How Does Coffee Influence Blood Pressure?

Individuals with high blood pressure often find that everyday items increase their blood pressure even further. In order to obtain better understanding of blood pressure and what causes it to heighten, it is best to research certain items that are being consumed and coffee is a beverage that has made it onto the list.

Why Does Coffee Affect the Body?
Coffee has an immense amount of caffeine, which is the main reason it is consumed. Caffeine is the reason why coffee makes individuals feel awake in the morning and also the reason why it is a risk for high blood pressure.

How Does Coffee Affect Blood Pressure?
Because of the caffeine, coffee can heighten an individual’s heart rate, thus causing blood pressure to heighten as well. There has also been a connection between caffeine and stiffness in arteries. When caffeine is consumed, a hormone within the body becomes blocked due and makes it difficult for the arteries to widen properly. That stiffness can usually last for about three hours and can cause a jump in blood pressure. Caffeine also makes the body release a larger amount of adrenaline, which can result in higher blood pressure. Along with coffee, individuals often add sugar or creamer, which also contains sugar, that can heighten heart rates even further.

What Needs to be Done?
It is not usually necessary for individuals to completely give up on coffee, but rather to limit the amount that is consumed. Some individuals develop a tolerance for caffeine so that it does not affect them. Others respond differently and have to keep track of how much caffeine they are consuming every day. It is also important that individuals with high blood pressure do not consume coffee before any form of physical labor. Keep in mind that caffeine levels differ from brand to brand when it comes to coffee, so not every brand will have the same effect. It is best for any individual with high blood pressure to talk to their doctor about how caffeine affects their personal blood pressure. It may be as simple as limiting coffee intake to one cup a day or it may be that coffee has to be cut out completely. Often, individuals will wean themselves off slowly in order to reduce any withdrawal symptoms, such as headaches.

That morning cup of coffee may taste amazing, but it could also be what is causing constant high blood pressure. Talk to a doctor in order truly understand what is going into the mouth and how it affects the rest of the body.

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23 thoughts on “How Does Coffee Influence Blood Pressure?”

  1. Kawamura dianara

    I always having low blood pressureof 91/53 .is it bad for myself? What should I do? Please give me some points to increase a little bit more than this. Thank you.

    1. My BP is 102/68. I don’t get light headed when I stand up fast. I work out 1st thing every morning for 15 min, martial artist for 58 years. It did go up to 104/70 when I went to dentist. Im a health nut & enjoy my very active lifestyle at 65.

  2. my blood pressure is 111/79 and I seem to be very tired and can hardly keep my eyes open any reason for this ? heart rate is 71

    1. How are you getting this reading? How many x has it been this high lately? Write reading plus date down & where you got it.

  3. I’d goto the ER or a nearby clinic cuz your doctor might fart around & not give you meds till he/she gets a couple readings. It’s crazy but they do it. I was getting 140/90 & above & I told my doctor I wanted to be put on meds. He did it.

  4. Mine fluctuates from around 112 /79 to 140/80’s 46 yrs old back pain im almost bone to bone 15-4 s-1 i have paryxmal afib 5. 10 165 ibs. Sometimes it goes as low as 109-70

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