Hypertension Stage 3

At hypertension stage 3 your systolic value is over 180 and your diastolic value is over 110 mmHg. This is the classification set by the World Health Organisation (WHO).Black tonometer and heart isolated on white

Hypertension stage 3 is the most severe form of high blood pressure. If you experience values in hypertension stage 3 multiple time a day immediately consult a doctor. If hypertension stage 3 is detected early there is a good chance that a therapy and changes in nutrition help you stabilize your blood pressure to normal values and damages to the vessels and organs are avoided.

Dangers of hypertension stage 3

Hypertension means that the heart has to work hard too to ensure a supply of the entire tissue in the body. The blood pressure increases because more blood must be pumped into the body, or because an increased resistance of the arterial walls is present. As part of the heart muscle grows due to this continuous load on and on and therefore needs more oxygen. Then step sequelae such as arteriosclerosis (vascular calcification) on the oxygen required is only supplied insufficient. Therefore, it is considered a normal blood pressure at an early stage in order to stabilize their own life expectancy to the maximum.

Unfortunately, when your blood pressure is too high, you generally will not notice any symptoms of the problem. This is why the disease is often referred to as a silent killer. While you may not feel any of the symptoms, they are still quite severe. Some of the medical problems caused by uncontrolled high blood pressure are heart failure, stroke, kidney failure, and blindness.

In most situations, a doctor will be able to prescribe medications to help in reducing your blood pressure. There are a number of medication types, which can be used. Some of the most common are diuretics, alpha-blockers, beta-blockers, and ace inhibitors. Since each person will react differently to these types of medications, it can take a bit of time for your doctor to find the right medication or medications to help you lower your blood pressure.

In addition to medications, you can make a number of lifestyle changes help reduce your blood pressure. If you are overweight, you should work to bring your weight down to a healthy number. Increasing the amount of physical activity you partake in on a daily basis can help with this. Improving your diet so it is more balanced and healthy can aid your weight loss and overall health as well. This includes reducing your intake of salt and saturated fats.

Dealing with Stage 3 hypertension or high blood pressure can be difficult. However, if you follow your doctor’s instructions, take medications as prescribed and make needed lifestyle changes you should be able to bring your blood pressure readings down substantially.

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401 thoughts on “Hypertension Stage 3”

          1. my recent bp was 191/91
            which it has been around this for about 2 weeks or more can this be the cause of my dizziness and headache?

        1. You know that it only needs to be 195/90 to stroke out and if you have other problems like obesity, or not active or exercising and the best thing my friend is cardio.. Go ride a nice bike just as slow as you want but this helps alot, I’m currently experiencing pretty high blood pressure for being on propranolol and also have a pulse of 158/115

          1. I can’t relays to this I been on that prescription and didn’t do nothing. Now I’m on lisinapril and it’s still 157/127 heart rate 105 and I have a bad migraine with it and blurred vision

        1. Joseph V Piermatteo

          My blood pressure spiked to over 300 systolic. I was shocked to hear my artery through the stethoscope at 3300.My diastolic was 260

          1. I’m having some pain in my heart so I took my blood pressure and it’s 164/117 pulse 175. Should I go to hospital.

          2. My mother in law’s blood pressure is 193/90 … She is stage 5 ckd..but doesnt undergo dialysis… She is 77 years old… Is that akarming already?

        1. Today was a bad day for me, my blood pressure was 181/111 with a pulse of 160, experiencing dizziness and nausea.
          But since am out of town I decided just to go to bed and hope for the best!

    1. I was painting all day in an indoor swimming pool, and in the evening I started to get a higher blood pressure than normal.I was diagnosed with high blood pressure but ignored it. At midnight my blood pressure was 245 over 145. I was taken to hospital where I spent two days getting readjusted. With medication, some physical training,and an attempt to reorganize my diet, I am trying to bring it down so that I don’t need medication. I am 60 year old mail, with a professional mountaineering background, but through a severe depression of 6 years and almost no physical exercise, I now find myself in this situation. My heart took no apparent damage, but none the less, I will now monitor and get myself together. If you have hypertension, do not underestimate it! I hope that this helps somebody.

