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Who is behind BloodPressureOK.com?

Marcel Gantert

My name is Marcel Gantert, I was born in 1986, married and I live in Heidelberg, Germany. After finishing my high school in 2004 I spent another two years in vocational college to become a certified assistant in health & social services in 2006. In addition to this, I used my university of applied sciences entrance qualification to begin studying business informatics at the SRH University in Heidelberg, Germany.

When I got my diploma (a german equivalent to the international MSc degree) in 2009 I quickly noticed that a lot of questions in the medical field that I have learned about in college, university and my free time seem to go unanswered if searched in Google or other search engines.

With the knowledge in both fields, computer science with its web development and advanced knowledge in the medical field, I began working on this website. My goal was to provide information that is not only easily accessible, but also easy to understand for everyone, pointing users to an exact answer for their exact search request.

I started different projects about different health topics. Some quickly gained users interest and exist until this day. The health informations are kept on the state of research and are checked regularly. Many guest writers have helped me optimize and translate my texts since english is not my mother tongue.

If you have any questions or if you feel like there is information missing on our page, i’ll be very happy to talk to you about it. Just use the Contact form on this page to get in touch.

Best Regards and stay healthy

Marcel Gantert


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