The ideal blood pressure

The ideal blood pressure is a systolic value of under 120 mmHg and a diastolic value of under 80 mmHg. That is the criteria that has to be met according to the World Health Organisation (WHO)

The ideal blood pressure

The ideal blood pressure is the best requirement to avoid damaging of vessels and organs. With an ideal blood pressure your expectancy of life increases

With a balanced and healthy diet and some sporting activity you can hold your ideal blood pressure long term.


Variations from the ideal blood pressure

Directly after sports aswell as after eating your blood pressure might be higher than normal though. To get better results check your blood pressure multiple times a day. With a long term measurement of your blood pressure you can get even better result. A long term measurement of your blood pressure normally takes about 24 hours and you will get a valid average with that method. Ask your doctor to get one.

If you feel like you are not completely fit, feel tired or have problems with circulation better find a doctor to run certain tests.

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105 thoughts on “The ideal blood pressure”

  1. your website has been helpful. i’ve measured my blood pressure to be 126/62. i undestand that the ideal systole is 120. what does that say about my status and how impressive is my diastole

        1. Sabrina Armitagemy

          My blood pressure is 109 over 70 , my pluse is 88, does any one know is my pluse fast because I have a over active thyroid,

    1. mine is 109 over 72 age 47 male non smoke non drinker
      i just gave a kidney to my dad lend of lost year but for some reason blood pressure was down to like 90s they had to give me a lot of ivs

    1. Doris, hope you’re feeling stronger. Have you consulted a doc about your numbness? I’m not sure but it may be something completely unrelated to your BP.

        1. My dear Mary, I feel that your bp is a bit on the low side. Please urgently seek help from the doctors so that they ascertain what it is and then give you a proper diagnosis and the right medicines immediately. Do not take chances please. The earlier the better for you. Good day.

      1. My blood pressure is 138 systolic and 74 diastolic. Heart rate 94 beats pre min. I always had low blood presure I’m on a few meds. I’m 53 and pre menopausal with many issues. Is this a bad.

    1. Take magnesium ever day. 100% RDA. No alchohol , cut fast food, no bread or cookies or crackers or chips. Drink water. Start walking a mile a day and increase to three miles over time. Try this to lower Bp but you are in a dangerous level of high Bp and may need medication for awhile. Go to a doctor . But still do the other things to get healthy!

      1. Why no Alcohol? I measured 141 over 85. Then had 2 oz of dry wine over about 10 min and then measured 133 over 82. It seems the alcohol helped.

        1. It just means that the alcohol relaxed you for a moment but what it does not show is that the alcohol kills the brain cels, making it hard for you to concentrate and makes it hard for you in your future health, from metabolism to mind related problems.

          hope i could answer your question 🙂

          1. Wow – you are very misinformed. Dry or red wine in that amount once or twice a day can actually have very positive beneficial effects on your system in metabolism; muscle; and cardiovascular. Have you read some of the markups from the cleveland and/or mayo clinics regarding this? Sure – it might be something you want to talk over with your doctor to be certain that there are not going to be any negative effects to any medications you are taking but to suggest all alcohol intake is bad sounds more crazy than it does insightful in any way.

          2. Alex Jones- Alcohol is a vasodilator and it dialates your blood vessels, not constricts. Thus lowering blood pressure.

          3. This is wrong.. Even in heavy drinkers, alcohol consumption doesn’t kill brain cells. It does, however, damage the ends of neurons, called dendrites, which makes it difficult for neurons to relay messages to one another.

      2. Your comment should have begun and ended with “Go to a doctor”. It is the absolute height of arrogance and ignorance to give medical advice when you’re neither qualified nor know anything at all about the person to whom your advice is directed. You DO understand spewing nonsense can actually cause people to lose their life, right?

