Hypertension Stage 1

At hypertension stage 1 your systolic value is between 140 – 159 mmHg and your diastolic value is between 90 – 99 mmHg. This is the classification set by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Hypertension stage 1 is the lowest form of high blood pressure. You will be able to regulate your blood pressure with sports and a well-balanced diet most likely.

A blood pressure on hypertension stage 1 for a longer period of time is not healthy, because hypertension stage 1 already means that your heart has a hard time supplying your body, your vessels and organs with blood. The blood pressure increases because more blood needs to be pumped into the body or because there is an increased resistance of the arterial walls. Due to this the heart muscle increases because of this continous struggle and needs more and more oxygen.

Symptoms for hypertension Stage 1

Basically there are no symptoms for hypertension stage 1 at first. Therefore a regularly check of the blood pressure is required.

Though, dizziness, tiredness, headaches, sickness and nosebleeding may appear and can be a warning sign. Especially if you are living with a blood pressure of hypertension stage 1 for many years those symptoms may appear and are sometimes not recognized as symptoms for hypertension stage 1.

Because a high blood pressure (hypertension) is not easy to detect by symtpoms you should care for the risk factors. Those are smoking, salty and fatty foods, a lack of sports and little consumation of fruits and vegetables. Stress and known diseases that increase the blood pressure may also be threatening risk factors.

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120 thoughts on “Hypertension Stage 1”

  1. My systolic is normal. Why is my diastolic high?? Would drinking wine help? I exercise 3xweek I am on the Paleolithic diet and have lost 2 4 lbs. Please reply.

    1. My diastolic pressure is also very high. Look into diastolic dysfunction, and speak to your doctor about it. Mines related to chemo i received for breast cancer. I wish you luck and good health!

      1. Hi Lesley I had chemo for same 7 years ago. How long ago was your chemo in relation to diastolic pressure being higher. Hope you can reply

    1. Hi Sarah. I hope all is well. In response to ur question. You should def. seek care for ur BP. If it’s still reading the same! My BP is 130/88 and if I didn’t smoke, it would probably be a bit lower but this is Hypertensive.I am on 2 meds to keep it this low. So If you haven’t sought medical care, Please Do!! Take Care.

    2. Yes. A lot can happen in 24 hours but you should definitely still get your blood pressure checked out since it’s still in the hypertension spectrum

  2. My BP was 146/98, I was dizzy and had to sit down. I am 67 and not on BP meds. I am a white female. I don’t have diabetes. My BP has been up and down lately. Sometimes it’s high when I get up in the morning. Other times it’s normal . I get short of breath easily.
    Janice Adcock

    1. Your symptoms are already giving you signs to seek medical attention. I am taking meds to control my blood pressure should systolic exceeds 140. High blood pressure is the number cause of kidney disease. Control your blood pressure to avoid damaging your other organs.

  3. My BP has been a little high at times lately, 146/96, which my norm is 118/76. I was very dizzy and staggering when it was high tonight. I am 67 yrs. old and not on BP meds. Should I be concerned?

    Thank you,
    Janice Adcock

    1. You likely need to look at a change in diet, lose some weight, and get more exercise. If these suggestions don’t help see a doctor soon.

  4. My bp goes up and down too 139/97 and 151 / 90 what this mean i have a fast hart beat 116 when just situng had hart echo z it ok just gave me tablet for my swiklen anckles 1 every othere day

    1. My heart rate at rest was120 bp 131\96 I’m almost 70 is this normal ? It only lasted about 20 minutesTonnie Pell

  5. I am 50 years old. I take 3 bp meds 2x a day. My bp still runs anywhere from 137 to 175 and 70 to 95 . Is this normal? Should I see a cardiologist?
    My family history is not good. 2 brothers died of heart attaches and 2 sisters died after strokes. Needless to say, I’m a bit worried.

  6. Reading the comments here my blood pressure shot to one of the highest possible –I didn’t fo well for a a week or so .I went to the surgery for another reason – a very qualified GP – took my blood pressure –I saw how high it was – but -she pondered for a while & ten let me leave the surgery -on the way back -I made some enquirers with a chemist -the values could have killed me -I went to the hospital -but they couldn’t treat me- as they needed to know what was the cause of it -next day -I saw a different GP – I had to take 3 meds -but it is controlled now -* I suggest you get a good blood pressure machine -I ditched all the WRONG food I was taking completely stopped salt -only natural -if the values change a lot -make sure your GP stabilize it & get them to find the cause-now my high blood pressure has gone to low blood pressure -so its well worth checking with a very qualified Dr – do a fasting blood test -ECG -as you see -the first GP was wrong to let me leave the surgery -if in doubt don’t trust the BP machine -its pretty accurate -but -do your blood pressure every day -& keep a diary -to see what your average blood pressure is -as just shown 2 Dr’s got it wrong -a good GP will want to find the CAUSE of high or low blood pressure -then they can maintain it -& advice on weight changes -drinking -smoking & so on – Don’t trust the GP’s my Dad was one – & I often think he didn’t give the correct advice -or medication get correct advice & if it sounds wrong get a 2nd opinion !

