensure all products are safety tested, but to infer someone should be wary of vaporizing because of it blowing up in your face is pure ignorance , so maybe you should do some research. I run a charity for children’s causes and we help serious and critically ill kids find relief and remission from cannabis and yes sometimes vaping.

    • HI, just been to the doctors and my BP is 144/84 I’m new to the site but upon reading your comment I was wondering how are you ?

      • That number is okay. Just make sure that first number doesn’t get any higher. Then you’ll be hitting hypertensive crises.

    • You need to remember that your body is the temple of God, the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ needs to dwell in your heart. You have only one body and it is a gift from God and you need to take care of it so it can take care of you. What you put in your mouth can either harm you or help you. You have to make better decisions and start caring more about yourself.

    • Stop smoking; drink 8 cups (1cup is 8 oz.) water a day; exercise every day; do some deep breating, yoga or tai chi; do something you really enjoy every day, like a hobby; be around people you enjoy; and, last but not least, eat nutrient-dense food, i. e., fruits, veggies, low-fat meat and dairy, grains, nuts, preferably Organic. If you can’t eat all Organic, eat what you can, as even a little organic food will help your body start to repair itself. All other foods are full of pesticides, irradiated, genetically modified, contain additives, etc. Air, water, good food, movement and resting each day are the keys to good health. Good luck in your journey to a better, healthier life. PS

  5. i understand that cannabis will help with high BP.so how about you doctors start telling us to use it .isnt it about time we stop this silly game of corruption with goverment and Doctors and big pharm.we all know cannabis has been used for 6000yrs and works.we just need every one to wake up and smell the cannabis.Mr. Ttrump wants to drain the swamp soooooo lets start with big pharm and goverment corruption and let us grow our own meds and make america great again.thank you S.D.

  6. I’m an alcoholic ,in the middle of a drinking.. My blood pressure Is153 over 89. Is this dangerously. High? My heart rate is 105 do I need to go to the hospital ? I’m very worried. What can I do?

    • Jesse, hopefully you have made some changes since the last comment posted. Alcohol has all kinds of issues, afib, blood pressure, Alzheimer’s, vertigo and more. Finding help is not easy I get it. But in the end you have to look at what kind of person you want to be, healthy, alive or dead and forgotten and only remembered for drunken stupid memories. Asking for help is saying you want to change, I hope you get the right kind of help.

    • Hi Jesse, I am currently sober (6 months) but when I do drink my BP shoots up and my pulse rate goes over 100 very quickly. Please do your body a favour and stop drinking. Along with BP problems, many of your vital organs are being irreparably damaged – trust me, I’ve been there! Take care, P

  7. If high blood pressure is dangerous, (which i know it is) why would I be allowed home from a ‘pre-opp’ assessment with a BP of 216/84……197/84……195/103. Surely they should of kept me in for some kind of treatment? I have since had a doctors appt and my BP was 169/91….157/95. Still too high, have another appointment booked for 5das time

  8. just went to drs office nurse took my bp 146/98 asked me if it was high for me i just shook my head cause i dont know i take 3 bp medicines dr comes in its still that high but never said anything im confused cause nothing else was said

    • I am learning that 5 things help to keep my blood pressure regulated or at least reduce or keep it to pre-hypertension level 120/80 – 140/90. The lowest I have seen it with this practice below is 124/73 It is Still a working progress… I hope what I share help someone who is reading this.

      1. Sleep – lack of sleep keeps pressure high. Get a ice pack or shower in hot water to calm your body for about 5 to 10 minutes. Use epsom salt (1 cup) and soak to bring your body to a calm so you can sleep or take a natural extract from black tea call L-theanine from GNC (one capsule per day on a empty stomach or as prescribed by your doctor)

      2. Lack of oxygen – do deep breathing techniques. Breathe in for 4 seconds and exhale for 4 seconds 20 times and it should bring your heart rate and pressure down. Do either Exercise or deep breathing when you sense that your pressure is rising (walking, cardio, strength lifting for 20 mins)

      3. Eat food High in magnesium and potassium (banana, avocado, celery, parsley, celery seed, beets, watermelon, apples, ginger, green tea etc) include with your regular diet) reduce your salt to about 2300 to 1500 gram. This can be accomplished by eating more fruits ,vegetable, and protein. Reduce carbs like bread, pasta, and process or fast food etc. drink half your body weight of water daily. Drink 16.9 oz on a empty stomach every morning.