        1. Yeah, you should go see a doctor and also,really do some research before posting things a nd making yourself, for one, sound misinformed, and two, arrogant and not able except the fact that you are incorrect m have made an even bigger fool of yourself. Alcohol causes thinning of the blood,which in turn causes vasodialtion(the expansion of your veins),in simple terms. I understand people are stuck in there ways,it is what it is,but you have never realized or heard of the fact you bleed a hell of a lot more when drunk and fall down in comparison to falling down, injuring yourself and not having any alcohol in your system. Why do you think they tell you not to drink before you go get a tattoo? You never stop bleeding. But anyways,it is what it is… And you are who you are. Oh yeah,by the way… Go to the doctor!

          1. Jgar,why don’t you just go to your doctor and ask? You really think this is the best place to be asking that? Have you read most of the comments on here. Not a lot of useful information from the masses.

          2. Though I am not in the medical field, I feel that this type of measurement is actually very bad. Please without even wasting time kindly just get up right now and head to the hospital if you want to live. The world, more so your family still need you to be around them.

        1. My best advice is seek medical attention (ER) immediately if your BP is very high. If it is not dangerously high, but still high make an appointment with your doctor. No one in here will cure you.

    2. Jeet: go to the emergency room immediately. Seriously. I had the same problem, 165/115, and the doctor told me I was in immediate danger of having a heart attack or stroke. they put me on meds which calmed everything down, but your BP is dangerously high and must be controlled.

        1. Tony, Hope you did in fact Go to the ER quickly! those #’s 198/125 is a serious risk. Don’t Hesitate every Second Counts. I see this was 2020 A year ago so hoping you got the proper medications & results.

    3. I have had my BP in or around the 170 mark many times. Now the bottom number is concerning – because it’s the pressure while your heart is at rest (in between beats). You really should seek medical attention to this. It could be a warning sign to a greater problem – or you might just have hypertension but the doctors need to determine what the underlying cause of your high BP is. In my case it was diet and lifestyle. I have changed both – and am now on a bp medicine – my BP is consistently running around 140 or less systolic; and 90 or less diastolic 140/90 – which is still a little high ; but much much better than what it was

    4. Get your arse onto some BP meds now & change your diet to include only really complex carbs. Lots of sweet potato and round beans!

      1. Better yet, start eating better and get some exercise…even a simple walk will do wonders. Do not jump on the medication unless you really have to. Don’t be lazy!

    5. The go to a doctor and get intelligent answers. Wtf would anyone come on to a public forum and expect to get solid information?

    6. My dear Mary, I feel that your BP is a bit on the low side. Please urgently seek help from the doctors so that they ascertain what it is and then give you a proper diagnosis and the right medicines immediately. Do not take chances please. The earlier the better for you. Good day.

  2. I’m 48years old male an my blood pressure is 126 over 73 the lower the bottom numer does that mean blood Going threw vanes good

  3. My blood pressure today was 152 over 71. A few hours later it was 124 over 67. So I think that yiu need to take your bp at different times during the day because your bp changes over the day. If your bp is constantly over 120 like in the 150’s then see your doc. Also I have yet to see anyone talk about the bottom number and what is considered low.

  4. How low should the bottom number be to be considered normal. During my doctor visit, my sitting bp was 126/48 and standing bp was 116/36.


    My BP is 195/116. I went to the doctor and she gave me 2 meds to take. How longs do meds take to help?

    1. depends on the brand of the blood pressure pill EXAMPLE : i take LOSARTAN W/ POTASSIUM 50MG……AND…..AMLODEPHINE 50MG…THEY BOTH WORK GOOD TOGETHER TO LOWER BLOOD PRESSURE. 1 IN THE MORNING….. THE LOSARTAN AT BED TIME. eat fruits and vegetables….keep count of sodium intake…. stop eating high frutose corn syrup ( sugar ) and check your A1C BLOOD SUGAR. no one on here mentioned that high blood glucose / A1C can also cause spike in blood pressure. drink lots of water and look into taking MAGNESIUM…’s good for the heart. most important LOWER YOUR CHOLESTEROL A MUST. EAT WILD CAUGHT SALMON, FISH, NO-SALT NUTS, CASHEWS, WALNUTS, RAW ALMONDS….trust me…with excercise and daily diet, your blood pressure will decrease to 120/ 80 range in no time. you are what you eat. please do your research on all these items i’ve just stated above. get well friend 🙂

  6. I went to the doctors this morning for a blood test…they took a b/p and it read 178/111…they seemed quite concerned i have to go back now for more tests..