    1. John, did it happen to be a colonoscopy? I use to have normal BP, but just before they did my procedure, I looked at the monitor in the OR and saw it was 220/110. Despite my questions, they knocked me out with anesthesia and did it anyway. A week later, I am still fighting to get it down. I believe the high sodium from the prep did it

  7. I just had a reading of 136/90. I’m on lisinopril 30mg this is to help with the blood pressure but my Doctor might have to increase my dosage. I am monitoring my B/Preasure and find that my readings are higher when taken in the evening.

  8. i am just 21 years old i took my first bp at morning the result is 127/76, then i took my bp on other day at night and it result to this 140/87 is this normal?.. .

  9. I’ve got diabetes. At some stage my BP was 233/103. Got admitted and was controlled. Given 2 meds and followed the diet including slowing down very much on smoking. Trying very much to quit. After 3 weeks it was 108/89

  10. I am 58 years old man staying in hyderabad, blood pressure is 152/95.I wish to control without medicine. What should be my food? How much time I should do exercise?

      1. DASH Diet
        30 min exercise twice a day (fast walking)
        or…10000 steps per day…with 10 min stretching thrown in before each walk.

  11. Dear Kumar jee;
    1. Be vegetatian
    2. Reduce salt and hard drinks (beer 2bottles per week ok)
    3. Quit smoking
    4. Please do Shamatha meditation on calm abiding 10 mins per day
    5. Full body prostration with OM recitation for 3mins will shyed away all your BP without any medical help

  12. Hi
    Hoping someone could point me in right direction please.
    Im 38 female since Feb this year after having bilateral pneumonia i had continued getting night sweats for the past month its become all day and night with occassional chest pain. Hot flashes have gotten worse the past 2 weeks every 10 to 30 minutes my blood pressure readings 186/112 pulse 132 when it happens. GP doesnt seem to listen told me take evenjng primrose for a month see how i go. Im exhausted with not sleeping and not feeling myself in i dont feel well but cant put my finger on it.
    I have history of pulmonary embolisms crohns disease arthritis in spine
    Thank you for reading.


        Have you had your iron checked. It could be iron deficiency anemia. You may have had a slow blood loss and need transfusions.

    1. Hi Clare, I had the same symptoms thought for sure it was menopause as I am 46. Felt like I was losing my mind. Turns out it was Hypothyroid. Feeling so much better now. if you haven’t already get your thyroid checked.

  13. My no is 202/93 is it normal I’m in the er right now for pain and it’s taken over an hour for them to come give me anything or even check on me

  14. I am overweight but lost 120lbs with 45 more to go Work out 5x weekly, no salt, etc.

    BP has been reading at 191/94. Is this cause to get on meds? I was trying to stay med free

    1. Miles...not a doctor

      Ditch the propanolol and and have your GP order Micardis 40mg twice a day along with Norvasc 7mg once a day in morning. The stuff your on now is 30 years outdated. If your GP wants you on a …lol type drug…have them order bisoprolol instead. It is a beta blocker to slow the heart beat. Norvasc will bring down 149 and Micardis the119.

  15. My bp as of right now is 109/90 but here lately its been jumping up to 164/128 and last week it went up to 188/130. Its only really seems to stay down when I take my pain meds. If I don’t it stays really high. They have me on propranolol but if i take it as directed everything drops way to low. So they told me to take it however it works for me. Which seems to only be when it spikes, ill take it and my anxiety pill and it will come down. But i have hypertensive heart disease and i feel like waiting for it to spike is dangerous. But if i take it any other way my heart rate and everything will get to low. Ive asked my doc to put me on a different bp med maybe something i can take once a day to prevent high bp. But just cause it doesn’t happen to be high at the moment they check it in her office they just say oh your bp is fine and just blow it off. Even when i show her all the high bp readings ive recorded. I suffer from bad headache’s constantly and im miserable 🙁 they set my pcp and he was to far so i changed it to one here and we had problems with him so we changed it to this woman so my ins company said ive exceed the limit of being able to change, apparently i only can so many times in a certain time frame. So they told me i have to wait 6 months. I don’t know what to do im at my wit’s end here and concerned about my health!!! Any advice?? Id greatly appreciate it!! Thank you so much for your time, have a great day!!!