          1. Another James Brown sang, and it applies too you, Get Up Offa That Thing.

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          2. I know right ! like spell checker never misspeled words befor . take the plank out of your eye befor judgeing

        1. Who cares! You know what he means!! Come on, didn’t your parents teach you to respect your elders! I suffer from high blood pressure and I am a 29 year old FEMAIL. It runs in my family and is hard to keep it under control. We are here to help one another! Thanks for letting me share!

          1. Amen sista! Thanks, I am smiling now due to experiencing 6 months of stage 3 hypertensive crisis episodes . 4 meds and 6 docs later, it still occurs. Let’s all keep up the fight!

          2. Same here I just turned 29 and I have prehypertension stage 3 I’m on all kinds of med’s and that sucks I have a fam and I’m all good and just out of no where it sucks ..

          3. Unfortunantly, the stupid kids who make fun will not laugh when this shit happens to you. I am a very healthy female age 34. Just got inducted into my high school hall of fame, played basketball in college. Was told that I had high blood pressure 5 years ago, but, I thought I eas, and am in tip top shape. Genetics speak, and was in the hospital for 8 days. Take care of your situation and y’all fools who have boring lives to male fun of people, you’re funny?.

          4. We’ll said jolene. No humor allowed when serious medical issues are present. Especially insulting ones.

          5. Ur right! But what runs in ur family, femails, high blood pressure or spelling? Isn’t this silly ?. Who cares about gramer when the subjek of hi blood presar is so impotent?????

          6. That was awesome I’m 59 and checked mine with a new one today and it was 187 over 156 I laid down for a little while and checked it again it is now 154 over 118

        2. That was rude. Spell correct does it all the time. For example, if I were to text you are a ducking idiot ! You would know exactly what I meant.

          1. Now that’s the best one yet!!!!!! ?
            We’re all on here, I would hope, because we have a common problem. Aren’t we here to support each other and share knowledge?!? I’d say someone that has to point out type-o’s on a site like this is probably a bully in real life and is a ducking idiot!!!!

          2. 47 yo female. 5 previous ha. 1 stroke. My head has been hurting constantly for 1 week if not longer. Bp is 249/146.

          3. LOL….I am a great speller but why did he veer off the subject at hand and everyone “follow”….(I include myself)….
            Head hurting 24 hrs. went to ER (206/94)….duh…water, resting and may take a walk and go out for dinner>…

          4. I’m normally a miserable barsteward but that caused me to let out a big laugh. Beautifully stated! 🙂

        3. I guess all the good information given by K2 is of no value because he made a spelling mistake. It’s a question all doctors, consultants and A and E departments ask right up front, ‘…can you spell correctly as it could adversely affect your health if you cannot…’. IDIOT.

          1. Hi it’s Friday night and I haven’t slept since Sunday night except for 3 hours Monday night. I just checked my bp and it was 236/160. How dangerous is this and anyone know how I can get it low enough to sleep? I am literally going both insane and crazy hearing music or people especially if a fan is on. I’ve also become dumb for lack of better words. Cans remember words and things or it takes me a restarted amount of time to do simple tasks. I can’t afford to go to the hospital and did just take 2 bp pills. I just don’t know if that helps right away or if it takes some time and if there’s anything else I should be doing. I appreciate any suggestions. Thanks

          1. 190 is bad. In the HIGH hypertension category. Worth giving your Dr. a call and at least talking to his nurse about it!!
            I’m no expert bt any means, but my husband has hypertension so I’m going by what I’ve learned from his experiences. Don’t just ignore it. Take it again in 2 to 3 hours and see if it’s still that high. Good luck and good health to you

        4. SpellingPoliceHaveWeakEgo's

          When people, especially publicly, correct others’ mistakes, a lot of that has to do with signaling to other people,” says Robert Kurzban, a psychology professor at the University of Pennsylvania whose work focuses on the nature of evolved cognitive adaptations for social life. “People are trying to signal their expertise, because being able to identify mistakes indicates that you know more about something than the person who committed the error.”

          Those who engage in public corrections of this sort often are looking to feel good about themselves, and, according to Benoît Monin, a psychology professor at Stanford University, displays of language all-knowing-ness provide a ready-made, two-pronged opportunity to do so. “The way we evaluate our competence is relative to other people,” he says. “If I need to feel good about my language skills, one way that I could do that would be to give myself evidence that my language skills are awesome. Another is to give myself evidence that other people’s language skills suck. So by putting down other people, I can feel better about myself.

