5 Quick and Easy ways to lower your Blood Pressure

Fluctuations in blood pressure throughout the day is a normal thing. However, if the fluctuations are too high and uncontrolled, it could be threatening to your health. Therefore, it is important that you always keep your blood pressure in check. You do not have to always take medication to control your blood pressure. There are a few quick and easy tips for lowering your blood pressure.


Time to Relax
Try to relax

Your blood pressure tends to spike up when you are under stress. Therefore, by practicising relaxation, through means such as meditation, you significantly lower your blood pressure. Relaxation helps to calm your nerves and hence reduce the production of epinephrine. Epinephrine is the hormone responsible for raising blood pressure.

Listen to Music

Music is known to have a calming effect on people. Listening to music is one of the easiest and fastest ways to reduce blood pressure. Research indicates that music triggers the production of dopamine. The result of this is lowered blood pressure. Therefore, instead of sitting in silence and allowing thoughts to overcome you, listen to some music.

Need suggestions? Find our “Lower Your Blood Pressure”-Playlist on Spotify.

Drink Some Water

One of the simplest ways to keep your blood pressure in check is by keeping yourself hydrated. Water is a natural cure for blood pressure. Drinking the recommended amount of water everyday will lead to a balanced amount of sodium held in the body, so protect the body from losing water. Additionally, keeping hydrated tends to keep the capillary beds open. This eases pressure on the pipes, meaning that blood pressure will normalize.

Eat Healthy

Eating healthy is a great way for normalizing your blood pressure. Try to regulate the amount of your daily salt intake. Salt contains a high level of sodium which triggers high blood pressure. Also, ensure that you incorporate a huge portion of fruits and vegetables in your diet. They contain a high amount of magnesium and potassium. According to researchers, these two minerals can significantly lower the diastolic and systolic blood pressure

Take a Walk

Walking can help you regulate your blood pressure level. Walking is a simple form of exercise. According to researchers, walking encourages blood flow into different parts of the body. This is very important in keeping your blood pressure level normalized. Additionally, walking can help you ward off stress which is a very important aspect of lowering your blood pressure.

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481 thoughts on “5 Quick and Easy ways to lower your Blood Pressure”

      1. My BP is 171/82 and I’m already worried. I just found out a week ago when I went to rite aid. But now I changed my diet to eating fruits and vegetables for now.

        1. Have you seen a dr? The difference between the two numbers is too great(systole and diastole). You should talk w a dr.

          1. Honestly… Unless you are a physician the only advice anyone should be giving is to GO SEE YOUR HEALTH CARE PROVIDER!!! Any advice beyond that could kill someone Seriously! I suffered a significant stroke (stress/bp related) I was 48 years old perfectly healthy with NO PREVIOUS BP ISSUES. Now at 58 I’ve had 5 Tia’s and am now currently undergoing testing on my heart trying determine why my BP is an issue. A bp reading of 220/98 set my Dr off. He immediately ordered a battery of tests and because I had an unusual EKG I now have more testing. SEE YOUR DR PERIOD. Anything else is completely IRRESPONSIBLE! As are anyone who”gives you advice” other than to see a doctor. Oh one more thing… I had absolutely no warning before I had my initial stroke. I JUST STROKED!!! Stop playing around and take yourselves to your Dr.

        2. It’s the same as mine and my doctor wants me to start blood pressure medication don’t worry to much but go to the doctor yourself

          1. J – being in the hospital and or treated by a doctor is the 3rd leading cause of death behind heart disease and cancer according to nutritionfacts(dot)org. Sure if you must, go see a doctor you can trust and research everything he tells you before you agree to take one pill. But if you cannot go or won’t for any reason, it’s not remiss to suggest someone changes their diet to a whole foods plant based diet. There is solid evidence eating thus can reverse heart disease and many cancers and it Will lower your blood pressure. Eat nothing with a face or a mother, no meat, no dairy, no fats, no oils, no cholesterol, no processed or refined foods, no sugar no salt. Eat Everything that’s grown in the soil provided there are no GMO’s in the food. Most people think they can’t do it but it just takes time to get used to. Eating correctly this way will also help your doctor get the dosages of any medication right because you won’t have a build up of cholesterol animal fats blood sugars etc in your blood stream. If your doctor doesn’t recommend eating so your body can heal itself like it was deigned to do, fire your doctor. You hired him, you can fire him too.

        3. Machines in store seems to be wildly un-calibrated. I used one in the store and the weight measurement was over 20 lbs off…so what else is the machine reporting wrong. Go to the Dr. or get a Omron home blood pressure monitor..about $30 to $50.

          1. BP cuffs vary wildly,, my Dr said to chart the numbers on a schedule, and look for trends.
            The number on a particular day may be high or low due to a temporary condition. But an overall rise in the chart over a period of time will indecate a condition.

          1. Mariela Kimberly Cardenas

            I agree vegan diet is the best. I picked up running and a vegan diet and my blood pressure went down to 110/54. Just got it checked yesterday by the nurse.

          2. A vegan diet is one that avoids eating any animal products, so meat/fish, eggs, dairy products like Milk and cheese. I aim for a mainly vegan diet for health reasons rather than to lose weight (although that would be nice too). There are more and more vegan options becoming available in supermarkets and regular restaurants, and more vegan restaurants appearing on the high street all the time.

          3. Please be careful, “Vegan Diet” is way too broad a term. You can avoid animal products and still be unhealthy and overweight if your diet is too high in processed grains, white potatoes, soy products, oils and sugars and too low in fruits and vegetables, especially dark leafy greens. The key is balance and variety. And even a vegan diet won’t help if you live a stressful sedentary lifestyle or abuse other substances to feel good.

          4. Interesting.
            I started a keto way of eating a few months ago. My blood pressure dropped from 175/95 medicated to 145/85 not medicated. I do not exercise, but will start to implement a daily walk to help reduce it further.

          5. Also be careful bcs I hv ber trying plant based product and alot of them I’m find are high in sodium. If you dont already start reading labels for sodium content if its package, bottle , box or bag food. NON-GMO dont hv preservatives but sodium could b high. So again eat as healthy as possible and Read Those Labels !

          6. No, it isn’t. You have absolutely no idea what other medical conditions this person has. Vegan diets are very heavy in soy and are contraindicated for ANYONE who has any kind of thyroid condition whatsoever. You also don’t know what kind of food allergies this person has. Personally, I am violently allergic to it and I *certainly* don’t think being treated with epinephrine is a good way to bring down your blood pressure.

            You vegans need to be more responsible and stop flogging your diet to everyone. You’re irresponsible.

            A balanced, healthy diet, period, plus exercise *after* he’s cleared it with his doctor, is best. Most of all, he needs to SEE HIS DOCTOR.

          7. I ever so slightly agree with Azure. The term “vegan diet” is too vague. There are plenty of unhealthy vegans in the world. The term some people prefer is a whole food plant based diet. While it runs the same dietary course as veganism, it doesn’t allow for things like faux meats and cheeses, processed foods of any kind and restrictions on soy (unless it’s an actual soy bean).

            If a vegan is touting a WFPB diet, then yes, they’re correct, it is best. No doctor worth their salt will ever disagree with you, but just avoiding meat and dairy without getting the proper nutrients and calories can make things worse.

            Always consult a physician or dietician when wanting to make major changes to your health.

          8. Isn’t diastolic 54 too low?
            Not convinced that vegan IS best…some meat is probably an easier diet to maintain (especially if it’s production is “environmentally friendly”)…sadly dairy is probably “abusive” (calf every year, removed as early as possible from the cow & slaughtered?).
            I think pasture-fed cattle doesn’t produce the same level of methane and produce a “natural fertilizer”….so need to check how your meat is produced and consume moderate amounts as part of a meal, not the main part: meat and two (or three!) veg?

          9. Ever heard the term strong as an ox!? Ever seen an ox eat meat!? Lol. Meat protein =disease. Plant protein =more protein than our bodies can use up and the protein that cancer cannot grow in and can actually reverse it in some cases.

          10. No it’s not a animal based diet is better for you and taste better. We need to cut out sugar which is borderline poison

        4. My blood pressure is 212/148… ate some garlic, helps lower it everytime, but my breath is not good lol

      2. I’m wondering your opinion on a no of 152/110? I have been having a non stop migraine for 3 months now so the pain may be making it worse

          1. I’m at urgent Care and mine was 161/103 and no one has said anything yet about it so the risk of stroke may be overblown at those numbers. Need to see a Dr though.

        1. Hi Michelle your headaches can be cause by your high blood pressure . Make sure you see your doctor so they can give you the advice & help that you need.

          1. barbara-louisa walker

            What everyone here is saying.
            SEE A DOCTOR.there are so many reasons i have pre hypertention due to coutisone medication,if i dont take it ill go blind GCA.So i do my best working with my GP.
            Go see your GP now.

          2. High blood pressure can be from the headaches. High bp is a physiological adaptation to a stress the body is undergoing, like pain.
            BP medications DO NOT stop people from having strokes or heart attacks.

        2. Went to ER today and was 231/92……they got it down to 147/81 before I left with new Rx for Lisinopril
          Had headache and dizzy for 3 days, scary!!

          1. Please be careful, I’m a 54 year old Black Woman, a non drinker, non-smoker, and after a few years on lisinopril, I was rushed to the ER due to anaphylactic shock and ordered to stop taking Lisinopril immediately.

        1. You are not getting enough potassium. You can buy “no salt” at the grocery store and it has about 650 mg. per 1/4 teaspoon. I add it to two liters of koolaid – does not affect the taste.

    1. I have the same question! I’m supposed to travel next month for work and I’m scared and don’t think I should fly. Anyone have an answer to this question? My BP just now was 193/103. I’ve never in my life had BP problems before and I’m petrified I’m going to drop dead, or worse, with a stroke or heart attack. Help…

      1. Drink lemon juice & more water.. add fresh garlic to food intake.. have brisk walk.. seek early GP attention.. they help.

        I experienced fluctuating BP as high as 200/110 this year and luckily it has stabilised.

        You will be fine.. provided you do not procastinate. Stay safe and good luck !

        1. Yes drink plenty of water !! Also I read where Hawthorn berry tea, stinging nettle tea ,green tea and Valerian root tea significantly lower blood pressure !

      2. From what I know if you’re blood pressure is near 200 your looking for a heart attack especially if you’re lower number is 150 get to the doctor fast I get worried when mine is 150/94

        1. I felt like my head was gonna blow up,when I called ambulance my normally fairly low bp was now 230/190 heart rate 180!It stayed like that for a couple of hours!I have never had that again since!I can’t imagine why that would happen!I had no idea it was that high till the ambulance came!I was shocked when they told me Cause why?Stayed that way for hours!Finally went down!

        2. Robert Ducharme

          150/80 was mine at the drs the other day , that just starting a higher number but not dangerous , keepingan eye on it , reducing sodium intake

          1. Angelique Barnes

            Fiance had a high B/P off 198/118 Thankfully his visiting nurse was here to bathe him. He was having trouble forming words, he got up to go to the bathroom. Made it maybe 6 or 7 steps and went down. The nurse helped him to the bathroom and sat him on the toilet, took his B/P and got the numbers above. Called 911, the ambulance came. They took him to our local hospital, which sent him to the big city. Where he stayed over a week in icu. Then after 6 days, he was sent to our local nursing home. Till today, he got to come home today. He’s had migraines for months now he’s had his 3rd stroke. Next time we may not get so lucky. He was already on 1 B/P med. Now he’s on 4 (2 different kinds. He’s in physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. He’s made major strides, but we still have a long way to go.
            Also, go to your doctor!! I can’t stress that enough!! If your B/P is high it can and most generally will cause a stroke, which if caught in enough time there is a shot they can give you to reverse some to all of the damage from the stroke.
            Your important, and your worth is unmeasureable. Please, stick around for those that love you! Go to the doc if you suspect anything is out of wack, get your yearly physical!!

      3. Hi MJ,
        I am a flight attendant and I am on medication for high blood pressure/hypertension. a week a go my BP went up to 190/100. Every hour it dropped to 180/90, then 170/60 and finally to 150/70. I called my doctor and he put me on this wonder drug called Losartan, which dropped it extensibly, something my Metoporol drug did not do. You have to be very careful with blood pressure. With me it’s partially genetic and of course I love salt. When you fly, your blood pressure automatically climbs to 10 more points. I would definitely go see a doctor and get some medication and let him tell you if you can fly. You should get a entire cardiological work up. I just had my yearly stress test, echocardiogram and ultrasound of bilateral carotid arteries. I would not fly until I saw a doctor and he had you on a BP stabilizer. Keep your cuff with you, but do not obsess over it. Good Luck. You will be fine.