      4. Try to remain positive. Find things that keep your mind off your blood pressure (smile, recreation, fun things you like to do, think positive even when you don’t feel positive) train your mind to overcome through faith

      5. Continue to search for the root cause of the symptoms via your physician. Chronic Pain via accidents causes pressure to go up, some medication cause pressure to go up, some supplement cause pressure to go up, chronic stress causes pressure to go up, anxiety and worrying causes your pressure to go up and so on..

      I pray everyone on this blog get to feeling better soon. This blog brings comfort to many thousand suffering with this condition because it helps all of us to know that many are suffering the same or worst and we are not alone in this process and can find comfort in each other comments.

      • Wow I’ve been reading all these and well I helped me alot thanks so much!!!! I’ve been going to get my no checked and it seems that every time I go to the Dr my tension and anxiety is up… I can tell i always get worried bc of my health.. today the nurse called bc last week I went in to get it checked and it was 138/91 nurse said I don’t think they will give u meds bc it’s going down.. I feel it’s my anxiety and I received a call from my Drs nurse and she said he is gonna give me meds a very low dosage I don’t want it.. but the other nurse had told me to recheck in 2 weeks but I get this call and I started feeling anxiety

        • Did they not get you to check yours at home? you can for sure have anxiety and it pushes it up. try to get an calm average reading at home. 139 /91 does not seem that high to me. Mine is sometimes higher or lower depending on time of day,
          I am 62 so maybe age has something to do with it. They say our BP is higher as we get older. My doctor didnt put me on any meds,which i am glad about i have never taken any meds in my life.

      • Thank you. I can relate to all that. Especially the sleep bit. My BP readings went from 188/109 down to 130 / 82 on average, as soon as I cut back on my drinking and dealt with my insomnia. I also noted that drinking water brought it down. This took just over a month. So the outlook is good. Find the cause and BP will go down. I am 62 and was quite a heavy drinker so I know what caused mine to be high. Probably was like that for years, I never knew till I had it taken during a routine eye test. Before that I never had my BP taken. As I never need to go to the doctor.

      • Cheers Kev I just checked mine it was 159/99 had two beers two large red wines massive spag boll mars bar and a snicker bar I just can’t stop being a pig. But thanks for the tips. I’m going to take it again tomorrow and will try too be stricked with the booze and food.

      • 100% correct! I will add to your comments, stop listening/watching negative news and do some yoga can help you bp.

      • Ty kev for that I just tried the breathing seems to be working I love music last time I took my pressure it was 147/98/88 much better headache is gone I thank you what a relief so far I believe it’s my thyroid went for ekg physical stress test all normal

    • They probably had your medical history and checked it to see if that was normal for you. What’s considered normal for one person is not necessarily the same as normal for another person.

  9. Have been having high blood pressure for the last 3 days ranging from 237/103,214/99 and my other arm reads lower #s like 170/94-169/84

    • If ur left arms shows less as compared to right then nothing to worry…do home excersise…exp by pressing middle finger top with ur tumb for atleast 10 mins daily it will help u out…buzz me on +919867775544

  10. My b/p is 134/66
    H/R 83.. My pressure is lowering with the help of eating healthier following a military diet an drinking apple cider vinegar with mother mixed with lemon juice an raw honey an a Little cyane pepper.. It’s helping me tremendously

  11. My blood pressure today is 144/80. However, I feel it’s high. I have slowly changed my diet and have started walking more. I hope this helps.

  12. My blood pressure is 183 over 171 I feel really dizzy and weak I can’t afford to go to the emergency room or to buy medicines right now is there anything I could do at home?

    • Yes, please switch to a whole plant based diet immediately. STOP eating meat, fish and dairy. And leave added sugars alone meaning no juice, honey, sodas, coffee, or processed carbs. Your favorite drink should be Water. If you desire butter on your vegetables use clarified butter (Ghee) it’s very good and healthy for your body.
      After a week or so if you desire more information please let me know.

      • I just left the Dr’s BP 158/86..was told to get CT Conorary Calcium Scan..he said i had a little ‘plaque..and try plant based diet,allways thought i was extremely healthy so it scared me,and to take an sparin every day,is this a good think,never ever took Medication,not even aspirin

    • Hope you went to the emergency room! Contact churches and charities, sometimes they can help with medical bills.