          1. You are absolutely correct. But I’m sitting in the emergency room now with pressure of 203/86, not feeling too well, and laughter is medicine for the soul. To think that people would just jump on the bandwagon about spelling and forget the issue at hand, was hilarious.

          2. Your language is awesome don’t let no one take that from you.. como todos siempre quieres chingar is nice to know other languages keep hating assholes. Lol don’t get mad because you can’t

          3. Let’s not forget the tendency of correcting goes hand in hand with a Type A personality…. need to control and OCD. It is part of what causes high bp in the person who feels they must correct. They need to learn to relax and let go of rigid control or their invisible stress will be slowly killing them as well as those around them. Tolerance and compassion are called for on both sides of that coin.

          4. like most of the folks on this thread my uncle had high b/p .His doctor wasn’t much of a speller but we knew what he meant ,no problem until the doc prescribed hydrocodone instead of hydrazaline ,killed my uncle ,but what the heck doc was a good guy ,just couldn’t spell.

          1. What happened to caring not judging others. I feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t have compassion for people with an issue you need to take a long look in the mirror. Sir I pray your better.

          2. Who mediates this forum. Can’t someone delete the posts that aren’t relevant? How insane is it to have real concerns and while seeking support and viable information have to read such nonsense. It’s pretty sad.

        5. What an awful person you must be making inane comments like that! I suggest you look in the mirror & make some changes and add something to the human race.

        6. May you have my latest blood pressure reading, for as long as it takes for your heart and brain to start leaking… 204/172
          aren’t there enough places for such as yourself to troll???

        7. Seriously , your talking about a life and death situation that will come in handy hopefully not yours -and all you can say is (that he didn’t spell the word male correctly).

        8. Prob his phone autocorrecting … and intelligence is not based on ability to spell which is master low level memorization … how does a person misspelling give u the right to belittle him … you are a bully and you should seek help for that . You projected an image of yourself that made you look really mean !!!

        9. Oh how I wish I had perfect spelling as you appear to have, I make so many mistakes thanks to my spell checking application. Unfortunately due to my poor understanding of reading and writing I do not spot any spelling mistakes if I can be arsed to read it through before I hit snd

        10. Geoff wilkinson

          Who cares that male was spelt wrong. The time was taken by this person to give helpful info for other people. Pull your head in and you just think yourself lucky that your life doesn’t ever rely on correct spelling to save you. Get a life. More things out there more important than knocking someone’s spelling

          1. Lin
            If you cared about how he spelled “male”, you should check your spelling.
            grammer is grammar and freek is freak

          2. Freak?? Ha!! I got on this site due to the fact that my husband was in Urgent Care for blood pressure 199/160…they released him with no discussion of Stage 3 blood pressure…I’ll take him to primary Dr. And have him checked up thoroughly…bad HMOs in California.

        11. Really James Brown! Why would you feel that you have the right to demean someone like you did in your post? Maybe auto-correct was to blame for the spelling error? But even if he did misspell it his message hoping to kindly help others was clear.

          1. I never comment on people who troll web sites to spread hate. This is what they feed off of. So the more he stills your power by engaging you the more he looks in the mirror and gets off on it. You would be better off just ignoring said unkindness than falling into their trap. I hope anyone who reads this understands how the internet is a breeding field for evil. Always ignore. They are here to drag us into their own personal hatred for mankind. Please stop replying thank you snd may all of you have a better day!

        12. James Brown, an utter ass to point out a spelling Infraction rather than feel the earnest compassion of this mans hardships. Dick!

        13. How rude! Who cares about spelling when there’s and illness that is being discussed. Rude and inconsiderate.

        14. Chicago Mad Dog

          You’re a fkng a*** hole… If you did that in front of my face I’d crack your head open you moron. YES YOU JJAMES BROWN… A**HOLE.