        1. Hi, I never suffered from high blood pressure, but just 2 weeks ago, I randomly checked it and it was at 201/160.Quite drastic. As I’ve researched over the years , for friends and family, I immediately ate some bananas,some pistachio nuts , drank green tea and mixed soda water with 2 juiced lemons, and within 15 min it came down to 160/110 and 15 min after that to 143/81.With continuing that regimen , And staying away from lots of red meat and sugar, it remained constant.Regular walking is essential as well.

          1. Plz monitor it closely, have a quick check up at any clinic to be on the safe side and if all is well bring it down below 135/

          2. My pressure goes up when I go to see my doctor . She stresses me out completely. I have pain in my back , my knees hurt etc . She is a horrible doctor . I gained weight she never tells me to diet . She wants me take all these BP meds . My weight is 192 my BP is 156/84. I’m a vegetarian & I stress but couldn’t my pressure be elevated because of pain ? I want to stick with drinking 100oz of water adding garlic & walking . My daughter suggest I take the meds until it’s controlled . I don’t want to. I think if I lose the weight , get more sleep I will be fine . Any suggestions

        2. Hello I am currently taking losartan . I stopped for about a week because it was making me sick plus my pressure dropped 90/50 now for the last week and a half it’s been 170/110 plus my head has been aching

          1. Im on losartan 1:50 (1 and a half)
            Today w as headaches nausea, but i realized i needed to take that extra half,finally it came back down.
            I have the dry cough is it related to losartan?

        1. A disabling stroke. I don’t fear death, I fear becoming useless and not in control of my life. That’s the only reason I monitor and take meds.

      4. Don’t think negative practice relaxation method helps you aLot
        Keep cool stabilized life… Control your diet and exercise, drink plenty of water, start play some game it really helps your relaxation method, Start yoga

      5. Please go see a doctor to get help to get your blood pressure down before you leave for your trip. It’s certainly important you do that ASAP. Flying in airplanes can cause a blood clot and kill you and high blood pressure will not be good for a blood clot either. High blood pressure can also cause permanant kidney damage. Not trying to scare you but really you need to be worried about this and get to your dr.

      1. Blood pressure issues are nothing too kid around about and can be at times life threatening. People come here for help and advice and not for idiotic unnecessary remarks… Just saying …

          1. What is idiotic is looking here for answers related to your specific BP instead of consulting a Dr who will check your history and run tests to determine cause and what to do about it.

          2. Gee Jim, you’re on here too-ever talk to your dr at 12:00 or 1:00 AM like these people? Of course you have! You probably act like you’re his only patient and call no matter what time.

          3. Jim, I am here reading all this to compare comments from people with same simptoms, many times your GP does not pay due attention, chucks a prescription and never check again unless you ask, but when you have many other issues, that are bothering you and need attention, your blood pressure check can easily be put at the bottom of the list, as high blood pressure doesn’t hurt (unless there is a huge headache) Doctors Only want to address one or two issues at a time, and we have to make more appointments for the rest. When you work full time, and run a household, there is little time left to spend going to appointments, especially when, even though you get to the app on time you have to wait hours to see your doc.

        1. It is a real thing to just go from being ok to a spike in your blood pressure. I was ok till I felt funny like I wanted to throw up and my vision along with shortness of breath..I checked my b/p and I was 177over 64.. I’m at er now it’s Sunday night it sucks but I only got one ticker and when it goes well u get the idea

      2. Simon you are a complete Arse- please stay in your trailer and tell your cousin, oh I mean wife to go purchase a heart from the local piggley wiggley..

      3. Do you really have no life. That all you do is go online and look for stupid things to say. This is a serious issue for some people. Get a life.

      1. The current blood pressure is 115/75.
        When in doubt what your blood pressure means just put your pressure readings in google and it will tell you if you have high blood pressure or not and what it means. In the mean time cut out salt, red meat, smoking, lose weight and drink lots of water.

    2. Just went to the doc today and he told me mine was 138/90. He wanted to put me on water pills but I chose not to. I guess it’s low salt diet time.

        1. Put your affairs in order not affair. Two completely different activities.
          I have had readings of 190/109 before 189/157 last night (home units can be inaccurate)
          I was kept in a hospital for hours because I had readings over 150/100
          Always go to ER if worried. You can drive your number up by worrying.

        2. Very funny Thomas, Also I completely agree with Jim my BP is only 150/94 and I saw my doctor twice and am taking Indapamide anyone with readings like the ones listed here would have to be out of their mind not to see expert medical advice asap. So go see a doctor…

      1. Get to a doctor and get a treatment plan going at this point don’t worry about a heart attack yet, just get regulated, make sure you start taking 81 mg asprin

        1. Hi just checking, will it be ok to take aspirin w/o Rx coz i really tried and stopped. I tried becoz i hv read..mine is 135/98.thanks

          1. Where did you hear this from? Aspirin is a blood thinner and is an accepted treatment to reduce risk of strokes. Strokes are caused by blood thickening, not because it’s too thin.

          2. Answer to Jay Palmquist: Actually Shiela is correct regarding stroke risk. Aspirin is a blood thinner / Anti Coagulant which “can” cause more problems after a stroke since the brain bleeding will be more severe. I take Plavix duo which is a mixture of aspirin and Chlopodregel after 2 bypass ops and one of the warnings my doc gave was of that possibility. In my case it’s all about risk management. See a doctor before taking anything.

          3. Not true. I’m a heart patient and I’ve had carotid artery surgery. I’ve taken aspirin daily (dr.ordered) daily through it all. He tells me DO MOT MISS A DOSE. Along with other medicines

          4. This statement is untrue. Aspirin is a platelet inhibitor. Strokes are mostly caused by blood clots. And aspirin makes the blood flow easier. If you are bleeding out in your head aspirin would be a bad thing.

          5. Watch Dr. John Bergman video on YouTube. His video on blood pressure. It’s perfect! And I agree aspirin should be avoided.

          6. After a stroke I was prescribed aspirin…but only for two weeks, then switched to something else…
            but get conflicting information from doctor.
            They suggest the probable cause is what I eat, how much I eat and lack of exercise (never smoked/ virtual teetotaler/ mostly drink peppermint tea/water).
            Changed to a much healthier diet & lost 20kgs; cycle to work (half hour each way)…but they still want me to take the medication.
            Thought the circulatory system was self-regulating: if bp is too high, it’s because it needs to be to get the blood where it needs to be – of course too much fat will mean it needs to be higher; presumably exercise make the heart more efficient; salt makes the kidneys less effective at removing excess water from the blood & can lead to kidney damage.
            Suspect doctors are good at treating symptoms, but not sure they’re quite so good at long-term treatment…come back in a few decades & maybe things will be better.

        2. Aspirin is not good to take with certain health conditions and you can’t mix asprin with certain medications so be careful what you take and always ask your dr first before taking anything.

      2. My pressure is 152/112, I ordered some Chinese food; fried rice, fried chicken fingers, fried crab Rangoon, egg rolls, fried, fried, fried I was drinking berry juices but I think I’d turn into a berry or turn blue. Cut out all fried food, drink juices, and buy a rabbit so you can go shopping together.

        1. Smoke a pack or two of unfiltered Pall Mall or Camel cigarettes as well. Works real good. Follow with quart of Wild Turkey chased with Bud Light.

      1. Ronald McCollum

        Yes, high blood pressure can cause you to be dizzy. Cut down on your salt intake and drink a lot of water. I use lemon in mine and I drink it all day. My BP even taking my meds. It is 145/86. I have five grandkids living with me and they push me to the limit sometimes. Find a quiet place to relax with music it really helps. Good luck and I pray you get it lower.

        1. Ronald, I don’t understand your response to Vicki.
          Her blood pressure is 96/72, which is LOW so WHY WOULD YOU GIVE HER ADVICE FOR A PERSON WITH HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE?????

        2. Careful with drinking lemon water all day as you could rot your teeth with all the lemon consumption. I’ve seen it happen numerous times to my dental patients. You are bathing your teeth in acid all day long doing this. It’s OK if you have full dentures but other than that don’t do it and just drink water only instead. You can drink lemon water once daily and drink it quickly.

          1. Perhaps drinking the lemon water with a straw might save the teeth enamel a bit. Just a guess…

      2. It’s not uncommon to experience dizziness if you have low blood pressure. My BP is currently 117/75 and I do experience dizzy spells sometimes, but mainly when I get up too fast. Until recently, my BP was 110/60 and I used to experience dizziness more frequently then. The same situation with my father.

    3. Shandon catterton

      You should really go to the emergency right then really when the top number is 180 or above and when the bottom number is over 130 but your risk of a lot of things are increased when it’s above 120/90 I got this from online and always drink lots of water I would call 911 if mine was that high and grab 5 or 6 bottles of water and start drinking them down til the ambulance got there water always helps me and try to listen to music but don’t fall out trying to turn the music on but I would really try to get some water tho try to get someone to bring you some water from inside your house or get a neighbor to do it

      1. One should go to the emergency when one’s top figure is 180 or above? Is that what the pharmaceutical companies say? I’d be popping in and out of the emergency all the time like a blue arsed fly!

        It’ll come down in an hour or so (my average systolic over 600 readings is 128). Or, if one is really concerned, then drinking a couple of pints of beer will very quickly bring it down.

    4. My blood pressure is 149/86 I have been getting bad migraine an it feels like my chest is burning? Is my blood pressure high.

    5. My blood pressure today was 145/109 and I am concerned. I am seeing a cardiologist and taking tests. I plan to go back to exercise and pescatarian diet, and lower my salt and sugar intake. Also, drinking more water daily. I hope I can lose at least 10 pounds and this will help me also.

    6. On reading some of the messages posted here I can see some alarming readings being recorded. A couple of years ago my doctor randomly took my blood pressure during an unrelated visit and suggested my pressure was a little high and that I should monitor my own blood pressure at home for the next fortnight and report back. That got alarm bells ringing and I read up about it. My weight was alarming in the obese category although I didn’t consider myself overly large. So, following further reading I embarked on a two year plan to reduce salt, reduce alcohol (which was never excessive anyway), reduce coffee intake, reduce stress, increase exercise by gym visits, fast cycling, and adopt a sensible eating plan to reduce my weight. I am now 63 years old. I reduced my stress levels by retiring. My changed eating habits have enabled me to lose two and a half stones, and still losing, bringing my weight down to 14st. 7lbs. My blood pressure is an amazing and regular 107 over 69 a second reading was 111 over 71. I think the weight loss and retirement contributed significantly to these figures. Incidentally there is an awful lot of information out there about how to achieve weight loss but until I had read the book, ‘The Obesity Code’ a lot of it didn’t make sense. This book was believable and basically boils down to eating 3 sensible square meals per day and no eating snacks between meals. Avoid Fructose in your diet, by reducing starches and sugars. This has worked for me. I then ensured when I take my blood pressure I have no tight clothing on, am relaxed and have sat myself still for at least 5 to 10 minutes, have not recently eaten and have not recently had a coffee or caffeine drink. this gives me the best opportunity to record my lowest readings for blood pressure. I’m sure some of you reading this will already be aware of what I’m saying but hopefully this will reinforce the fact that these ideas work, in my case at least.

    7. I left work the this morning sick and went to the er I found out my blood pressure was 146/82 now I asked the nurse if it was something I need to freak out. She never answered me do that made my anxiety act up and i still don’t know if I should worry

    8. my blood pressure is been around 121 / 108 and my heart rate’s been around 113 to 120 and I’ve been blacking out do I need to go to the hospital now can anybody tell

    9. Three readings of blood pressure ; left then right then right arm again: 160/87 164/81 159/83
      Going through some emotional family situation. Should I go to the hospital?

      1. Geneva, Please seek medical help as soon as possible.
        There are some good comments here on ways to help, but IF that is an accurate reading, you are at great risk for a stroke.
        I’m here because my bp is high and I’m not a fan of medicine but 238/99 is dangerously high.


    10. NO!!! That’s stage 3 hypertension and you would be more likely to have a heart attack, stroke, etc…
      You really need to go to the doctors and get checked out.