    1. Your blood pressure is too high. Its a good thing you are already being seen by the doctor. Please follow their advice so you get better soon.

  7. My aunt is 60.
    Today she had 200 over 115. we called the doctor and gave her some medicine.. she was all shaking.. I was really scared to look at her like that…

  8. I’m glad to see many people looking for answers to blood pressure. But please consult a doctor, cardiologist or nutritionist. We are all different people with unique genes, environments, and choices. Each resolution is different but in most cases being healthy by exercise, diet, supplements and stress level lowering are healthy habits that help lower your blood pressure.
    Being 38 with a aorta dissection and heart arythmia I’ve learned some things definitely happy to be alive and made some changes that have made me in better shape than my high school years. (I was a health nut then)
    First consult, then try breathing methods or meditation, wim hoff method is my personal favorite.
    2nd, just walking around helps. But set goals. 3rd, supplements aren’t for everyone but here’s what works for me, Hawthorne, b12, coq10, magnesium, fish oil, St John’s wart and vitamin C. My blood pressure runs consistent 113/65 with a pulse around 70.
    4th, remember choices instantly or later effect blood pressure. Drinking, smoking, eating bad and sex without a condom. They might help things now, but there is repercussions for each choice. Be active in life, you only have one. The deepest wounds are self inflicted.

  9. My question is my blood pressure keeps going up and down either high or low.. And I suffer from PTSD and get panic attacks all the time. I am 33 years old and also smoke.. I have MS.. AND TAKE PAIN MEDS ALSO.. BUT MY PULSE IS ALWAYS REALLY HIGH LIKE 127 AND I JUST TOOK A VALIUM! AND ITS STILL REAL HIGH I TAKE PROPPNOLOL 25 MG FOR MY BLOOD PRESSURE AND ALSO PANIC ATTACK! MY QUESTION IS. IT NORMAL FOR YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE TO GO HIGH.. AND THEN LOW WHEN YOU ARE HAVING A PANIC ATTACK.. PLUS I HAVE CHEST PAINS SOMETIMES DR.. IN ER HOOKED ME UP TO EKG and I was on the edgw of stroke it is so scary!

    1. Kimberly, Hello My name is Thomas,
      First id like to say please quit smoking, I did about 3 months ago and what a BETTER satisfaction I have with my health &Top # and Bottom #. As for the Panic Attacks, I went through them as I was going through the withdraws from quitting smoking cigs I just used Deep Breaths to get me through the Panic Attack. The Chest Pains I wouldn’t play with those Symptoms PERIOD because they can be easy mimicked by it being heart related OR Anxiety Related Best Move is A Safe Move Always Consult your PCP or Doctors. Hope this is Helpful


  10. My bp is 182/ 113 pulse 126 what should I do? I’m on bp meds 80 mg lisinopril. My throat swells and feel like I have plurisy in both arms. Plz help

  11. Got my blood pressure read today.
    114/80 . Was told it was perfect. I’m 39, 6ft 3, 105kg. I’m a light smoker, occassionly excercise and I never put salt on anything and don’t touch alcohol, caffeine or bread. High blood pressure and high cholesterol run in my family so I’m hoping to keep my levels normal. Quitting the fags is high priority for me.

  12. My blood pressure has been fluctuating between 130/30 and 160/110 the last few days. I am normally perfect blood pressure, but been feeling off for three days. I eat a pretty healthy normal diet and not sure why.