        15. James Brown….. You need to get off this thread if you have nothing important to contribute. My 22 year old son is a marathon runner. He eats a healthy very diet. He is 5’10 and 150 lbs of muscle. He just found out that he has Hypertension stage 2. This is nothing to joke about. His condition may be contributed to my side of the family. My mother had hypertension and died at 28 yrs old in front of me. This affects all walks of life. I am so scared of this news.

          1. Hi Bernie
            I am in my 40s now an i was told about my blood pressure is to high when I was about 21 or 22 I been taking medication for 20 years and now for some strange reasons I am getting normal or just slightly above normal
            So I hope it is just a passing glitch and will correct it self soon
            I wish you and your son all the best

        16. Christine Chrisley

          Just for writing that shows what a complete jerk you are you knew exactly what this man was saying but you had to come up with some stupid comment high blood pressure is a very serious disease at 38 years old I had two strokes with my blood pressure being 279 over 219 my life has not been the same since I take several different kinds of Medicine and still haven’t found the right ones to keep my blood pressure down I go through severe side effects every time I have to change I still have pain on the left side of my body it’s a life that no one wants to have and for someone to make fun of someone else when they have no idea is the most ignorant thing I’ve ever heard I have to deal with this everyday and people like you make me sick because we are all trying to get healthy and to get better and it isn’t easy as you sit there and make fun of other people you need to get a life and maybe read up on it instead of opening your mouth and making fun of a misspelled word!!!! To everyone else that is trying so hard to get their life back into order and their blood pressure down I know how difficult it is and I wish you all the luck…

        17. Childish comment on a serious subject. All the people that find this funny and comment as well are equally moronic. It is a case of spell check, and not appreciated by people who are concerned about their health. I would rather make an error than come across as an uneducated hick. What an idiot. Just came on board, leaving just as quick. Idiot hillbilly.

        18. You need neither a superlative command of language not to be a spelling bee champ to have an intrinsic knowledge of one’s own body. Some of the most genius minds are disconnected from their form and some truly lumpashous creatures can feel the individual cell being attacked by disease. I can only imagine that you are either bitter or hold a doctorate in medicine which makes you feel Superior. I’m going with the former since the later would imply a certain pendantic rhythm which you lack. How sad you posted here…

        19. JustakindheartwithHBP

          Jamse wilt yuu damaa fever, and drag your knuckles on the ground back to cave and get back on your meds. Why thank y’a hue hater in advance. You wonder why your alone and everyone hates you! Now ya know

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        21. JB, your karma, if you believe in that kinda thing, has undoubtedly made reservations for the two of you for some unpleasant event. Likely sooner than later. My question is why are you even on here reading about this topic unless it affects you somehow firsthand? Smh….

        22. Man! What a circus! Came here to learn a little about my pressure levels and all or the most I get from you all is nasty replies to a guy’s spelling. What a wasted opportunity to share your story regarding the subject of HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE!!

        23. Really?? This person is reaching out to share his story to try and help others, and all you can do is criticize his spelling? Maybe on Facebook, but on a website for health issues? Grow up! I’m just thankful that this person has had a second chance so that they can live a long life, and hopefully help others with their story.

        24. I only just came across these comments as I have high blood pressure I just want to say what a knob head you are if you are worried about people’s spelling mistakes on here you obviously don’t need to be on here get a life sickness

        25. I don’t find this comment relevant… in fact picking this up just puts everyone’s blood pressure up. Self defeating or what!

        26. If your BP was that high spelling would not be top priority. Thanks for being an insensitive ass. Hope I spelled everything to your satisfaction.

        27. What is wrong with you James Brown!!? You probably got a charge out of seeing all these replies in regards to you being the idiot that you are!
          You’re nothing but a bully!!

        28. You seemed to have missed the point K2 was making. Spell checking seems more important. What is your blood pressure reading? Mine was 182/110. I am 5’6″…106 lbs and 73 yrs old. My high blood pressure stems from 7 major back surgeries severe nerve damage. Some exercise and quiet time puts it back in check.

