Lavender is an herb and is part of the mint family. It’s known for having a pungent yet pleasant scent and a nice violet hue. The flower part of the lavender plant is what is extracted to create a very unique and potent medicine. There are many different reasons to take advantage of lavender, not only does it provide a nice scent but it comes with a variety of health benefits as well. Some of the ailments that lavender has been known to help with are; restlessness, insomnia, nervousness, anxiety, stress, and depression.
We all experience a little anxiety and stress here and there, and there’s no doubt that we all can benefit from stress reduction in one way or another. Stress and anxiety are directly correlated with high blood pressure, and high blood pressure can have very negative consequences if left untreated. Because stress and anxiety can have such devastating effects, we should learn ways to cope and manage these aspects of our lives. For centuries lavender has been used in medicine, and is well known for its relaxing and therapeutic effect upon the nervous system. The great thing about lavender is that’s its relatively inexpensive and it doesn’t take much to notice a difference in your overall mood. And, for those wanting to stay away from prescription medications, lavender can help tremendously. Herbal remedies, including lavender, are generally safe and effective alternative treatments for a variety of health conditions.
There are a lot of different ways to incorporate lavender into your life. Some of the more popular forms are aromatherapy oils, lotions and bath gels, teas, tinctures, encapsulated pills, and of course, the flower itself. Due to the potency and convenience of lavender extracts, they can be the most effective form. You are able to carry a little vial around with you and use it wherever you go. It doesn’t hurt that it makes you smell good, too! Lavender extracts can be utilized in many different ways including diffusing the oil in your home or rubbing the oil into your temples, wrists, or neck. Just simply breathing in the extract will help calm your nerves and create a soothing atmosphere. After a long day at work, you can take a relaxing bath and add a few drops of lavender directly into the water. Or, some people enjoy diffusing the oil the morning while taking a hot shower.
Your nervous system plays a vital part in your life; it controls your body and the communication between its parts. Lavender works by stimulating the olfactory nerve within our nervous system and also the amygdala gland within your temporal lobe located in your brain. This is why it is believed to be so calming and powerful. Another great thing about lavender is it’s not only useful in reducing blood pressure but it also helps with a range of other issues and ailments. Some of the other uses for lavender can include; swell reduction for things like bee stings, pain reduction for minor cuts and burns, alleviating nausea or motion sickness, moisture for dry or chapped skin, stimulation for hair loss, and you can even use it in cooking! In general, lavender oil is a great thing to have around, it’s essential!
If you learn that you have high blood pressure, be sure to discuss your treatment plan with your doctor before trying new alternatives. Pairing a few lifestyle changes along with some natural herbs and remedies could help tremendously, in more ways than one. Lavender is powerful yet gentle and can be a great addition to your home and life in general. Be sure to share your experiences pertaining to lavender and high blood pressure with others, being open about your experiences might just help you and others along the way. Many suggest that you do your own research as well; you may find other beneficial ways to incorporate lavender into your life. Make sure that you experiment and find which ways work best for you, no one body works the same. It may mean something as simple as using some lavender shampoo to begin with then graduating to diffusing the oil in your home daily. Good luck in your endeavors!

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