  16. I had a reading of my Blood Pressure this morning and it is 159/104 it is quite high. I better start making changes in my diet today and get more excercise. This has come as a shock to me. This reading is a second opinion which I went to my local pharmacist and she set me up with a log book, so I will see her on a regular basis and it was my local GP that took my first reading which was yesterday and it recorded at 160/111, either way the two BP outcomes are a concern too me.
    I am hoping to lower the levels to a safer reading which I think it can be achieved through diet, excercise and less stress. I have been studying the past 6 weeks, days are long for me , the daily commute means early morning starts and late finishes also my diet has been inadequate. I figure perhaps all these factors play and contribute the Blood Pressure, perhaps this may be temporary and once my life gets back to normal I will be back in the safe zone

  17. 46 yrs old female & My bp was 108/90, as of yesterday, not overweight or diabetic. Hypothyroid, but have lost weight due to walking and always being on the go. Down to 141 lbs. Have had headaches daily.of course stress has been a big factor in my life as of late. Not to mention heavy periods, maybe start of menooause. Went 2 1/2 weeks then off for 6 days and started again. What could be causing my bp to show hypertension?

    1. You blood pressure isn’t high. It’s actually just a hair low. Around 120/80 is the norm. If your bottom number gets above 100 and your top number if higher than 140 you really need to go to the doctor.

      1. I went to my doctor for those BP readings and she said if she’s not worried about it I shouldn’t be and my BP was 143 over 98 but she did say I needed to lose some weight

  18. I am 81 and my blood pressure was 145 over 68, I stopped drinking drinks with caffeine, coffee and soft drinks and one week later it was
    ‘ 122 over 64 ‘

    …………………….This was done on the advice of my Dr…………………..

  19. I was on 5-6 blood pressure meds, for years, kept telling the doctors, it was the meds, to try something different, so I kept changing doctors because they said, you’re on the best meds and they would only increase the mgs. well with all their professional medical knowledge I ended up with stens…still had high uncontrolled bp. September 2016 changed primary again , first visit she sent me to the ER, because of chest pains I been complaining about to my heart doctor, went to his office 3 days in a row, I fired him. Ended up in the hospital, back with an heart doctor I had years ago. He changed my meds to where I only take 1/2 bp, 1/2 beta blocker, 1 water pill, 1/2 potassium, 1 fish oil and 2 Co q-10 and drink about 3 bottle of water and 1/2 of a pill that calm my mind. bp under control now. PLEASE, do your own research on medication interactions and eliminate the ones that counter act with your medication and talk it over with your doctor, show them. Aspirin was negative to all my medications . You maybe surprised that to much mgs isn’t good for you and only may need half of your pills to. this worked for me only. you have to do your research about your meds and see what’s good in your case. If you don’t get out enough to exercise just walk up and down your hallway or around your house non stop for ten minutes a few times a day. pick up two cans and rise then up and down, front and back a few times a day, rest with your feet elevated a little. Eat lean meats, try and remove white sugar and replace with 100% pure honey, research warm water and Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar. I’m not promoting or acting as a doctor, I’m only stating what is working for me. Don’t forget to check all your meds, with medication interactions, I use Webmd it have full explanations as to why the medicine negativity interacts with other meds, but there are others sites also, I just like this one the best, personally speaking. peace to good health.

    1. There’s nothing special about honey. It’s just sugar in another form. Enjoy the flavour by all means, but it still packs in the carbs. The calories from honey and from sugar are pretty useless, except for instant energy.

  20. Having read the comments by the good folks here, uou are all to be comended for your post’s and advise.
    My last BP reading was 152/72. That was the best i’d seen it. However after checking google it seems it should be 120/80 (?). It shows to be a stage 1 hypertension. . Thanks to all.

  21. I went to the dentist today to have two teeth pulled. My first reading of my BP was 192/88 Pulse 94. They waited 15 minutes; it went to 187/91 Pulse 89; third and final reading was 176/90 Pulse 88. Never had blood pressure problems before. Could this be a result of stress anticipating two teeth being pulled? The dentist refused to pull my teeth until I see my doctor. Any comments?

  22. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure several years ago , I take felodipine and ramipril. Tonight I have had a heavy nose bleed , headache and slight discomfort in left arm. I checked my BP and it was 139/96. Would these symtoms be caused by this. I have a GTN Spray , would this help ?