        29. Spell check is not valid

          I know this is an old post, but man James, you owned all of the armchair justices with only a simple comment !!!
          I especially like the one douche-bag who cites a psychological study about people who publicly point out others’ spelling errors do it because they have a need to feel good about themselves. Ehem…the world’s not black or white. There are fine people who have an extended appreciation for our language; people like yourself. If it were me, though, I would have called out the error(s) in order to call out K2 as a self serving egoist for telling stories to make himself feel good (ie. 6yrs depression). Let’s be part of something were not by sharing a story that doesn’t really ring true. (just the vibe I got from reading it)
          And there are the people who are the “it wasn’t me at fault” kind hiding behind spell check systems. Ummm, you typed it. You’re still responsible for publishing it correctly.
          All the butt hurt people!!! Wow, you had them all satisfying their egos telling you what an ass you are for commenting, they all lost sight of K2’s plight (assuming it’s a real and true plight; that is)

          Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this as much as I have !!!

        30. How high is your blood pressure? Also, grammatically speaking, sentences starting with the word “but” are considered incorrect. Also, the first word in a sentence should be capitalized. Since this is a question; the words “how”, “what”, “when”, “where”, “why”, “who”, and even “is”, and “can”, would be more appropriate. I guess “would” and “could” would also work quite sufficiently. Your sentence (question), is incomplete. Correctly structured, your question should look more like… “You can (blank), but yet you can’t spell “male”?
          The word is not even spelled incorrectly so your sentence (question), should have technically been; “You can (blank), but yet you cannot use the correct contextual form of the word “male”?
          You may be asking yourself, “Who does this person think they are? Who made them an expert?” I am not an expert, just have three published novels. However, I just find it excruciatingly petty of someone to criticize another who is only sharing information in an effort to possibly help other people. Not only did you downplay this individual’s experience, pointing out the only visible flaw, but you made yourself look even worse by also being literally incorrect. Watch some Joe Santigato, or Nate TV on YouTube for some laughs, instead of a comment section for people who could have a serious medical condition, please.

          My blood pressure is 180/107 with a heart rate of 79 bpm… think I’ll go to the doctor now…

          1. It may be redundant however, it is grammatically correct. I’m not so sure it matters much. I’m pretty sure future generations will undoubtedly have history e-books, filled with such intelligent expressions as “lmao”, “smh”, “omg”, “wtf”, and “atm,”. Medical advice will come from Snapchat, and Facetime using HRV will be how they communicate with doctors.

        31. Today I had a bad day and my blood pressure was 181/111 with a pulse of 160, I started sweating in cold and got dizzy with some nauseating feeling, but since am out of town I just decided to go to bed and hope for the best!

        32. Really? That’s your answer to him? When texting it’s easy to have a word misspelled. Even when you spell something’s right it automatically changes the spelling because it thinks you meant another word.

      1. Thank you so much for sharing your condition with us, my blood pressure right now is 187/110 and I also have severe chest pain, and I’m trying to fund information about what to do? I’m tired of going to the hospital for chest pain and high blood pressure, they always keep me in there to monitor my heart and after is under control they send me home, right now I decided to stay home, the hope I make the right decision, I’m going to keep monitoring my blood pressure, thank you! God bless you, and I pray that you are doing better.

        1. mine was also high , just change your diet NO SALT and NO NO NO NO SUGAR !!! i got my numbers way down off my meds, and feel great im 56 yo male

        2. Hi Lourdes
          I hope you getting better I used to have much higher readings the best thing is not get worked up about it eat lower fat food more garlic and ginger they help a lot

      2. Thank you for sharing. Good to see you are OK. I just took someone to hospital with 248 / 110. She has been admitted to get her medications adjusted and taking some other tests as well. If is important to get help from a doctor when your blood pressure is excessively high. Your share is important here. Good of you have done so.

      3. Overhead painting can cause vertebral artery dissection and very high blood pressure, something to be aware of.

      4. That did help, yes, thank you. I came in with 240/130 to the hospital. The Dr assured me as my bp is now175/111, I’m fine to go home. We (me) are going to work on changing my diet & incorporate an exercise program as well (60yr woman)

      5. I just came acroos your post.. I hope ALL is well with you and you were able to get things in order for yourself… I have just been diagnosed with Hypertension… Mine was not as bad as yours but high none the less 199/125. I am currently trying different medications to try and combat this. I would be lying if I said I was not scared of having a stroke.. My Grandfather was only 57 when he passed due to a stroke at 55.. Blessings to you and stay healthy 🙂

      6. Hi did you ever get your bp under control I am 35 african American with numbers around 162/120
        At times higher I have tried a host of medicines. Are you taking meds?
        If so what kinds especially if they are helpful.. And thank you for your wise words ?