    11. People listen stop being so DAMN CHEAP! GO TO THE DOCTOR PAY THE COPAY…STOP trying to find a home remedy or advice from this group of ppl that are mot even doctors. They can only tell you about what they have expierenced. TAKE YOUR SORRY ASS TO THE DOCTOR…period…end of story.
      Your welcome 🙂

    12. i have no idea , but apparently mine is constantly so high I should be dead , mine is ways 199/119 or higher which is y
      hypertension stage 3 crisis an inshoild seek immediate medical help , well I never have a look at me living and all right now , an yours is higher than mine now if yours is just a spike it could be because your stressing about traveling , .ine is always this high . best of luck . im not a doctor but I’ll take a look !

    1. If not drinking water and having high bp readings (188/118) it could be from the not drinking water? So if I dehydrate myself it would help the bp lower itself?

      1. No. You need to hydrate yourself. Drink as much water as possible. 8 – 8 oz glasses are suggested, but anything close to that would be good.

      2. Linda, go see a doctor asap! Don’t be casual about your health. If you don’t have health care, there are clinics or state hospitals that you can go to that go by your income. Please go asap! Best of luck..

    2. You say that but if it is heart failure,drinking more water could be VERY bad,i got put straight onto a water restriction as my lungs were filling with water. Be Safe always see your Doctor. If you are on here asking you already have the answer go see a health professional.

      1. My mother’s lung was filling up with fluid and it turned out to be the amiodarone medication.I researched this medicine and learned of the danger.It was quite an ordeal.My Mom was so in discomfort coughing nonstop and water in lung .It was removed at the bedside at 2 different hospitals in our area. When I and my sister insisted we give her a break ..she healed and water fluid in lung miraculously disappeared ..The doctors are not very enthused about the improvement.I just thought as I was scrolling down here that I would comment
        .sorry so long.lol

      2. Debz, That is very good advice!! I am living proof of what happens if you ignore the signs. I have a severe case of CHF, I Ignored all the signs and even had heart attacks that I was not aware of!!Now parts of my heart that are so enlarged that it could explode at any minute! My heart works at less than 10% and I am out of breath just walking across my living room. I am on the transplant list hoping for a heart, otherwise, doctors don’t expect me to survive for 2 more years, I am also severely diabetic and about a hundred pounds overweight. So I have to live like I have a gun to my head, every minute of my life! Please don’t let this happen to you just because you don’t want or can’t afford to go to the doctor, Doctors have insurance for patients who cannot pay, you are not hurting the doctors or contributing to higher healthcare costs, It’s our politicians who do that to line their own pockets. It is selfish of you to ignore these things and it is not fair to your children!

  1. Why are you charging people for this? Did the Dr. who sent it to you charge you for his plan? Are you sending him part of the money you are making from his work and research?

  2. I drink 3litres of water a day follow a healthy diets which is controlled and scanned into my fitness pal and I walk on average 15000-20000 steps a day. My calorie burn is on average 3000 a day.
    I don’t have time to relax that’s the only thing I’m going wrong and my blood pressure is always high?????

    1. It depends on when you check your blood pressure. Blood pressure is adaptive meaning it goes up and down depending on what your body needs.

      The best time to check your blood pressure is in the morning or evening just before bed at the same time on an empty stomach and no liquid meaning go ahead and urinate by checking it.

      Also, stressing about your blood pressure will make it worst. I am learning how to relax with deep breathing meditating exercise.

          1. Hey my bp is 127/ 92 I’m dealing with anxiety at the moment should I go to the er and I’m on anxiety meds

        1. Stop eating red meat or any type of meat for now until your BP goes down. Also crush some garlic and soak it in to apple cider vinegar for one hour then drink it. Drink a glass of water after to get rid of the taste of garlic or vinegar in your mouth. Do this before you sleep also .

          1. Jasmine: you are fine, 127/92 is in the normal range! 120/70 is ideal for most people. Just sit and relax and drink a nice glass of water

    1. When you get a high reading: sit down, relax, get some water. Try taking your blood pressure again. If it’s still high, call your doctor. However, this website is a good one to use; if your bp is in hypertensive crisis range, call your dr immediately.

      1. Yes its high, when readings go up on a regular basis its time to get it checked asap , im very knowledgeable about this, please see a soc asap

  3. Well my blood pressure was 147/125 one day and I take medication for it, along with having servere sleep apnea. I’m a smoker I really don’t drink much alcohol any more. I smoke pot here and there to relax. I also smoke cigarettes I also take Abilify 30mg along with taking vitiaman d supplements. And now I’m having problems when ever I run up and down stairs I have a real difficult time catching my breath. I’m seeing my new GP in the morning but I’m really scared of having a heart attack or a stroke I will let him know but I like to get a second opinion above all that I have blurred vision can’t really see to much at night. And on top of that my new Doctor says my lung compasity is at 80% from smoking. I also suffer from extreme fatigue I don’t believe the lung test was accurate what can I do to improve my life . Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      1. Why ask for help if you’re smoking? It’s like poking yourself with a fork and asking the Doctor to make it stop hurting. The best help you can get is to help yourself. My Mom quit smoking when diagnosed with stage four Lung Cancer. If she can quit, you can too. But quit now, today! She died a month after her cancer diagnosis. Take charge of your life Randy. Until you do it will take charge of you. Good luck!

        1. I am very sorry for the loss of your mom. Wish i could tell you that it gets easier. Lost mine to the same disease. My heart breaks for you.

        2. I am very sorry for the loss of your mom. Wish i could tell you that it gets easier. Lost mine to the same disease. My heart breaks for you.

    1. Randy, The best things you can do for your health is quit smoking If I had not quit 5 years ago I would not be here today you will feel better smell better taste better and breathe better for sure Oh and save money! 2gs a year for me

    2. Weed lowers bp, but smoking is not good on the lungs. Get a vaporizer. It heats the weed to the point of almost burning but not. It vaporizes the THC you inhale. No smoke, no crap, no smell, great taste.

      1. Hi Terri Vaporizers have been blowing up in people’s faces. Last one I saw was a hole in his cheek! He was in a right state. Please research. My bp is 174/111

        1. I didn’t have room on my screen to see what I was doing lol.
          About my bp I’ve taken some of your tips thank you. I’ve taken aspirin too. My ex who did ambulance training for first aid. They give an aspiring under tongue. It’s saved lives from heart attacks. Ive had a massive headache since yesterday evening too. I’ll try to keep up water. Goodnight Much love to you allxxx

          1. Ugh… The intranet and crazy people can provide bad information please be careful before doing anything such as smoking weed, plant based diets and verify information with a doctor to suit your needs for your cardio system. If you want to try things, definitely try breathing methods like wim hoff method, meditation or even yoga. For supplements try Hawthorne, aspirin, b12, fish oil, coq10, St John’s Wort, fish oil. If you have blood pressure issues combined with breathing complications this could be a irregular heartbeat, leaky aorta, atrial affibulation, or blood clot. You need to find the cause to diagnose the right issue. Money issues or live? Not a hard choice. I’m 38 with a repaired aorta dissection and heart arythmia. I’m lucky to be alive, I’m in better shape now than I was in college. Active life style changes combined with knowledge from cardiologist and doctors will lead to be the best you can. High blood pressure is not something that’s fixed immediately, you have to really want to live and create a change in your life. There’s no simple cure or elixer. The deepest wounds are self inflicted. Make the right choices, talk to the right people, and support forums like this are a added bonus. But be prepared to change your habits and choices if you want to live.

        2. There are plenty of reputable vaporizer makers, do your research! Hysteria around cannabis , and its safety is ignorant, and only through legalization can we regulate and ensure all products are safety tested, but to infer someone should be wary of vaporizing because of it blowing up in your face is pure ignorance , so maybe you should do some research. I run a charity for children’s causes and we help serious and critically ill kids find relief and remission from cannabis and yes sometimes vaping.

          1. Thank you for what you believe in and do !
            Children are so “clean” and when a ” plant” in whatever form can relieve pain and stress and also cure its the ONLY way to go. Chemicals only complicate things further. ?

          2. With all the stuff they spray on weed, nothing is safe. I just recently stop smoking three days ago because my heart started to race. I could feel it in my back and neck. Today I checked my blood pressure and it was 230/117, I used some braggs vinegar and took a nap, now it’s 215/113. Me being stressed and scaredover my health along with stressing regular life issues isn’t making it any better. I’m trying to change my diet; I’m definitely way over weight. I just want to live.

      2. Weed IS NOT GOOD FOR THE HEART. It lowers the no too much and it makes you eat more junk. My cardiologist and my research show that weed is so good for some things but heart disease is not one of them. !%*&#$@

    3. HI, just been to the doctors and my BP is 144/84 I’m new to the site but upon reading your comment I was wondering how are you ?

      1. That number is okay. Just make sure that first number doesn’t get any higher. Then you’ll be hitting hypertensive crises.

      1. Really? Stop smoking stupid??? That’s your answer? So intelligent, I wonder why you waste time.
        All adult smokers know how bad it is, I have been a smoker since I was 12-I’m 46. I know it’s bad, I hate the taste and smell and cost. Common sense people.
        If someone could just say oh yeah they’re bad for me and put them down they would. Common sense.
        Basic people are Infuriating.

        1. Craig, your response was informative. I stopped smoking when I got sick. That was it. Switched to the e-cigarettes, and then the vaps, and now nothing. Took a while and should have bought stock in costco 2mg nico-gum.

        2. Hey there – I thought the same thing. I started smoking at 15 and quit one year ago at 53. Finally!!

          I had purchased several ecigs and didn’t like any of them. Then I had major dental surgery to replace my 4 top front teeth with a bridge prior to my nephew’s wedding. At the same time they bleached my bottom teeth to match the bridge and said you can’t smoke for 24 hours. I was in a panic. However, I turned to my ecigs and worked with them learning about adjusting the vape level and taste etc. I made it 24 hours and just kept going. Starting on year 2 now and I do NOT miss smoking at all. I still have the nicotine, the inhalation/throat hit and taste without the bad health side affects or mess in my car and home.

          I encourage everyone to try this option. It will take some trial and error to find the right device/mg/juice for you, but you will find it and you will never go back!

          Two that I use:
          Endura T18

          Good luck all!!

          1. I also started smoking at 12 and at 53 I had a heart attack a quit smoking in a week how and why with the help of the gp stop smoking clinic and why because I wanted to live to see if my son would give me a grandson I’m still waiting but I’m also still a non smoker .

          2. I quit smoking 8 years ago by a book, “Easy Way” By Allen Carr. It is the only way to quit smoking while smoking. I went from 2 packs of cigs a day to zero once i finished the book. No joke. I tried every other method out there: gums, patches, Rx, ect. Nothing worked. But the book was amazing. If your looking to quit smoking check it out.

          3. Hi, I Quit the same way. I use a Solus By SMOK, 3 of them, for different flavors. I started Smoking at 9, all my adult life I have smoked 2+ Packs a Day. Im a few days away from 60. I made the switch in Jan, NEW Years Reso. Easiest time I have ever tried to Quit.

        3. I smoked for 25+ years and I just put them down. HELL yea I wanted one but I chose life! My mom, dad, mother-in-law and husband all died and left me here because of smoking. Hear attacks, heart disease, lung cancer, esophageal cancer, those were their cause of death but we have to make a choice. 17 years later I still want to smoke but I don’t because I still am fighting to live. Best of health to you. I’m off to the gym.

    4. You need to remember that your body is the temple of God, the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ needs to dwell in your heart. You have only one body and it is a gift from God and you need to take care of it so it can take care of you. What you put in your mouth can either harm you or help you. You have to make better decisions and start caring more about yourself.

      1. Holy. Crap. Are we gonna just ignore science? Just drink water, quit smoking cigarettes … And a little bit of exersize.

    5. Stop smoking; drink 8 cups (1cup is 8 oz.) water a day; exercise every day; do some deep breating, yoga or tai chi; do something you really enjoy every day, like a hobby; be around people you enjoy; and, last but not least, eat nutrient-dense food, i. e., fruits, veggies, low-fat meat and dairy, grains, nuts, preferably Organic. If you can’t eat all Organic, eat what you can, as even a little organic food will help your body start to repair itself. All other foods are full of pesticides, irradiated, genetically modified, contain additives, etc. Air, water, good food, movement and resting each day are the keys to good health. Good luck in your journey to a better, healthier life. PS

    6. Seriously, stop smoking immediately, eat less, nothing fried, drink grape, pomegranate, blueberry juices, eat as much fruit and vegs as possible, no salt, drink more water, listen to music for dopamine, no pot, get better sleep with a pillow/ head adjustment, take an organic gummy multivitamin

    7. Sleep apnea should be addressed by your physician since your body isn’t getting enough oxygen. My brother n law would be sotired and drowsy he would doze off standing up! You should be the equipment that you use at night that gives you oxygen. That may help you feel better since your lungs are struggling too.