  13. BP reading from 90 to 100 over 140 to 160 is a cause for concern . It should be dealt with immediately through lifestyle changes and or meds . If your blood pressure is in this range . STOP SMOKING . This is the single most important thing you can do . Exercise and weight (diet ) are the second .If your doctor ignores this blood pressure reading see another doctor .
    BP readings over 100 /180 immediately go to emerg .or your doctor . If you have had a virus that hangs around pay particular attention to your BP . Anything in the 140/80 range or under can be handled with exercise and diet . Hopefully . Make sure that you get 3-4 readings at a time . The first can be misleading .

  14. Is a b/p of 194/101 and pulse 99 too high for a male aged 77? on the 17th of November 2016 it was 186/112 pulse 101, so it really hasn’t changed much in2 months, I do not take blood pressure tablets and I am on cortisone tablets for bad back pain.

    • Check and record those BP reading daily. Make an appointment with Saw Bones and show them your home readings. They’ll treat you from there. But don’t let that BP do what it wants, go get checked out!

  15. hi
    i’m 34 and currently om meds for high BP and have been for 18 months
    my BP i 179 over 129
    i”m starting to worry (i know that worrying dosnt help)
    i”m on perindopral 5 mg and amloc 5 mg
    the last week or so iv’e been feeling dizzy when i stand or move from a sitting position!
    shuold i be worried??
    please reply if you can help

    • Yes, you should be worried. I’m not going to tell you to stop taking your MEDS, but what I will tell you is that if you immediately switch to a whole plant based diet, your body will begin to heal itself. I left a young lady on this page and few guidelines to follow and you can follow it too and if you desire more information please feel free to contact me. By the way information is free.

      • Yes please more info ,im a healthy individual woman a vegatarian,but told today I might need to get a Scan for CT Coronary Calcium Scan ,and tested me said I had a small amount of plaque…and BP 158/86
        love to hear from you please

  16. MY BP is190/ 85/ 63. I have CLL white blood count *29.8 and I have Myasthenia Gravis Congenital, is this causing my high blood pressure. I am 2 stone over weight, how can I get my BP down without medication the Medication makes me ill and unable to move.

  17. One day I felt extremely bad, as if I was checking out. I went to the ER where they said my BP was off the charts (high). They gave me meds to bring it down. They monitored me and after a while they had to give another round of meds to bring it down again. They then took me for a full body scan where it was discovered I had a cancer on a Kidney. Don’t let BP go, get checked out head to toe, inside and out.

  18. I just delivered my baby 2 weeks ago and never had high bp. Ive had a terrible headache for the last week and my bp has been 161/ 98. 165/110 and now 175/100.

    • I hope you went to the doctor headaches after childbirth could be a sign of a blood clot get to a doctor and check it out better safe than sorry.

  19. Y’day i had by chance checked my BP and found it to be 155/105. If it is very high will it come down if i exercise 30 mins and diet on vegetables and fruits more and cut down on non-vegetarian food. I am also always feeling sleepy and now and then feel pain near heart area.Any advise.

  20. I’m 17 years old and i have been checking my blood pressure with the nurse every morning at school for a week. it hasn’t been under 160/80 and the highest has been 172/88 but i’m a wrestler and i only weigh 150, i don’t drink or do drugs and i eat a fairly healthy diet. i also get dizzy during hard practices, for my physical stature and lifestyle why is my BP so high.

  21. My blood pressure was 179/123 at 1130am,. It is now 3:00 I went for a two mile walk and my blood pressure is now 134/92

    • Exercise promotes general cardiovascular health. It takes time, just like weightlifting takes time to build muscles, and is very beneficial. However, during a hypertensive crisis is not a good time to exercise, rest would be better.

  22. i am 21 year old a healthy looking guy,today checked my BP three times, it was 177/124 168/127 179/123 these readings are shocking for me,i am also facing constipation from few days,what should i do

  23. I am taking zoloft100mg and xanax multiple times a day at 0.25mg but still feel anxcious… my blood pressure was 154/90 in the morning around 4 hours later took another 0.25 tablet but didnt calm me down then took another 0.25 then after taking blood pressure was 164/95 i took another 0.25…
    I take cholesterol and triglyceride medications too ( lipontyl and zocor)…. OH YEAH AND PARIET FOR MY STOMACH…

    The funny thing iam only 36 years old and my blood pressure now is 150/90 and they told me in the hospital i can go home but should keep monitoring every 2 hours… is that normal or should i go to another F…… doctor cause iam just fed up of doctors and medications…. anyone out their can suggest anything i should do??????