  23. I have had my blood pressure taken today and it was 168 over 91 I’m on rampril 10mg
    But still it is high
    Is this cause for concern

  24. I dont want to take BP meds – IM 49 yrs, mom and dad have high bp, take meds, dad and grandfather heart disease. I still smoke when I have a few glasses of wine (three times a week) I am not overweight, good diet ..just bad genes..exercise…what else can I do?? I dont want meds!

  25. People tell me that once yu start meds, it is hard to get off. The doctors and pharmacists say not, but I don’t trust them. What do you all say?

  26. My blood pressure goes from readings of 145/96 then when I take it a minute later it’s 132/80 at times it is at best 126/80 I also feel I have anxiety disorder I am 29 any thoughts

    1. Ada Elsa Martinez

      My blood pressure been high lately it’s 137/93 at times is been 145/99 and im taking Atelenol for heart palpitations and for my blood pressure. Should this be a concerned.

  27. I am fighting high blood pressure as high as 195/110 then drop down to 142/98 and go up and down now for the past few mths. I am on blood pressure med’s but it so high l feel no energy headaches tried all the time and just don’t feel like doing anything. But push myself to work everyday but when get home lay down and can’t sleep. What is going on with me. Please help

  28. maria. juvy rusell frondoza

    i have 225/191 this april first week but i dont feel anything. this april 28 i wash go doctor and i tell i have flu and dizzenes in going bed and back if neck pain and my eyes is feel brightness but my doc check me is 138/85 my b.p now i have medicen.pls more advice..first time i have this.im worry about this make me nervose.

  29. maria. juvy rusell frondoza

    i have 225/191 this april first week but i dont feel anything. this april 28 i wash go doctor and i tell i have flu and dizzenes in going bed and back if neck pain and my eyes is feel brightness but my doc check me is 138/85 my b.p now i have medicen.pls more advice..first time i have this.im worry about this make me nervose.*

  30. Hello sir I am 52 old female lady since last week my bp is very much fluctuations like 136/76 and now my us 133/64 plz tell what can i do

  31. Sherry Lee Long

    I am 65 I have never had high blood pressure. Today I am out of breath just walked to kitchen. Feeling weak. Blood pressure 96 /63. Feel like I need to go lay down. Can not get a deep breath. I have been getting out of breath for over a year every now and then. I am always tired.

    1. I’ve been the same way for quite a while. I just got a pulse oximeter and tested myself for postular orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS). I’ve definitely got it. Check into it.

    2. I hope you have seen your GP by now, as your BP is too low, no wonder you are feeling dizzy, very low BP is dangerous and can be associated with Heart Failure or may be a simple explanation, but defo check it out..

  32. My blood pressure has been going up to 240 over 149 for a few hours a day then going back down to 165 over 75 and I went to urgent care, the Dr said it won’t do any damage as long as it don’t stay that high for more than. A few hours. I don’t think that’s right at all.

  33. My bp today is 81 over 62 realy feel like crap so tiered last few days cant concentrate wan5 to jyst fall a sleeping

  34. HI, I’m writing because I am worried about my blood pressure, it has been going up and down, 137/98 to 120/80 and back up again, I am in my middle fifties a little over weight and I was told that my cholesterol is high and I do eat a lot of fried food, which I know is not good, however I do get a lot of exercise because I am a CNA and I walk a lot as well, what else can I do to bring and keep my blood pressure normal as possible

  35. I’m 27, 5’4″ and a little over weight. I took my BP and it’s 101/97 but drops to 98/97 for a minute and then goes back to the original. Should I be worried and if so, how much?

  36. Did you know the method we use to check a person BP is well over 100 years old?

    Ever watch a football game, basketball game or soccer? Ever watch a relay race? While playing any of these games if their BP was checked, would it be high?BP check on these players be 120/80? Of course not. Their BP would be high as heck. Do you see them with their hands on their head saying.. I GOT A BAD HEADACHE? Are they complaining about being dizzy? Are they complaining about feeling sick? Are they out there running around with nosebleeds? No!!

    People working out with weights have been BP checked at almost 400/200. If you follow American standards for BP they should drop over grave yard dead. But they don’t.

    Ever heard of Pulse Pressure? You will in the next few years. There’s mounting evidence that point to this being as important as the actual reading.

    Did you know Diabetics who take HBP meds, as the body self-regulates and the BP meds are chemically lowering it, your brain starts producing glucose to give your body energy as it attempts to get the BP up.

    Did you know that Ibuprofen (NSAID) thickens the blood? What does the heart have to do to get that thicker blood with the oxygen, nutrients and the other things your blood has to do to keep you living? Exactly!! It raises your BP.

    Some say to put a baseline of the Systolic pressure at 100 then add your age and that is more in line what your pressure should be.