  4. i understand that cannabis will help with high BP.so how about you doctors start telling us to use it .isnt it about time we stop this silly game of corruption with goverment and Doctors and big pharm.we all know cannabis has been used for 6000yrs and works.we just need every one to wake up and smell the cannabis.Mr. Ttrump wants to drain the swamp soooooo lets start with big pharm and goverment corruption and let us grow our own meds and make america great again.thank you S.D.

  5. I’m an alcoholic ,in the middle of a drinking.. My blood pressure Is153 over 89. Is this dangerously. High? My heart rate is 105 do I need to go to the hospital ? I’m very worried. What can I do?

    1. Jesse, hopefully you have made some changes since the last comment posted. Alcohol has all kinds of issues, afib, blood pressure, Alzheimer’s, vertigo and more. Finding help is not easy I get it. But in the end you have to look at what kind of person you want to be, healthy, alive or dead and forgotten and only remembered for drunken stupid memories. Asking for help is saying you want to change, I hope you get the right kind of help.

    2. Hi Jesse, I am currently sober (6 months) but when I do drink my BP shoots up and my pulse rate goes over 100 very quickly. Please do your body a favour and stop drinking. Along with BP problems, many of your vital organs are being irreparably damaged – trust me, I’ve been there! Take care, P

      1. When I drink my BP goes way down. My average BP over 600 readings on first getting up in the morning is 128/90. After a few pints it can get as low as 105/65. My pulse stays the same at 50 odd.

  6. If high blood pressure is dangerous, (which i know it is) why would I be allowed home from a ‘pre-opp’ assessment with a BP of 216/84……197/84……195/103. Surely they should of kept me in for some kind of treatment? I have since had a doctors appt and my BP was 169/91….157/95. Still too high, have another appointment booked for 5das time

  7. just went to drs office nurse took my bp 146/98 asked me if it was high for me i just shook my head cause i dont know i take 3 bp medicines dr comes in its still that high but never said anything im confused cause nothing else was said

    1. I am learning that 5 things help to keep my blood pressure regulated or at least reduce or keep it to pre-hypertension level 120/80 – 140/90. The lowest I have seen it with this practice below is 124/73 It is Still a working progress… I hope what I share help someone who is reading this.

      1. Sleep – lack of sleep keeps pressure high. Get a ice pack or shower in hot water to calm your body for about 5 to 10 minutes. Use epsom salt (1 cup) and soak to bring your body to a calm so you can sleep or take a natural extract from black tea call L-theanine from GNC (one capsule per day on a empty stomach or as prescribed by your doctor)

      2. Lack of oxygen – do deep breathing techniques. Breathe in for 4 seconds and exhale for 4 seconds 20 times and it should bring your heart rate and pressure down. Do either Exercise or deep breathing when you sense that your pressure is rising (walking, cardio, strength lifting for 20 mins)

      3. Eat food High in magnesium and potassium (banana, avocado, celery, parsley, celery seed, beets, watermelon, apples, ginger, green tea etc) include with your regular diet) reduce your salt to about 2300 to 1500 gram. This can be accomplished by eating more fruits ,vegetable, and protein. Reduce carbs like bread, pasta, and process or fast food etc. drink half your body weight of water daily. Drink 16.9 oz on a empty stomach every morning.

      4. Try to remain positive. Find things that keep your mind off your blood pressure (smile, recreation, fun things you like to do, think positive even when you don’t feel positive) train your mind to overcome through faith

      5. Continue to search for the root cause of the symptoms via your physician. Chronic Pain via accidents causes pressure to go up, some medication cause pressure to go up, some supplement cause pressure to go up, chronic stress causes pressure to go up, anxiety and worrying causes your pressure to go up and so on..

      I pray everyone on this blog get to feeling better soon. This blog brings comfort to many thousand suffering with this condition because it helps all of us to know that many are suffering the same or worst and we are not alone in this process and can find comfort in each other comments.

      1. Wow I’ve been reading all these and well I helped me alot thanks so much!!!! I’ve been going to get my no checked and it seems that every time I go to the Dr my tension and anxiety is up… I can tell i always get worried bc of my health.. today the nurse called bc last week I went in to get it checked and it was 138/91 nurse said I don’t think they will give u meds bc it’s going down.. I feel it’s my anxiety and I received a call from my Drs nurse and she said he is gonna give me meds a very low dosage I don’t want it.. but the other nurse had told me to recheck in 2 weeks but I get this call and I started feeling anxiety

        1. Did they not get you to check yours at home? you can for sure have anxiety and it pushes it up. try to get an calm average reading at home. 139 /91 does not seem that high to me. Mine is sometimes higher or lower depending on time of day,
          I am 62 so maybe age has something to do with it. They say our BP is higher as we get older. My doctor didnt put me on any meds,which i am glad about i have never taken any meds in my life.

      2. Thank you. I can relate to all that. Especially the sleep bit. My BP readings went from 188/109 down to 130 / 82 on average, as soon as I cut back on my drinking and dealt with my insomnia. I also noted that drinking water brought it down. This took just over a month. So the outlook is good. Find the cause and BP will go down. I am 62 and was quite a heavy drinker so I know what caused mine to be high. Probably was like that for years, I never knew till I had it taken during a routine eye test. Before that I never had my BP taken. As I never need to go to the doctor.

        1. You sound exactly like me, it took me 20 years to see a doctor.I was on meds for a year until I had some bad side effects, I got off the meds and thought I had my BP under control but BP just recently spiked to 165/91
          I never sleep always worried and I drink to much.
          Thanks, your outcome is encouraging.
          What did you do to get additional sleep?

      3. Cheers Kev I just checked mine it was 159/99 had two beers two large red wines massive spag boll mars bar and a snicker bar I just can’t stop being a pig. But thanks for the tips. I’m going to take it again tomorrow and will try too be stricked with the booze and food.

      4. Ty kev for that I just tried the breathing seems to be working I love music last time I took my pressure it was 147/98/88 much better headache is gone I thank you what a relief so far I believe it’s my thyroid went for ekg physical stress test all normal

      5. James. Edwards

        Your salt figures_I think you mean milligrams.
        Water….Drink half your body weight each day ? 2litres should be enough not 50 !

        1. I think they missed the “ounces” part half your body weight in ounces per day, so I weigh 225 lbs, 112 ounces or 3+ liters (I have always thought this read a little high… 😉 )

      6. THANK YOU,im going to try this.today my bp was 158/89 feeling light headed and very sleepy and in a fog with a bad headache AND NECK PAIN.I HAD A TICK ON ME 3WEEKS AGO .They gv me medcine FOR LYME WHICH WAS A 2DAY PILL.
        IM not sure if it stress related or from lyme.IM GOING TO FOLLOW these steps will be in touch with results

        1. I think mine is related to a high protein diet I’ve been on. Mine was High my last 2 dr visits – I didn’t realize how high. I looked it up online. He never said a word about it.

      7. Thank you! I ace used some of your points and it really helps.
        Re: Cardio. I went to my daughter when she had a baby and stayed at her friend, who lived 2 1/2 blocks away. 87 steps up to her friend, 55 steps up to her. First time up, I needed to stop 3x. (My BP was regularly 145/97 to 160/110 on a bad day) . I went up and down those steps 3x a day, total, 852 steps half up, half down. After a week, I was able to do the 87 steps without heavy breathing!) After 18 days, I left. 10 days later, I went to Dr. My BP: 114/69. I asked: “could that have been the steps?” His response: “oh, yeah, I forgot to tell you that exercise could help…”

      8. The American Heart Association is not the best source either. Visit Dr. SINATRA’s website. He is an interventionist cardiologist. Take C0Q10 made as ubiquione will work at the cellular level and bring oxygen to the heart and all parts of the body to help it heal. The heart is a muscle and CAN BE REPAIRED ON ITS OWN if fed properly. Research for yourself but work with a local cardiologist preferably an interventional cardiologist. I found mine in the hospital while 5 doctors are telling me I have heart disease. I took it slow, listened to them but I with them made the decision that I thought was best for me. It’s been 1 year, 3 surgeries later and I am doing so much better. It is still a balancing act and food, medications, supplements and exercise are all part of my regimens as well as regular doctor visits. It was scary, I had 2 stents, a heart attack, two mini strokes and then carotid artery surgery all in 6 months. I continued to work because I had been so sick I had no sick time. The doctors said ok. After the last surgery I took one week off and then worked half days for 6 weeks. My original symptoms were I threw up for a year before I realized my chest was mildly hurting around 4 am in the mornings. I went to the doctor and told them and they still missed it on an EKG and stress test. I finally had a heart cath performed and they finally found the heart disease. They wanted to fix it then and because of all the throwing up and them missing the heart disease I wanted to research this myself so I took a little longer to do what I thought was best for me. Listen to your body and your GOD because I am here to serve him. Telling my story as a woman is my way of serving him! Blessings to all.

    2. They probably had your medical history and checked it to see if that was normal for you. What’s considered normal for one person is not necessarily the same as normal for another person.

    1. If your pressure remains that way for 3 consistent days I would. Blood pressure is adaptive and change at any time. What many people don’t understand is the purpose of pressure. Pressure sends oxygen where it is needed.. but resting pressure is what is dangerous. When you are doing absolutely nothing and it is high.

    2. I went to doctors as my blood pressure was high according to my friends machine.
      At the doctors I was 155/123 doctor said it’s high but nothing to be concerned about. Said will b slightly higher as in surgery but told me he not worried?!
      He said it’s the bottom figure they go by and my oxygen levels were good 99 never gave me pills just said if I was concerned to buy a machine and keep an eye on it!!

  8. Have been having high blood pressure for the last 3 days ranging from 237/103,214/99 and my other arm reads lower #s like 170/94-169/84

    1. If ur left arms shows less as compared to right then nothing to worry…do home excersise…exp by pressing middle finger top with ur tumb for atleast 10 mins daily it will help u out…buzz me on +919867775544

  9. My b/p is 134/66
    H/R 83.. My pressure is lowering with the help of eating healthier following a military diet an drinking apple cider vinegar with mother mixed with lemon juice an raw honey an a Little cyane pepper.. It’s helping me tremendously

  10. My blood pressure today is 144/80. However, I feel it’s high. I have slowly changed my diet and have started walking more. I hope this helps.

  11. Gequetta Melendez

    My blood pressure is 183 over 171 I feel really dizzy and weak I can’t afford to go to the emergency room or to buy medicines right now is there anything I could do at home?

    1. Yes, please switch to a whole plant based diet immediately. STOP eating meat, fish and dairy. And leave added sugars alone meaning no juice, honey, sodas, coffee, or processed carbs. Your favorite drink should be Water. If you desire butter on your vegetables use clarified butter (Ghee) it’s very good and healthy for your body.
      After a week or so if you desire more information please let me know.

      1. I just left the Dr’s BP 158/86..was told to get CT Conorary Calcium Scan..he said i had a little ‘plaque..and try plant based diet,allways thought i was extremely healthy so it scared me,and to take an sparin every day,is this a good think,never ever took Medication,not even aspirin

    2. Hope you went to the emergency room! Contact churches and charities, sometimes they can help with medical bills.

  12. BP reading from 90 to 100 over 140 to 160 is a cause for concern . It should be dealt with immediately through lifestyle changes and or meds . If your blood pressure is in this range . STOP SMOKING . This is the single most important thing you can do . Exercise and weight (diet ) are the second .If your doctor ignores this blood pressure reading see another doctor .
    BP readings over 100 /180 immediately go to emerg .or your doctor . If you have had a virus that hangs around pay particular attention to your BP . Anything in the 140/80 range or under can be handled with exercise and diet . Hopefully . Make sure that you get 3-4 readings at a time . The first can be misleading .

  13. Is a b/p of 194/101 and pulse 99 too high for a male aged 77? on the 17th of November 2016 it was 186/112 pulse 101, so it really hasn’t changed much in2 months, I do not take blood pressure tablets and I am on cortisone tablets for bad back pain.