  13. Hi, my blood pressure is 105/70. I’m 53 female can you tell me is it normal for my heart beat to elevate to 170 bpm as soon as I start running/jogging and it doesn’t matter what speed I run/jog at it goes sky high. If I fast walk of cycle I can not get my heart into peak… please help it does worry me that my heart beats so fast no matter how fit I get.

  14. Am 22yrs old and i have been on bp medication,my bp dropped from 135/91 to 117/72 but still put on medication is it wise for me to stop taking the medication?

    1. Don’t stop any medication until you see your prescribing doctor who has your records and can discuss that with you. None of us here are qualified to answer that question.

  15. To all the commenters wondering whether their blood pressure is normal, just scroll a little further down this page to see a list of possible normal bp values, or scroll to the bottom and type in your bp values into the boxes to get an idea.

    If you had your bp taken at a medical practice, why on earth didn’t you ask whether it was normal at the time instead of asking random people on an online comment board? If it wasn’t normal, I’m sure they would have said something. (I was told my bp was perfect by a medical professional, and just came here out of interest to see where it is on the scale).

    Lastly, if you have no understanding of what a blood pressure reading means, why are you taking your own readings? That’s a sure-fire way to work yourself up into a stressed out state! If you don’t feel right, see a doctor or (if you live in the UK) call 111.

  16. The way to fix high blood pressure is to follow a whole food plant based diet and eliminate all fats and oils from your diet. Get some cardio workouts walking, running… etc.. read the book by Dr. Caldwell B Esselstyn Jr. MD. and watch his story on youtube… a heart surgeon that cured many patients with the whole food plant diet. He is a heart surgeon
    that actually reverses heart disease through diet.

  17. I am currently in the Emergency room at Emory in Atlanta. My blood pressure is 124/69 Is this good or bad? I am in the Emergency room for a Blood clot

  18. I’m 30 years old, I am healthy, eat well and exercise… ok ok I will sneak in treats I know I know I just took my bp it’s 161/130 normally it’s low no wonder my vision is blurry
    Any ideas???? What is high anyways I know 120/80 is normal and what isn’t low?
    Last night i was 108/83

  19. 118 over 64 and I’m 57 years old… My grandmother died at 99 and my mother just retired at 85… No mid life crisis for me! LoL

  20. Sad that people are back to looking for cures on the internet. Seems like Trump has scaled down Obamacare and millions have lost their health coverage. However those tax cuts for the 1% is a good positive. You get what you vote for. 😉

    1. Robert J Hooper

      Your comments are not appropriate for this website, and it makes me wonder if you are a robot or if not, how much are you being paid to troll this site…get a real job.

  21. I recently went to a doctor for an annual check up and they had me nervous when they had to recheck my blood pressure twice because it seemed “low”. Neither the dr or nurse reassured me that 98/62 was fine or not fine. Anyone else run into this?

    1. I suggest you ask your physician again, and if you don’t feel comfortable with their response, get a second opinion from another Doctor. Getting medical advice over the net, isn’t the best thing to do.

  22. This is because the doctors dont want to know my BP is 169 over 112 and they say its no that high.People come on here because you have to wait weeks for appointment and when you get one they dont want to know.

  23. Blood pressure is different per person… I was born with severe hypertension, only to go into hypertensive crisis during the 10 days before my men’s rural cycle till 3 days after my cycle ends… And we are talking 200’s/170’s… I was also born with Elevated QT of over 900 and tachycardia that hits over 140 resting (unless I’m on heavy ACE Inhibitors) and during my menstrual cycle my BPM hit over 250… I’m on 3 blood pressure medications, all of which have started causing kidney failure, I work out, I barely eat sodium, am average weight, don’t eat fats or red meats… But then at times, like tonight, my BP is 99/62 with BPM of 44 and was told relax, I’m normal… Only thing that will fix my is a pace maker and a hysterectomy and at 41 they say I’m too young… Don’t listen to sites like this or cheap welfare clinics for welfare wiper or people who are disabled because they will just literally kill you…

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