      7. Thank you. I am a 57 woman with good health but my BP is constantly high… 180/145 or higher. My doctor is currently trying to get it under control with meds. It sure makes one feel bad all the time

    2. Omg that really high,

      Bp stage 3 do you feel ill, cause wat I get on daily base is sever headaches , stiff neck and nose bleeds and eyes being fulled and lump in throat

      1. The article reads that most people don’t even know their blood pressure is high, last night I was seeing spots around the edges of my eyes and I felt shaky and weird, I took my bp and it was 174/112, I forgot to take my meds which I have two for high bp. About two hours before that, I started sweating and just thought it was warm in the house. So sweating and seeing dots or blurred vision and being shaky is how I knew my bp must be high. The meds seemed to work pretty fast as I was feeling better after about 15 minutes of taking them. A slice of bread with peanut butter on it also seems to help me at times.

          1. I also have Stage 3 hypertension, and I know when my blood pressure has skyrocketed because I get bad headaches, spots before my eyes, and feel weak. I felt that way this morning and checked my blood pressure. It was 164/118. That’s what brought me to this forum. So, yes, high blood pressure can cause those symptoms. My blood sugar is normal.

    3. My doctor told me months ago my blood pressure what’s been high lately and advised me to check it everyday. I am 53 years old and always had perfect blood pressure so I thought it was just an acute situation. Now month later it is still high and I just bought one of those electron machines to check my own blood pressure. I just checked it and got a reading of 176/115. How serious if at all is this?

      1. I didn’t have high BP until I read the cra p that people like Lynne are writing!
        Evolve, dam mit!!
        (Look it up, cretin).

    4. Elizabeth benabe

      Wow that is extremely high ? Did u end up in the hospital? Mine was 171/114 and I was freaking out I hope things get better and I will keep u in my prayers gbu

    5. Hi im Chrissy 36 I’m having server soreness upper left Brest bone and sternum hurts to take deep breath and catch Breath and hurts badly to push in in it my BP is 187/164

    6. William M Butterfield

      Anything under 200 is fine. Don’t listen to these idiots. If you’re like me, you’re exercising tooo much. Lay off the heavy weightlifting for one week. Do more HIT. Your BP will stabilize at 190, which is healthy

    7. Mine was 216 over something when I lost sight in my right eye. I’m 42.

      Go to a doctor, change your diet, cut out drinking and smoking if applicable.

    8. My blood pressure was 184 at school I had went to the nurse I knew something was wrong with my body I’ve been having high blood presssure lately so now I’m homeschool because they would send me home from school my blood pressure will go from 156 to 178 almost up to 200 I am only 16 year old female does anybody have any advice please cause I heard it was life threathing and I’ve been having really bad chest pains and breathing problems at night it would hurt so bad I would cry , yes I have seen medical help and last year I had went to the hospital and they didn’t find anything but I did go to the doctor and she was touching my right side I was having really bad pain it was like a ball and see said it can be something very serious but I never went to the ER because my mom did not take me,but now I had went to doctor and hospital for testing and now Im gonna find out the results but I’m kinda scared..

      1. Sounds like may be stress related. Can always try aroma therapy, meditation yoga or simple breathing and grounding exercises. The schools usually have counsellors that don’t cost anything that can help or even online support groups. I know it’s hard at 16 to talked about feeling stressed out people don’t realize the amount of pressure young people deal with even more so these days. Going to a counsellor doesn’t mean your crazy. It just means your smart enough and brave enough to get the right help when you need it

    9. God help those who criticize us for spelling errors! My daughter is a nurse anesthetist and still spells “paid” payed, and my brother the pharmicist still uses double negatives speaking! We are human, in the flesh, lighten up or your blood pressure will be on the rise!
      God bless anyone thoughtful enough to share experiences to help others and I am done because I am tired of correcting my errors!