    1. Check and record those BP reading daily. Make an appointment with Saw Bones and show them your home readings. They’ll treat you from there. But don’t let that BP do what it wants, go get checked out!

    2. The root can be your back pain.. since I suffer with back pain and stiffness I would recommend that you do physical therapy with a foam roller like I do to eliminate the inflammation which should reduce your pressure. Your pressure being that high for this long is a concern, but until you share more detail I can’t say. When mines was high at those levels I did the deep breathing like a mentioned to others which is one of the 5 step approach and the deep breathing reduced it.. I think my anxiety about the pain I was having and then seeing my pressure being high made my pressure worst. I started including 8 oz of coconut water in my diet daily and I did brisk walk for 20-30 minutes and my pressure started to regulate. Your pressure could be the result of back pain mix with stress..if you don’t find the root cause of why your pressure stay high I would recommend seeing a physician or a nutritionalist if you don’t want to take medication and get it regulated while you research to find the root cause of your pressure remaining high. Unfortunately, doctors are too busy to provide such information so you will have to take accountability for your health like I did and search blogs like this to see if you can be guided in the right direction. I don’t believing in patching a condition I believe in fixing it, but often time if we wait too long and the condition is not reversible and medication will be the only method keep the condition under control. I hope this help and pray that you pressure gets back to normal soon

  14. hi
    i’m 34 and currently om meds for high BP and have been for 18 months
    my BP i 179 over 129
    i”m starting to worry (i know that worrying dosnt help)
    i”m on perindopral 5 mg and amloc 5 mg
    the last week or so iv’e been feeling dizzy when i stand or move from a sitting position!
    shuold i be worried??
    please reply if you can help

    1. Yes, you should be worried. I’m not going to tell you to stop taking your MEDS, but what I will tell you is that if you immediately switch to a whole plant based diet, your body will begin to heal itself. I left a young lady on this page and few guidelines to follow and you can follow it too and if you desire more information please feel free to contact me. By the way information is free.

      1. Yes please more info ,im a healthy individual woman a vegatarian,but told today I might need to get a Scan for CT Coronary Calcium Scan ,and tested me said I had a small amount of plaque…and BP 158/86
        love to hear from you please

      2. would you send me info on the plant based diet. i am waiting to have an ultra sound. my dentist did an round xray and discovered i had plaque in my neck artery. i also hve pain in both my groins and have been told by my ortheapedic dr. He wont do anything till i have that artery taken care of. My bp is 148/88. have gotten a lot of good info here.. ie water, exercise, diet. yours regarding plant based diet sounds like the best . i am a lil overweight body mass 27

  15. MY BP is190/ 85/ 63. I have CLL white blood count *29.8 and I have Myasthenia Gravis Congenital, is this causing my high blood pressure. I am 2 stone over weight, how can I get my BP down without medication the Medication makes me ill and unable to move.

  16. One day I felt extremely bad, as if I was checking out. I went to the ER where they said my BP was off the charts (high). They gave me meds to bring it down. They monitored me and after a while they had to give another round of meds to bring it down again. They then took me for a full body scan where it was discovered I had a cancer on a Kidney. Don’t let BP go, get checked out head to toe, inside and out.

  17. I just delivered my baby 2 weeks ago and never had high bp. Ive had a terrible headache for the last week and my bp has been 161/ 98. 165/110 and now 175/100.

    1. I hope you went to the doctor headaches after childbirth could be a sign of a blood clot get to a doctor and check it out better safe than sorry.

  18. Y’day i had by chance checked my BP and found it to be 155/105. If it is very high will it come down if i exercise 30 mins and diet on vegetables and fruits more and cut down on non-vegetarian food. I am also always feeling sleepy and now and then feel pain near heart area.Any advise.

  19. I’m 17 years old and i have been checking my blood pressure with the nurse every morning at school for a week. it hasn’t been under 160/80 and the highest has been 172/88 but i’m a wrestler and i only weigh 150, i don’t drink or do drugs and i eat a fairly healthy diet. i also get dizzy during hard practices, for my physical stature and lifestyle why is my BP so high.

    1. Exercise promotes general cardiovascular health. It takes time, just like weightlifting takes time to build muscles, and is very beneficial. However, during a hypertensive crisis is not a good time to exercise, rest would be better.

  20. i am 21 year old a healthy looking guy,today checked my BP three times, it was 177/124 168/127 179/123 these readings are shocking for me,i am also facing constipation from few days,what should i do

  21. I am taking zoloft100mg and xanax multiple times a day at 0.25mg but still feel anxcious… my blood pressure was 154/90 in the morning around 4 hours later took another 0.25 tablet but didnt calm me down then took another 0.25 then after taking blood pressure was 164/95 i took another 0.25…
    I take cholesterol and triglyceride medications too ( lipontyl and zocor)…. OH YEAH AND PARIET FOR MY STOMACH…

    The funny thing iam only 36 years old and my blood pressure now is 150/90 and they told me in the hospital i can go home but should keep monitoring every 2 hours… is that normal or should i go to another F…… doctor cause iam just fed up of doctors and medications…. anyone out their can suggest anything i should do??????

    1. You could try as many healthy habits as you can. Eat healthy with raw fruits and veggies, low-fat, low-sugar, plenty of water. Exercise, especially outside to get sunlight. Rest well with at least 8 hours of sleep at night. These things go a long way to reducing (maybe even eliminating) many health problems.

    1. Online research ways to lower blood pressure. The best ways will involve establishing healthy habits. It takes work and self-control, but it is much less expensive than blood pressure medicine.
      You might also try a Primary Care Physician in a fee-for-service clinic, it tends to cost less than regular clinics.

  22. I am 49 years old and had my blood pressure taken last week for the 1st time in 5 years. The reading was 152/98 which I was told was high I have been having dizzy spells and feel constantly exhausted. I have to have my blood pressure checked again in 2 weeks time should I be concerned

    1. Check it periodically. Hypertension isn’t diagnosed on just one reading. If you’re having any other problems, it might be a good idea to keep a symptom journal too, so you’ll have all the information you need if you have to go to the dr.

  23. Im 36 yrs old 265 lbs i just donated blood today n they check my blood presure n it was 144/88 im not sure if this is good or bad…

  24. Actually i mire have a question,, im too scared to go the er and know i should go.. but at this point i cant even stand up crom the intense pain on the left side of my head mostly my left temple area but over the last 24hrs it has become so severe ive never felt a pain like this before could it be an aneurysm how long do you even have once one ruptures and IF AN
    ANEURYSM RUPTURES IF SUDDENLY THE PSIN SUBSIDIES IS THAT A BAD SIGN OR WHAT… i dont like hospitals im so afraid to go and that once im there i wont be leaving to come back home!!!!!! But im in such intense pain right now and its makig me extremely nauseous

  25. My bp this morning 149/103 I’m concerned I feel great I have no pain I’ve never been diagnosed with BP what I don’t understand is just I’m just getting out of bed in my region is so high

  26. To the 17 yr old: I hope you went to the doctor. I have a family member who is considered healthy but has been taking bp med since she was 18. They said its genetics, but just as dangerous. Pls go see your doctor. In case you do not have insurance coverage, the Dept of Public Social Services in your county may be able to assist you.
    Take care, everyone.

  27. My BP reading was 155 / 111. Suffered a pinched nerve that’s triggered additional discomfort and pain. Swelling has not gone down however, stopped the pain meds prescribed as I’m left groggy and need to drive to work.

    Is this reading excessive and what course of action should be taken?

  28. I have been taken diovan for many years without any side effects however my bp went up and I was hospitalised and while in hospital I was put on co diovan that brought down my bp however while taking these tablets my mood changed completely so at present I am back on the diovan again and my bp has gone back up again. I am going to the doctor to day and hopefully he will put me right. Has any one come across this type symptom with taking co diovan ?

  29. Confused. I have edema and take lasix to get rid of fluid. Yet I’m supposed to drink a lot of water? Isn’t that canceling the other out?

  30. My blood pressure is morning is 136/93, evening it is goes to 151/101 and night it will be 140/93. i dont take any med. i do daily exercise 30min.

  31. I have a question for everyone. My blood pressure is 160 over 71. Is this considered high blood pressure? My nurse just glanced and said good and walked away. When I did my one research I was told having blood pressure 160/71 is hypertension stage II. Is this something I should be worried about and possibly question? I’m 22 yr old F.

  32. I was playing the Xbox and I felt different. So I got my blood pressure machine and the sys was 189 and the dia was 82 and heart rate was 56. I checked my blood pressure again and went down to 154 dia then 132. I feel so much better now. I think it is due to eating slot of unhealthy foods and salty foods and smoking and drinking alcohol.

  33. My blood pressure was 167/102 last night and this morning it is 159/98. I am 69 years no other symptoms. Should I go to the doctor?

    1. Go straight away its is critical and im sure your family would feel better having you around longer also good luck x

  34. Jennifer Bradley

    My boyfriend has been Dx with hypertension and hes been on meds for it. he didn’t take his meds this morning and its reading 165/88 should he be seen by someone

  35. My egfr was 53 last week from 60 three years ago, my BP readings fluctuates from 130/81 to 117/74 then back to 145/85 any one any ideas pleas

  36. My lower blood pressure number is always very low and the upper number always high, like 169/45, is this unhealthy?

  37. I im 21 years old and my blood pressure goes on 164/94 today .but I have typhoid seems last 45 days and its quare and I’m fine now but when on night I’m getting warmer I don’t no what is going on with me I sawed doctor all about this they give me some medicine .if you have any solutions so plz reply me

  38. i have started taking my BP after sitting for an hour or more. makes a huge difference in getting a “normal” or “ideal” reading

  39. I’m a 48 year old male. My usual blood pressure is about 128 over 75. I’ve had a pounding headache for days and decided to check my BP. It is 151 over 101 also my hands seem sweaty for no reason. Don’t want to be a hypochondriac but don’t want to be pushing up daisies either. Any help?

  40. Please all high blood pressure people go see your doctor,drinking gallons of water could have killed me my blood pressure was high my breathing wasn’t great. I thought i had asthma turned out to be heart failure. Please go see a doctor,what works for one may harm another,there are to many things it could be & each of you probably have different things causing it. Hope everyone see’s a doc & gets sorted.

  41. I just checked my BP it was 197/108 …..I checked it 1 week ago it was 138/83 ..what should it do about this 197/108 ?

  42. Hi guys. High bp NEEDS medical attention. If your numbers are up a bit, do try this. It is only a TEMPORARY fix for thos with constantly high numbers. Those who are up a bit, this is a useful tool, articularly if you have anxiety which makes it worse.

    Take a seat, fit your b cuff and take a rsading.

    Now, close your eyes, relax and dont think. Breath in deeply and slowly, when your lungs are full, breath out skowly but force all tbe air out at the end. You are aiming for about 6 breaths (thats in and out) per 10 seconds or 6 per minute. A lityle more is ok if you struggle. It is important that when exhaling it is at a constant rate, including when you force the ladt bit out. This ladt part is a majour key to the exercise as it works on the sinus nerve lowering pulse and bp.

    Do this for approx 3 minutes and take a new reading. You should see a drop. I went from my first reading of 121/82 to 107/77. I have lowered it from 130/90, so it does work. You can do it for longer than 3 minutes, it wont hurt you in any way and will have a better effect for higher numbers.

    Remember, it is a temporay fix but if incorporated into a daily routine it is HIGHLY benificial.

    Give it a try, you can only lose 3 minutes. Leave a reply and let me know your reults.

  43. Ok so I was sitting in a chair by my bed and started feeling dizzy. And then started getting this weird buzzy shock feeling that would make my whole body twitch. Next thing I know I am coming to on the floor with my face in my own drool. I never drool. And my chest hurts. My wife checks my bp and its 202/129 With pulse rate of 102. What just happened?

    1. My guess is, you had a ‘mild’ heart attack… if there is such a thing.
      Get to the hospital if you’re still with us.

  44. Checked my blood pressure last night … a whopping 182 over 117, highest it’s ever been. Not to better today. My blood pressure was high before … like 140 over 90 …. never this high. Had headaches last few days …

  45. Am Aikins and when I check my bp it was 160-180 am 25years old so what can I do to lower it l have been thinking about it pls help me.