    • You could try as many healthy habits as you can. Eat healthy with raw fruits and veggies, low-fat, low-sugar, plenty of water. Exercise, especially outside to get sunlight. Rest well with at least 8 hours of sleep at night. These things go a long way to reducing (maybe even eliminating) many health problems.

    • Online research ways to lower blood pressure. The best ways will involve establishing healthy habits. It takes work and self-control, but it is much less expensive than blood pressure medicine.
      You might also try a Primary Care Physician in a fee-for-service clinic, it tends to cost less than regular clinics.

  24. I am 49 years old and had my blood pressure taken last week for the 1st time in 5 years. The reading was 152/98 which I was told was high I have been having dizzy spells and feel constantly exhausted. I have to have my blood pressure checked again in 2 weeks time should I be concerned

    • Check it periodically. Hypertension isn’t diagnosed on just one reading. If you’re having any other problems, it might be a good idea to keep a symptom journal too, so you’ll have all the information you need if you have to go to the dr.

  25. Im 36 yrs old 265 lbs i just donated blood today n they check my blood presure n it was 144/88 im not sure if this is good or bad…

  26. Actually i mire have a question,, im too scared to go the er and know i should go.. but at this point i cant even stand up crom the intense pain on the left side of my head mostly my left temple area but over the last 24hrs it has become so severe ive never felt a pain like this before could it be an aneurysm how long do you even have once one ruptures and IF AN
    ANEURYSM RUPTURES IF SUDDENLY THE PSIN SUBSIDIES IS THAT A BAD SIGN OR WHAT… i dont like hospitals im so afraid to go and that once im there i wont be leaving to come back home!!!!!! But im in such intense pain right now and its makig me extremely nauseous

    • Go to the E.R, asap, don’t play Russian roulette like that, my sister died from a anurisem, please go get it checked

  27. My bp this morning 149/103 I’m concerned I feel great I have no pain I’ve never been diagnosed with BP what I don’t understand is just I’m just getting out of bed in my region is so high

  28. To the 17 yr old: I hope you went to the doctor. I have a family member who is considered healthy but has been taking bp med since she was 18. They said its genetics, but just as dangerous. Pls go see your doctor. In case you do not have insurance coverage, the Dept of Public Social Services in your county may be able to assist you.
    Take care, everyone.

  29. My BP reading was 155 / 111. Suffered a pinched nerve that’s triggered additional discomfort and pain. Swelling has not gone down however, stopped the pain meds prescribed as I’m left groggy and need to drive to work.

    Is this reading excessive and what course of action should be taken?

  30. I have been taken diovan for many years without any side effects however my bp went up and I was hospitalised and while in hospital I was put on co diovan that brought down my bp however while taking these tablets my mood changed completely so at present I am back on the diovan again and my bp has gone back up again. I am going to the doctor to day and hopefully he will put me right. Has any one come across this type symptom with taking co diovan ?

  31. Confused. I have edema and take lasix to get rid of fluid. Yet I’m supposed to drink a lot of water? Isn’t that canceling the other out?

  32. My blood pressure is morning is 136/93, evening it is goes to 151/101 and night it will be 140/93. i dont take any med. i do daily exercise 30min.

  33. I have a question for everyone. My blood pressure is 160 over 71. Is this considered high blood pressure? My nurse just glanced and said good and walked away. When I did my one research I was told having blood pressure 160/71 is hypertension stage II. Is this something I should be worried about and possibly question? I’m 22 yr old F.

  34. I was playing the Xbox and I felt different. So I got my blood pressure machine and the sys was 189 and the dia was 82 and heart rate was 56. I checked my blood pressure again and went down to 154 dia then 132. I feel so much better now. I think it is due to eating slot of unhealthy foods and salty foods and smoking and drinking alcohol.

  35. My blood pressure was 167/102 last night and this morning it is 159/98. I am 69 years no other symptoms. Should I go to the doctor?

    • Go straight away its is critical and im sure your family would feel better having you around longer also good luck x

  36. My boyfriend has been Dx with hypertension and hes been on meds for it. he didn’t take his meds this morning and its reading 165/88 should he be seen by someone

  37. My egfr was 53 last week from 60 three years ago, my BP readings fluctuates from 130/81 to 117/74 then back to 145/85 any one any ideas pleas

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