    10. I felt heavy chest pressure checked blood monitor reading 239/? followed by sickness. This can happen once ore twice a week

    11. Im 55, lead a pretty boring mostly sedentary lifestyle. Mine is always about 195/ 115 + or – at any given time. My only exercise is sex with slutty little girls and it feels like my heart is gonna explode by the time i cum. They think its cool that im so out of breath but im starting to worry. Should i switch to an older playmate???

    12. I am overweight and I have high blood pressure have for some time. Mostly happens when stressed or when I’m in pain or if I eat too much salt. With me I start feeling blah will get headaches face and skin can be red First step I take is to watch my salt things you may not realize that are bad are lunch meats, soups especially canned processed cheese or any food, canned tomatoes and frozen prepackaged fish, chicken shrimp etc or prepackaged seasoned meats chicken fingers battered fish, pickles are some of the worst of course chips and microwave popcorn

    13. I do have hardening of arteries After six years of asking my Doctor to check for it because a stroke killed my dad at forty-nine from it, I knew it was inherited.
      I have about 7-9 stents and had major surgery on my right goin and lower leg.
      My B/P two nights ago was 198/106 on right side and 156/ 103 on left.
      Is this normal? The systolic number is always between 30-40 points higher all the time yet the bystolic is same or close.
      Does anyone know?j
      Is there stages for this? Some Doctors say its a lifespan of about five years? Sure would like to know. They say I am so complex I feel they should work on something.

    14. My wife’s a pro bodybuilder and has very high blood pressures. Measured by a arterial line in her brachial artery 375/360 during heavy weight lifting. She is on 8 pressure pills. Her pressure was 152/106 tonight.

    1. my husband usually has high blood pressure , he has been taking cardioval . this morning is reading is 205/115 wondering if he should take the cardioval or isos something new med given . his heart rate is low but that blood pressure is high . what should I do

      1. Barbara Cooper Dick

        I am not a doctor but I would recommend to call the doctor and maybe his nurse can tell you
        what you should do or want him to come in. That is very high.

        1. Can anyone help me?
          I hage had a excruciating headache since about 3:30am it woke me out of a dead sleep. I have taken about 3 execedrine miagraine tablets 4 tylenol 1 goodypowder and 3 hydrocodone 10 325’s in the almost 22 hour period.
          My Dr took me off my BP medicine Amlodipine 5mg Monday will be a week ago because my BP was low i believe it was 92\56.
          I am a 34 yo female that has lupus. 3 years ago i went into the hospital with a severe lupus flair and i complained for over 18 straight hours with the worse pain ive ever had. I honestly believed my head was literally going to explode. The nurse called the admitting Dr and every hour they were rotating Morphine and didlaudid anf NOTHING Except walking relieved the pain. Even a year earlier when i went through cancer treatments for stage 3 ovarian and peritoneum cancer Id never experienced such gut wrenching nonstop pain. My husband finally got across to the head nurse that something was very wrong after i stood in the middle of my hospital room with my underwear and hospital gown on and urinated in the center of the floor and acted “out of it”. The nurse told my husband she would hqve the head medical doctor on duty stop in shortly to evaluate me. Before she made it to the door of my room to leave I went into a massive seizure and completely quit breathing. I ended up having 2 massive strokes because if thesaulumedrol (sp?) steroid Drip they had me on for the lupus flair sent ny BP skyhigh and the nurse i continued complaing to all night not once checked my BP or order it checked by the LPN although Id complained and cried about a severe headache for so long and received NO relief. Despite receiving two of the strongest forms of IV pain meds every single hour. Someone should have done something before I ended up having 2 strokes a massive seizure and a unknown number of smaller scale seizures that led to me being on life support and in a full blown coma for 13 days. My BP had NEVER been called hypertension before that night/day. Yes my BP has been above my norm before usually when I was extremely uncomfortable or in pretty bad pain but NEVER was it high enough to cause concerns to my team of doctors treating my lupus and cancer. I had never taken a medication for BP before that stent in the hospital. Honestly my BP had normally been a bit on the lower end maybe in the neighborhood of 110/60. The highest my oncologist had recorded it in her records was 121/84 and that was during my very first chemotherapy treatment.
          Needless to say once I came around after waking up from the coma Ive been on medicines to control my high BP until this past Monday.
          So should I call my Dr first thing in the Am or do i need to swallow my pride and tread with extreme caution and get my not so lucky self to the ER now? My BP is at 177/117 right this second.
          Should I be OK to wait till morning or have my husband make the dreaded 911 call now to be on the safe side?