  46. I have 150/95 for a month and I decided to change my lifestyle and diet..

    I do arm exercise with 2 4lb dumbells..
    I run on the threadmill as fast as I could for 1 minute.. and walk for 10 minutes..
    I cut down my calorie intake especially from carbohydrates and reduced my salt and simple sugar intake.. within a month I lost 4 kg and my bp went down to 118/76.. hope this helps

  47. I was on opiods for almost 2 yrs from a back injury. During this time i developed high bp. So i was on lisiniprol 2.5. I felt i got high bp from the pain meds. Kept feeling toxic to myself. So last friday i quit everything. Detoxing one self is no fun. I have watched my bp and it seemed to be ok. Today i have had a migraine and i never even get headaches. I checked my bp and its 122/89. I don’t know if i should go back on the lisiniprol. That bottom number is prehypertensive and with this migraine im a little concerned. By the way im staying off all and any pain meds. Thank you

  48. Hi
    My husband suffering from high bp from past 9 years recently we came to know the cause that is due to primary hyperaldosteronism now he is under medication of lasilactone 50mg,nicardia r 20mg,prasoprez XL 2.5,moxovas0.3 but still his bp is around 174/135 during morning can u please help me out,how to control the bp?

  49. my fathers bp 142/79 I really don’t understand the beats and in between beats tahat make this up. he drinks a lot of water and usually walks on the treadmill. I kow walking is good .. but would it be better if he loses the incline while alking?

  50. Some essential oils can help with immediate lowering as well as long term lowering of high BP. Do research on this for yourself – if after researching you decide to try this, do NOT purchase oils from stores (Whole Foods, Earth Fare, Wal-Mart, etc.) as these are not pure and should not be inhaled/ingested. Let me know if you are interested in a pure brand and of course check with your GP.

  51. I’m not scared all day my Blood Pressure has been reading 213 over 127. That’s really bad right? I’m up and it’s 3am but. I can’t sleep because I’m afraid I might not wake up? Oh yeah I’m 49

  52. William Boweter

    I’m 33 quitting smoking is a huge plus for me!!???? But my BP seems to consistently vary between 139/95 & 120/77 and everything in between. Was in ER last night and had EKG, blood work, X-rays and all that fun stuff. But all results showed no heart issues, no sickness….nothing. I drink on average 8-10 16oz bottles of water daily(gave up almost all caffeine, but still need that early morning coffee and possibly 1 12oz can of Pepsi thru the day) but I can’t seem to get a grip on my mind telling me there is an issue with my body. Possibly my severe anxiety disorder at play? Idk…as I am getting older I see myself wanting to chang my habits and diet without actually seeing a doc and having them tell me to. Family history of heart attacks, diabetes etc etc….but so far I have avoided most of that. Headaches seem to be my biggest problem. Any words of advice on keeping up on my healthy habits while I’m kicking my bad ones?

    1. Migraines are huge in the female line of my family as well as high blood pressure. Something that we noticed throughout the years is that they play hand in hand. If we get a migraine/headache our BP goes up, but sometimes it starts with our BP getting higher than getting a migraine/headache.
      Medication for high blood pressure has reduced my migraines drastically.

      I suggest talking to your family doctor to see if blood pressure meds, even a low dose, could help.

  53. I wouldn’t put to much faith in any of the comments
    on this site. Every individual is different, including what is considered high blood pressure or low blood pressure for that person. There are however, numbers that should send you to your cardiologist or the ER. My advice is if you are questioning how you feel or your blood pressure seek advise from a medical professional.

  54. Hi m 35yrs old my Bp was 165/102 but when i stated medication and excesise its 138/90 its been 4 months now since i start medication its still high i feel heat in my head what should i do

  55. My first reading was 253 over 127. I don’t feel really. Just haven’t been getting very much sleep.

    1. Your minutes away from a stroke. Believe me, I had one on May 14th. After spending 2 weeks in Neuro ICU, a month in the hospital, 2 more weeks of inpatient rehabilitation and 2 days a week of outpatient therapy to present day, I can barely walk and still can’t use my left arm or hand! Its no joke, seek medical attention immediately.

  56. Felix Asante Dadson

    Hi am 28 years old and yesterday i check my BP and it was 169 / 120 high. Now am having a headache seriously and sometimes my body shakes which is making life miserable for me right now. Please any advise and and help for medication for me? I will be very grateful in any help. Thanks

  57. Nestor Benavidez

    guys, I used to have my BP goes up around 7-9PM (with meds, it can get up to 140/90, it went up couple of times and I went to the hospital I dont play around with HBP, it was 150/100) , my doctor says it was due to stress, I’m a 37 man overweight. My heartbeat changes over the day room mid 60s, when I wake up, to upper 80s when I’m working on a project or driving back home. I start Orbitrex for 2 months now, and went into a veggie diet. I have lost that much pounds.. around 10-15, I don’t consider that too much, but i can feel the difference. My BP in the morning is in 117 77, in the afternoon goes down to 110 70, at that scary time at night it goes up 120 80 (max, usually a little less). I feel more flexible and I walk a lot more with my dog. I did a Ecocardiogram, and all my functions are OK, I stop smoking cigars, and beer drinking. My VI is not dilated but changed a little bit the cardiologist says it might be due to the weight or uncontrolled HP. it takes 3 to 6 months to get it back to normal. My heart is not bigger than normal. So, my advice, is not to get nervious when you BP goes up, it just make it worst, always have around 50 mg of Captopril and a OMRON measurement, some people dont feel when it goes up. I do. So, try couple of day measure it in diferent hours and when you know what is going on. just do it twice a day. one hour after sleeping and one hour before going to bed. the main thing is to control the stress. Personally, walking calms me down. Please stay safe and god bless you.

  58. Nestor Benavidez

    BTW, I’m on Benicar Amlo 40/10 once a day in the morning and thats that.. always at the same time. Very good stuff. I haven’t feel any secundary effects. Before I used to have losartan and amliodipine (100 and 10) and it made me feel very anxious!

  59. I’m 42 years old and my resent had surgery and lost a lot of weight and I was on meds for high blood pressure but then when I came home after surgery my blood pressure was low 110 79 and now I’d 140 over 89 is that something I need to be consern

  60. Hello, I am a 40 year old female and have recently been having trouble with my blood pressure going to high. I just took my blood pressure and it is 174/121. My normal blood pressure prior to the last month was usually right around 105/85 so I’m a little worried. Also, over the last month I have been experiencing a lit of pains in my chest which actually feel like my back is hurting and have pain in my left arm with the pinky and ring finger having some numbness. I’ve been feeling nauseous and have had a bad headache every single day. . I wake up with the headache and go to sleep with it…. Everyday! My question is….. Anyone else been through this that found any natural homeopathic remedies for this that actually work? I’m not a fan of the whole medical profession and would like to stick to getting through this in the most natural way I can as I also am a single mamma of 3 little beauties!
    Thanks for any help you can give and ask for no rude comments as I wouldn’t give those to anyone else…. Thanks

    1. You are at a an extremely high risk of having a stroke. Believe me, I had one on May 14th. After spending 2 weeks in Neuro ICU, a month in the hospital, 2 more weeks of inpatient rehabilitation and 2 days a week of outpatient therapy to present day, I can barely walk and still can’t use my left arm or hand! Its no joke, seek medical attention immediately!

  61. Hello I’m 26 190 lbs and lately I’ve been on blood pressure medicine but have been having way too hi bp levels. I’ve done the sitting, standing, and laying down to check the difference. The highest one was standing and it was 155/116. The others had top numbers within 5pts different and bottom number lowest of the three was 108. Should I go to the ER? I have been drinking about 60oz of water so far and took a walk and have tried relaxation techniques but can’t calm down and I feel really dizzy.

  62. Hello my blood pressure is 125/84 with pulse 55 at 30 years with weight 79kg is that normal i go for sauna/gym every 2 days per week

  63. I’m 43 female and usually have low blood pressure, today it is 109/84 puls 92
    Is this ok? I am under lots of stress right now.

  64. My blood pressure is 139/ 89 it changes very quickly it goes up and down in a matter if 5 minutes .yesterday morning my teprature was 34.9 I was feeling very tired kind of fainting I have pain in my legs mostly in the right it comes and goes I go toilet for wee very quickly between every 3 to 5 minutes when I drink a bottle of water night time I get cold swet I have seen GP many times but its not helping .please can somebody gave me advices .thanks iam worried of stroke

    1. I wish my bp was that… those numbers are slightly elevated but not bad at all…. considering the average bp for everybody is 120/80…. that’s just an average though for every adult on the planet…. 120-130 / 80-90 is the range that’s usually ok… also if you’re sick or not feeling well your bp will usually run high…. you’re not really at risk for stroking it’s not too high and the numbers aren’t too close together…. I work on an ambulance and we get some crazy numbers that are more concerning

  65. My BP today is 203/133 which I’ve read it a serious health crisis. I’ve been put on a 10 day monitoring period and I’m taking Razics and Phedipine which I’m taking 1 tablet each per day

  66. As someone whose had hypertension since i was 13, im 27 now, I would just like to point out a few things first, if your blood pressure is high the best thing to do would be to call your doctor and schedule an appointment however if you’re experiencing chest pain nausea vomiting tingling in your chest and left arm or Jaw or the sensationof an elephant on your chest go to the nearest emergency room don’t go to an urgent care because Theyll just call an ambulance and have You sent over. I will just start keeping a log at home and take your blood pressure 2 to 3 times a day that way you and your doctor can see if there’s a trend. My blood pressure ranges from 130 to 190/80 to 110. Also if the average blood pressure to be give is an average for every adult on this planet and peoples bodies are different so it’s normal for one person is an always normal for the next.

  67. tiffany baker isom

    I have a question,
    Since december of 2016 my blood pressure haz been a little high..lately over the past 5days not onky has it been high but its been the cause of my SEVERE HEADACHES and then yesterday morning i got up and blopd pressure was a little high alomg with this god AWFUL headache and out of no where my nose starts bleeding with clots in in it. Ive never had a nose bleed in my life im 33 urs old normal weight and never get sick but maybe once every 3-4yrs but just curious do the three issues go hand in hand or does someone think something worse please let me know
    Thank you

  68. Omg my I just checked mine 191/103 what can I do to get down blood pressure down now I’ve had a headache since I woke up

  69. I’ve been dealing with High Blood Pressure for couple years.
    Can’t get my med..because I don’t have no insurance..and I hate going to the ER.
    But I just checked it this morning it was 179/105 now tonight its 210/115.
    What should I do?

      1. sadly, the hospitals and my Insurance plan put a band aid on the problem, then send you home. At least that is what I experience all the time

  70. My BP is 173/118 and this is normal, it always runs that high. Everything I have read says I need to go to dr asap. I can’t tell you how many dr’s know that its that high. None of them seem to be too worried about it so I just feel “if their aren’t too worried then I’m not going to be either.

  71. Hi everyone….been having severe blood pressure problems, doctor just raised my medicine from 25 mg to 50 mg of Metoporol….not working. Today my machine climbed to 266…I almost fell out of my chair, but I had to sit through the horribly painful slow count down with my arm cuff squeezing my arm to death, it finally finished and I was given a reading of 183/101….This is what I’m experiencing up and down, the lowest readings I can get is 151/80. Doctor is aware of my problem. But I also have kidney issues with stones, been trying to pass them from both kidney’s for close to two years now, as the hospital tells me “there is nothing we can do for you”. The stress and sickness I’m going through has worn me out. I finally filed a complaint with my insurance carrier of the neglect I’m receiving on my health, and have finally got a referral to see the kidney doctor. But the process still takes months to get it all fixed. So I think this way of life I have been forced to live by has caused my blood pressure to spike up and down. I have also lost my quality of life…with bladder and kidney I self medicate every month with Hydrocodone for severe pain, and pills for bladder pain…if I didn’t have that, I would curl up and die. Due to inactivity in my life, because I can’t really go any where long term, I have also gained weight about 55 lbs, blood work shows I’m now Prediabetic borderline….I’m in big trouble now. My age is 62…and boy I feel much older than that. Can anyone tell me if you think the problem may be the blood pressure medication not helping me? Can you suggest a new blood pressure that works? Sorry for some of the spelling errors….