    When your dog or cat chase a rabbit or bird, does their BP elevate? Of course, it does. Do you worry about them having HBP? No! Why? Is it because their body self-regulates their BP? We’re an animals species too and our BP self-regulates.

  37. Hi, I had my blood pressure taken this morning and while I’m 40 years old, I think its the first time it has ever been tested. My result was 135/48 with a heart rate of 59. I was told by a Personal trainer that this is a bad result. I exercise anywhere up to 10 – 12 times per week (weights in the morning and circuit training at night). I eat a high protein diet. Do I need to see a doctor?

    1. Need a doctor? Hard to say, but you have come here to ask a question of a load of non medical folk, so you are worried. So ask a doctor anyway. A personal trainer is just someone telling you how to exercise.

  38. BP of 154/96 today with a resting heart rate of 70.

    I wish I could do sports to help me lower my BP but I’m honestly so low on energy and so tired after a day of work that it’s just not possible. There’s no way I can exercise in the morning before work because then I’d be sleeping the entire day. Not good.

  39. Im 34 year old female. I know im over weight but my bp is always high when i go to give plasma like today it was 154/114 ive been eating rite and eating fruits daily but everytime i come to give plasma its high so i go to my doctor and its always normal so she wont put me on meds what can i do im ready to change for the good im scared im not gonna wake up from my blood pressure being high

  40. Hi, I’ve not been feeling well tonight, I had a really angry red face, neck and chest.. accompanied by a bed headache and a bp of 172/90.. I had a similar incident a couple of days ago.. is this bp safe or should I contact my GP.. i’m a 51 year old woman

  41. I just had a nurse take my BP for a life insurance policy and I was surprised. It was 140/90 and then she took it again and was 130/90. My pulse is 51. I’ve always had 120/72. I run 25-30 miles a week, 2-3 half marathons a year and a marathon a year. Do not smoke. The chart says hypertension stage 1. Concerned :/

  42. Hi..I’m 49 yr old male..I have pad n COPD..my blood pressure has been between 146/85 to 160/94… It goes up n down…my PCP hasn’t said nothing but my vascular n lung Dr have…should I be more worried… Last year my boy was always low in 120’s

  43. I am 128/98 with a pulse rate of 78. I smoke, and do no exercise, and I have a medium to low stress life.

    I try and eat well, less meat and much oatmeal has been the last months diet, which makes me feel better. Also, smaller portions as I am older (47), so I do not have the appetite I used to, I get full quickly.

  44. My bp has been taken several times in the 182/92 range.
    I was prescribed lisinopril to controll it but also Advair for lungs.
    However, I also have a seizure disorder which I am not taking anything for and the seizures are coming more often
    Should I be more concerned than my Dr. is?

  45. i havent been prescribed any medicine the last two times my bp was high should i talk to my doctor about it?

  46. current reading 134 / 90
    high blood pressure runs in family
    I’m health conscious and high blood pressure seems like a weakness
    recommendations ??
    age : 45 weight @ 180 5′ 10″

    Thank you

  47. It is 4.23 am and my head feels like it is coming off my shoulders the head aches are getting worse my blood pressure id 148/100 and my pulse is 99 this is happening every night i went to see the doctor as i am on meds for my blood pressure and i have to wear a 24 hour monitor in a few weeks time …..should i be concerned while i wait for the monitor as i have to see a consultant about a suspected TIA thank u

  48. Im 54 my blood pressure varies.. 144/79 and in that range my doctor prescribed Diltiazem.. and my legs/ ankles swelled up. Two weeks after stop the medication my legs are still a bit swollen and itching like crazy, walking hurts. Im slim 135lbs and work in construction getting plenty of exercise… I’m confused, what am I doing wrong…

  49. I am 55 yrs old suffer from seizers;partial schso affective disorders Had seisure tonight BLLOD PRESSURE WAS 103 OVER 90 IS THIS DANGEROUS

  50. I am a 16 year old female. I am known to on be very low on vitamin D and I take a lot of medications for a variety of mental health reasons. I also smoke cigarettes and use electronic cigarette daily. My blood pressure less than a minute ago was 142/93 with a heart rate in the 90s. Now it is 118/83 with a heart rate of 100. Is this unnatural?

  51. The article says to “regulate your blood pressure with sports.” Hell, I’ve been watching ESPN all day and my BP is still 140 over 88. Guess I will just have to keep watching!! Pass da buffalo wings baby!

  52. Morgan Sayer-Rusher

    My blood pressure is 144/113. I have recently been feeling run down, dizzy and sick. Just wondered if they are in correlation with each other and if so, how can I get my blood pressure down to normal.

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