    1. Jodie,
      I was Wheat Wacked. I am 67 and three years ago I was in a similar situation. I was in bed 22 hours a day. Making a cup of coffee took motivation because of the constant varying pains. Like having the flu without a temperature. Blood pressure peaked at 170/95 pulse 90. I had sleep apnea, heartburn, back pain from the bed, and prostate hypertrophy/full bladder (the saw palmetto, pygeum and nettle supplements helped) all waking me through the night. I was up to 800 mg ibuprophen 3 times a day and I was miserable and I was also self medicating with alcohol for many years. I was given oral prednisone to treat gout in my big toe and noticed that I was functioning better during those 10 days. So I went on 30 mg/day oral prednisone instead of the Non-steroidal and began to spend less time in bed. Two years later I suddenly I gained 15 lbs and my gut went to 42 inches from 34.. I did a lot of research. The straw that broke the camels back was while lying in bed watching TV I coughed and a Bazooka Bubble Bum bubble popped out of my navel. (umbilical hernia). I said “this can’t be good”. On Thanksgiving 2014 I removed Wheat from my diet. Today I take 15 mg prednisone (for the miscellaneous and always changing fibromyalgia pain) and eat a sheet of shushi paper (easy way to get the iodine minimum DR) and one teaspoon of cod liver oil a day. Vitamin D is essential for blood pressure and mood, I took 10,000iu a day for a year to raise my blood level up to 70, and now get my 400 a day from the cod liver oil. Iodine and Vitamin D3 are buckets that need to be full for the body to work right.
      I now sleep 6 to 12 hours a day, no back pain, no sleep apnea, no heartburn. foot pain is reduced to intermittent numbness, shortness of breath way improved (still smoking, unfortunately). Prostate/bladder issues no longer an issue. Night vision improved, contact lenses no longer get protein buildup, cataract in left eye gone right eye not worse( with n-acetyl drops). Weight is back at 170 6’2 and holding steady. gut is slowly healing and shrinking. My hair is getting longer again and seems like it is fuller. As the pressure in my gut went down the hernia has improved(I wear belly support to avoid problems)Average Blood pressure is 130/70 pulse 70. Energy is increasing almost daily and my thinking is clearer and longer attention span. Mouth breather my whole life because doctors did not know why. I now nose breath even when I sleep. My lifelong clogged eustation ear tubes seem to be slowly clearing, my hearing is improving?. Addiction to alcohol went away as soon as I stopped wheat.
      Follow your doctors recommendations. I spent 63 years being imperceptibly poisoned by Wheat and the cures I was given. It will take time to reverse the damage. In 2014 I thought I was on my way out. Now I expect a long life. I hope this helps you too.
      If you search you can find lists of over 200 symptoms and diseases that improve with a wheat free diet. (referred to as GFD Gluten Free Diet). It seems impossible to believe that you have so many different unrelated disease processes that there is not a root cause. I believe it to be wheat and my personal journey reinforces that belief.
      Follow whatever healthy diet you or your doctor prefers. Read the labels.For anything that has wheat as an ingredient replace it with something wheat free. Wheat is very, very hard to give up. Get your iodine and D3 checked. Do at least two weeks completely wheat free before you decide. They say it takes three months to purge all of the wheat but every day seems better than the last. I hope this is helpful. Paul

  72. My blood pressure this morning was 245/ 143 i tale lisinopril but my blood pressure seems to go way high when im stressed.. I’ve got it down now to 181/133. Advice?

    1. I don’t want to scare you, but that is an incredibly high reading. I’m at around 150/90 and my face feels flush and hot a lot, along with a headache. 245/143 would make me go to doctor immediately

  73. I had my 1st Afib atttack and went to the ER> Scary when you have half the ER standing over you hands full of equipment watching the monitor.
    2 days later a Heart doctor gave me Metoporol but I delayed in taking it being afraid of all the side effects. And a couple weeks later I saw my primary care doctor and he threw the bottle away and told me NOT to take that. huh?
    Now I AM CONFUSED, WHICH doctor is right?

  74. I recommend not using the machines in the store. My last few readings were HIGH went to the DR an was back to average. Cuff size makes a difference.

  75. Hi i use an omron M3 automatic upper arm blood pressure monitor to take my bp 6 times and took the average which read 134/86. how best can i get this back to 118/70?

  76. My BP is now 161/98. Had Migraines for past 2 days. Took BP MEDS at 10 am. No change. Now 10:53pm. BP is 161/98. I dont know what to do. Pls. Advise. Should i be alarmed and go to emergency room?

  77. Hi my husband has had a reading of 196/143 and above for a few weeks now and i don’t think he understands how serious it is how do i get him to realize what could happen?

    Need help

  78. My bp has been higher then normal I had ripped my shoulder cuff and tore the back part of my shoulder at the same time for two months I was in pain had surgery and I’m still hurting pretty good so my blood pressure went up now it’s been between 157/126 this morning this afternoon It’s 177/100 and I have been having headaches for the past three weeks what can I do to lower my blood pressure.

  79. Normally controlled to about 130 over 85
    Age 63 make
    Shot up to. 225 over 140!!!
    Apparently due stress related with idiot at big box home center.
    Huge headache and. disorientation were key signs Issue.
    Hospitalized CT SCAN. Followed by MRI and echo cardiogram
    T.I. out come

  80. I was recently was put on Losartan & Metoprolol. My BP tonight is 194/108. I see my cardiologist tomorrow. I have an Omron BP machine. I’m now wondering if I should go to ER?

  81. I see stupid people. Are you people so moronic that your idea of a good time is coming to a medical where life and death can be in the balance here and mouthing off truly intellectually challenged remarks. I know you won’t stop because I say so but I want you to feel ashamed. These people with high blood pressure need real advice and help. You could inadvertently cause a death. Stop it….please.

  82. My blood pressure has been high recently. I am going to a Doctor later this week.
    I just read my pressure and it’s 150/70…
    My second number usually isn’t that low. Usually it’s around 90. Is this a reading that is worse? It seems like a drastic difference between the numbers

  83. My bp was 169/85 with p 84 after sitting 10 minutes went to 152/91 with p 78. After 20 minutes 147/88 with p 90. I do have anxiety and I feel like I’m having some light chest pains from this. Any ideas?

  84. 120/115 I always have low but lately it’s high/narrow. What does “narrow” mean? Doctor took it many times, sitting and standing. I’ve never seen this before. Have to go back in 6 months so maybe not dangerous,

  85. 205/119 with chest pain vibrationing thru my back
    Not great I know
    Drank some water tried to relax
    Already on a salt restricted diet. Have had low blood pressure all my life until recently.
    Discussed with my dr in early Dec. going again because it’s still spiking
    Now 139/82 better

    1. Go to the ER they can give you medicine to help bring it down and they run a EKG to make sure that you are not having a heart attack. They will run bloodwork to make sure that your cardiac enzymes are OK that it’s not damaging your heart also. You never want to take a chance with this. I’ve had to open-heart surgeries and I almost died because I was too stubborn to go to the hospital to get checked.

    2. You should go to the ER they can give you medicine to help bring it down and they run a EKG to make sure that you are not having a heart attack. They will run bloodwork to make sure that your cardiac enzymes are OK that it’s not damaging your heart also. You never want to take a chance with this. I’ve had to open-heart surgeries and I almost died because I was too stubborn to go to the hospital to get checked.

  86. My blood pressure is 130\94 I’m 32 yrs old. it gets like this once every blue moon. But today its been like this for 5 hours. I’ve taken minced garlic and vinegar like I’ve done in the past but its not working. My eyes starting to hurt. what should do I’m relaxing now.

  87. Went to doctor today for another check up and my blood pressure 180/102. So I got put back on blood pressure meds and now it’s 178/115

  88. Does anyone else get symptomatic when their diastolic (lower number) gets high? Even when it hits 90 I am immediately nauseated.

  89. An endocrinologist took my BP yesterday, and it was 126/90. I am a 57 year old woman. My BP has been fairly good in the past, but the lower number has been 65-75, and now is 90. My thyroid has been monitored since 2013, slightly enlarged, with two nodules. Biopsy a year ago shows negative. The endo is suggesting I take my BP regularly and keep a journal. Should I be concerned?

  90. My body always checked whenever my blood pressure is high .I don’t know it bcos of high blood pressure that make my body check like that..am 32 year old

  91. My girlfriend is in the hospital with pressure readings of 200 over 160. The medicine the doctors give her don’t work at home! If she is prescribed the same meds, why does the store bought don’t work?

  92. anecdotally speaking I recently discovered Intermittent Fasting. After a few brief weeks my BP came down considerably. Consistent BP now at 110 over 67. Keeping the bodies stores or glycogen and associated water caused a significant weight loss and blood pressure drop.

  93. My BP is 146/113 it’s been higher tonight but this is the lowest in the past 6hr, I take 3 BP meds, has 2 open heart surgeries in 2008 due to 2 holes on my heart, I’m healthy eat right but my head hurts all I can do I lay down… I hate going to ER because the nurses treat me like nothings wrong and have literally said “it’s not that high until it gets over 200 so I feel stupid going. They also keep me for minimum of 24 hours because of my heart disease. What natural things can I do to bring it down. It does good during the day but it always shoot up high at night probably twice a week.

  94. I just left my doctor with my blood pressure reading 207/123. I was prescribed Amlodipine along with my other blood pressure meds. Will this new med lower my blood pressure immediately?

    1. My BP was VERY high …270/155. It took a year or so and several different medicine to help me.
      I am taking Amlodapine, along with Valsartin, Clondidine. and Hydrolozine.

      Lowering your BP too fast is dangerous.

  95. My blood pressure was VERY high for a year or longer. I took it one night at the pharmacy and it was 280/155. I went to the emergency room and the Dr got it to go down after an hour or two with some medicine. he wanted me to stay…I refused and went home. I had a stroke that night. Fortunately I didn’t have any long lasting effect other than memory loss. So I listened to every thing the Dr told me after that. Flash forward 18 months and my blood pressure is never above 125/85. I take 9 pills each day and quit smoking.

  96. Kirsten Davico

    Hi my blood pressure is 136/92 today keeps going up and down with both top so been. So bad it’s bottom one I suffer bad will anxiety so I’m always thinking my heart arm is. Tingling etc

  97. I cant sleep struggling to breath normally i got up and check my blood pressure it reads 168/92 and the pulse is 47 is it normal what can i do to get it drop

  98. Hey my blood pressure is 158/84 n HV tested it 2weeks back am confused n stuck on what to do.Am a male aged 20

  99. Chuck E Cheese Jr

    Red Tart Cherry Juice-8oz every morning lowered my BP to optimal levels. I have never had a BP reading under 120/80. I avg 115/70.
    Never had any issues with BP. It turns out it is one of the benefits.
    The meds they add to you with every visit is just ridiculous. What is it about medical people? What exactly do you know about the person writing that prescription? Has that person ever got in your face and told you to that he appreciates that you are such a easy target and keep eating like total shit. They have 3 kids to put thru college. Instead of TV or stupid games or porn, try researching how turn your food into a brand new existence. Use your computer. Quick being easy money to the wealthy.

  100. Chuck E Cheese Jr

    Red Tart Cherry Juice-8oz every morning lowered my BP to optimal levels. I have never had a BP reading under 120/80. I avg 115/70.
    Never had any issues with BP. It turns out it is one of the benefits.
    The meds they add to you with every visit is just ridiculous. What is it about medical people? What exactly do you know about the person writing that prescription? Has that person ever got in your face and told you to that he appreciates that you are such a easy target and keep eating like total shit. They have 3 kids to put thru college. Instead of TV or stupid games or porn, try researching how to turn your food into a brand new existence. Use your computer. Quick being easy money to the wealthy.

  101. My blood pressure when I woke up was at 110/65 is that normal because during the day its higher as i suffet from aniexty it tends to increase it but at night 109/64 before bed is that to low

  102. I checked my blood pressure it’s 133/83 I had visited the doctor and he advise me to make exercises and healthy food but he didn’t give me any medicine please what you advice me to do.

  103. I am 50 years ol.

    From 1/1/2018 my average blood preasure was 155/105. On March/2/2018 My blood preasure was averaging 230/120. Quite on the critical side. I sought doctors advice. His solution was a miracle solution. He told me to take 5 days off work, lay in bed and relax as much as I can and 1 pill of Diovan 80 mg in the morning, I the afternoon he said to take 1 SALOSPIR 100mg (aspirin alternative). At night to drink 3 drinks of Johnny Walker Whiskey with sprite, each drink having a total of 3 oz of Whiskey. At the end of the five days my blood preasure was down to 155/95.

    After that new therapy involved eating on a daily basis in the moring 1 banna, 1 orange, 1 cup of grapes, in the afternoon my choice of salad without salad dressing but with olive oil and lemon or vinegar. 2 days a week meet, 1 Day fish for evening meal. Basically a healthy diet. Walking 1-2 Kilomiters per day. Sleep between 9-10 hours per/day if possible.

    It is now 11/8/2018. My blood preasure for the last 40 days is 115/70 with an average Heart Rate of 73.

    Just wanted to share a strange solution, that proved effective.

  104. Here are some ideas that I never found in any of these comments.
    If you have a high BP, be certain that it’s an accurate reading.
    Purchase a good BP test device. I bought an OMRON for seventy five dollars at Walmart. The readings compare well with those at the local hospital.
    Do remain calm as much as possible and reduce your stress, very important!
    Here is the one best thing I’ve found that to be extremely significant…I relax and blank my mind and BREATH AT A SLIGHTLY FASTER RATE WITH VERY DEEP BREATHS! I do that for for perhaps three minutes then take my BP. Breathing deeply puts more oxygen in my blood and the readings go down tremendously. This is not a cure but it does give me a relief and I feel less stress which reduces my BP even more.
    In any case if this doesn’t work as usual then it’s time for me to see a DR. I do not take a BP med because that stuff is just too much for me to take. Instead I take Niacin three times a day. The type that gives a flush, the only one that works. I’ve found that the flush becomes minimal after a few days. I’m 85 yrs. old. One foot in the grave already. High BP can be injurious to your health, ha ha!

  105. Hi..
    the highest i self check my BP was 165/95, 3 wks ago.
    todays reading 126/85

    basically still playing around the hypertension stage 1 zone..

    do u guys also go tru the same effects as i:
    iv had migrain attacks, and constant dizziness, and im agitated all the time. my biggest issue are my eyes are like swolen and strain up to my head, back aches, short of breath & cough, and lack of stamina. I used to be a very calm person, but now i get iritated easily and just cant handle too much of noise.

    Anythin heaty we consume aswell is a contributor.

    Apart from meds, heres my ongoing plan:

    Im a caffein addict which is bad for BP, so i just started on my diet to detox drinking lots of plain water n honey lime juice, makin it a routine. Trying my best to resist coffee now, n its hard.

    Im a smoker, but i cant quit ?.

    We all cant runaway from our hectic days n routine, and the boredom that makes us feel unmotivated at work.
    My 3 kids are very active, noisy and ya they quarrel a lot, whic happens to be 1 of the triggers i guess.
    These 2 scenarios, sumtimes we just cant runaway.

    However its how we rebound, how we set in the mind aswell. I try to stop worrying over things too much, such as over thinking bout my health issues, all the whys are stressing the brain. Its time to change from why to lets.

    I bath more frequent when i can to keep me cool, n stay in airconditioned most of the time, ie enjoying a good movie on bed.

    Having a family/partner to understand whats important, especially having to have my own time n keeping myself occupied wit things i like doin by myself, really helps.

    I *meditate 5 times a day, around 10mins, which in return does really gives a relief in heart n mind.

    Il be starting again on supplement boosters & exercising as a routine.

    So the rule of thumb is:
    Think healthy (be positive), and keep my body cool.

  106. Thanks all for BP info. I am on meds, but sometime I fail to watch what I eat.
    For ex., a plain Chic-Fil-sandwich contains 1,200 sodium. I was eating lunch there 2x’s per wk. With F Fries it is a killer. I love that food but after a week, my bp was 117/72 (with meds)
    PS: moral of story, stickk to 1500 mg of salt per day!

    1. That’s prehypertension. I’d schedule a meeting with your doctor and see if they need to put you on a low dose of lysinopril or something similar to see if it helps. They may only recommend exercising and changing diet, or all 3.

  107. Went to ER today and was 231/92……they got it down to 147/81 before I left with new Rx for Lisinopril
    Had headache and dizzy for 3 days, scary!!


    My blood pressure readings are all over the map. The other day I went to the physical therapist’s office and I couldn’t be treated because my BP was too high (185/103). I immediately went to my primary care physician, and my BP was 160/80. When I take my BP at home it either comes out “normal” or “prehypertensive stage 1”. Rarely does it go any higher. I’m already taking Diltiazem and Eliquis for a tricky ticker. My PCP ordered hydrochlorothiazide, but I’m afraid to take it. I’ve read the warnings, and I’m afraid if my BP gets too low that I’ll get dizzy, pass out, and fall down! And almost all of my readings are normal or close to it, and have been for years. I’m female, 70 years old, with Afib. I walk a lot and except for this silly heart, I’m pretty healthy. This morning, my BP was 153/78. Last night before I went to bed it was 120/60. My BP seems to fluctuate a lot throughout the day. Yesterday after dinner it was 114/62. See what I mean? If I don’t consistently have high blood pressure, why should I take this dang pill and risk passing out? HELP!

  109. Hey everyone,
    My blood pressure has been high for a few years..doc prescribed losartin at first, but the dry cough drove me crazy..now im on amlodapine..much better.
    I try to eat fruit through out the day..apples..banannas and i snack on almonds..
    Also, all i drink now days is water, nothing else, just water..i usually have one, maybe two cups of coffee in the morning..then water the rest of the day. First thing in the morning..water. Before i go to bed..water. And water all day in between.
    It really has made a big difference.
    I rarely excersize. I dont watch normal TV..I havent watched the news in over two years. I listen to lots of music. I lost my son about 4 years ago to leukemia. I lost my beautiful grandson a few months ago. He was 15 to meningitus.
    Not sure where Im going with this.

    Anyway, eat fruits and veggies. Drink lots of water.
    Its ok to have a steak once in awhile. Moderation is the key. Lose some weight. Im currently trying to drop a few pounds myself.

    Im 59 years old. Life isnt easy. But if you put your mind to it, you can overcome most things.

  110. William McCaughey

    I have a reading of 224/146 today. I have what i thought was a decent diet I don’t smoke and I walk everywhere. I just don’t understand it t all.I haven’t been drinking alcohol heavily either.
    What else could be causing this?

  111. Major family history of HBP and heart disease before age 60. Dentist discovered my HBP. Took meds for 3 years thenI got scared!!! Never smoked. I make eat my good greens in smoothies. Sleep 8+ hrs a night. Lost 30 lbs cutting out bacon, egg yolk, less salt, fried and red meat. I eat a banana daily. At home and work, I have Bragg’s apple cider vinegar. I teaspoon in water helps. I monitor at home twice daily. Send reading to kids. Don’t want a stroke. Off meds 3 years. avg read 110/67.

  112. Hello, anyone here with a alcohol withdrawal past?

    Went to the hospital about 6 months ago, so been sober 6 months. If gone thru all the withdrawal syntoms except for the DT’s. Af of late, I went to get a check out, make sure my liver was ok, kidneys ect. Everything turned out well but, doctor told me I had HBP! I’ve read alcohol can cause HBP.

    My BP has been going up, it started at 130/83 then 111/85, 130/90 and resently tonight I woke up feeling hot and scared! I said, I should take my BP but was scared it’ll be too high, waited 10 mins then got up and took it.

    First reading was 132/90 then 145-86 then 129-85

    After the visit to the hospital 6 months ago, I noticed I had a irregular heart beat. Then after months it sorta went away and recently it’s back to being irregular. My consern is my BP getting higher and higher.

    I take gaba pills, vitamin b, l-thiamine, l glutamine, anxiet-t.

    I’ve recently gotten stressed about my BP, I know the 5 minute method rest before taking it. 2 months ago it’s be 130/83 then after 5 mins it would be 123/73 or 115/81 and recently not even 10 mins of chill will bring it down. I was on a 20mg losatan pill for 3 days but quick, I was doing a diet and felt terrible.

    Any advice ? I feel more calm now, it’s currently 5:16am not sure if my HBP woke me up, that was around 3:00 am. Can high blood pressure wake you up ? I woke up feeling scared and hot, also took 1 pills of B/P stabilizer I bought from the vitamin shop

    Took it 2 days ago and had a super hot rush throu my body as I took 4 pills which contained about 1,100 mg of berry something, tonight I only took 1.

    This has never happened to me, I’m about to be 33 this March!!

    I’m starting a diet with my gf tomorrow for the next 3 months as I’m overweight, about 78 lbs over. Going to take my BP one more time before tryin to sleep, I can hear the rosters already

    1st 125/93/83
    2nd 126/92/83
    3rd 120/89/83

    Decided to go for one more

    120/88/82 not as low as I’d want but better then 141/93 which was 3:15 am, it’s now 5:30am nite people, god bless.

  113. I took lisinopril 4 2 mos. That was months ago. They make me dizzy so I stopped. My blood pressure now is 208/116. I can’t remember it be under 187/1 08

    1. My husband’s bp was 186/ 102. He woke up feeling it was high he also has been told he has an enlarged heart what should we do about it. He is 30 years old and in decent shape

  114. The most recent readings that i got from a visit to my local clinic showed 131/65. I guess this would be “high normal”?
    I am in the process of losing weight and quitting smoking. I don’t drink alcohol at all too.

  115. I have a blood Pressure cuff at home & my bp is usually around 140/90 on a regular basis. Is it reliable? Should I see my doctor based on a home bp machine reading?

  116. My blood pressure is 214 over 89 and I’m on Lisinopril 30 mg, metoprolol 25 mg, and prazosin 6mg and have been for over 6 months. My blood pressure tends to fluctuate a lot lately. Last summer it was so low I was fainting. The doctor then cut back my beta blocker from 50 mg to 25 (metoprolol) and discontinued HCTZ and amlodepine 20 mg. Now it is too high again. Out of the last 30 days it has been over 180/75 about 25 days. and as low as 135 over 73 a few days. I don’t trust my doctor any more, this has been going on since 2010 at least. She just keeps trying different medicines. I lost a kidney because my artery clogged up and my blood pressure went through the roof while that was happening and she didn’t even say a word. She had just cut my morphine back and I was in a lot of extra pain and that’s all we ever talked about. I don’t know what to do. I am 71 years old and have chronic pain and lots of long term problems. I wish I could change doctors but I wouldn’t be able to find anyone to prescribe morphine for my pain. I have thought about ending it all but my wife is having problems with her health and I hate to leave her all alone.. Wish I knew what to do.

  117. I quit smoking cold turkey a week ago and my bp has been running high(155/96-161/100). Been dealing with on and off dizziness.

  118. Went to Urgent Care today for bronchitiis-was perscribed Z pak and steriods. More alarmingly was my BP which was 184/102. They took it 3 times. Told me to see a physician. How urgently do I need to go? I already had an appointment set for mid-Julybut do I need to go sooner? Female, age 58, good health otherwise.

  119. Good Day

    I just took my blood pressure and it is 152/100, the nurse says I need to go see a doctor urgently. Is there a way of not going to the doctor to reduce my blood pressure?

    I have a quite a busy schedule as I work 6days a week (12hour shifts) and I drink a lot of water and I am always active at work. I also have a slight phobia for doctors and it makes me quite nervous to go see one (Yes I am male).

    Please help

  120. hi
    my hubby is on dialysis and he just mess me now to say his BP is 157/118. he was just at home getting ready to go for his treatment

  121. I am 52 years old I noticed slight high BP by genetic since two years but I am sure I have high BP unknowingly since from childhood…I am sure we have to always consider RHR ( Resting Heart Rate ) not beyond 70 per minute. See, some will can tolerate very high BP easily every day because may be their controlled RHR. I am feeling always dizzy even I have low BP but with high RHR. To control RHR, one can use propranolol ( Inderal ) with correct dose. It is a miracle medicine, I am sure… Pls. take this medicine after consulting with the doctor…

  122. Very Interesting I began to read this post with muvj enthusiasm and I read my BP and it was 120 over 72 pulse 65 however half way
    Down 8 re took my BP as o felt stressed and it was 19over 117 pulse 89

    So thsnkyofof that

  123. My wife is 90/153, but often walks ten or more miles a day, works outside as a flower/plant merchandiser, and has a relatively good diet. She works like a machine and often gets compliments on her hustle. She started cutting out salt from her diet but is having a hard time getting her SYSTOLIC up and her DIASTOLIC down.

  124. i would have never thought veganism as being a religion but after reading some of these comments its a deity and an afterlife short of scientology.

  125. I’m 36 years old and my blood pressure is pretty high 153/112 and a little bit of blurry vision and not a fever just yet but I’m burning up! I don’t know what to do really never experienced this before

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