          1. Hi Hun
            I’m in the uk ?? and my bp reading is 167/114 is was 187/107 I have been hypertension most of my life I had my son 18 years go, I had high bp then in my pregnancy, and since then it’s been high. They say hypertension is silent killer, but y is it I have had sever headaches and stiff neck and as my eyes ball feel as there being pulled back, my hips right and left side are painful and I have such pain in my back and wen I move my buttocks hurt and I start to walk with limp. I know I’m really ill cause I know my body better then the drs. Last few month I went for test after pushing my dr. The hospital told me I have
            medical condition which is

            Microvesscalur disease
            Lacunar infract
            Cervical spine disc multilevel osteophytes C5/6
            TIA stroke

            I have gave my 24 hour urine samples for three days still waiting on results on them.
            And also loads of blood test still awaiting results on them to.

            So Hun if u thing u need to call the dr or 911 pls don’t delay as u know ur body better then anyone else. Hope this helps u x

          2. I’d get yourself checked for clotting factors “Activated protein C, S, and others”. While not definitive,, blood clots tend to strike infants, and then again in the early thirties, then arbitrarily as we get older. I’ve had a family history of them,, and the symptoms you describe (right down to the walking, coma, etc) is scary similar to a Venus Sinus Thrombosis I had in my early thirties, that I spent two months for in the hospital (and as a younger male,, typically only ever found in the morgue).
            Just food for thought,, not a diagnosis.

          3. A concerned Lupus Warrior's MOTHER

            I’m so sorry to hear Tiffany.
            I currently find myself in similar situation. My 20yr old daughter has Mixed Connective Tissue Disease, primarily LUPUS, lupus nephritis, & had preeclampsia in her pregnancy.
            Drs are unsure how to treat her severe inflammation of both kidneys due to functions seem to be ok.
            I’m the meantime she’s suffering from extreme pain & her BP this morning was 194/109.

    2. Um, yes immediately. You are in the stroke range. Is this normal for you, or do you know?
      I just brought my husband home from the hospital after having 7 strokes in the cerebellum. He’s 43 I’m 37 his was 230/120 in the ER. He’s had untreated high blood pressure for a while around 180/100.

    3. My brother his blood pressure is 170/145, sometimes stress cause this type of problem stage III hypertension . With me reading the comments on a few people, some are very rude to the lady with hypertension . Hasn’t your parents ever talk to Jude the word respect especially when people don’t feel good. There’s a lot of cold hearted people in this world, Karma is a bitch .

    4. Tracy, I an not trained in anything medical. However my husband has stage 3 hypertension . With numbers like you have you really need to do something. One thing is retake it and record it every 2 to 3 hours. And call your doctor’s office and talk to his nurse. If that’s not a possibility I’d definitely suggest going to the ER. It’s nothing to mess with. Your talking about the possibility of a stroke, a heart attack among others. Good luck to you.

    1. you should really get another opinion on that one, rest is good but those numbers are not going to get you to the “healthy” numbers you want 120/80

  1. My Blood pressure was 174/135. My doctor just sent me home with out medication and said to just take it calm. I experienced high blood pressure every now and then since 2005. Why does it happen?

    1. Hi I experiance the samt bloodpressure 235/145 that is only when I come close to waterbased paint, schampoo, conditioner, wallpaperglue, pesticids on grapes, citrusfruite etc. The preservative is metylisothiazolinon also called Kathon CG
      As I am very sensitive to It is very hard to exclude from anybodys living space.
      Maybe it can help U? google………

      1. That is interesting. My BP was just 200/134. Out of nowhere just felt a little dizzy. Due to chronic hypertension, I checked it. I went straight to nitrate, trying to keep calm and printing my legal documents. It went back to normal but again, this is why they call it the silent killer.

  2. So is it possible that a person could run a 180’s over 120’s and it just be that high of a reading without being stage 3? I was seeing my doctor and his nurse made the comment that she too runs high and she always has…..

    1. Take vitamin d. It naturally lowers blood pressure. Being in the sun helps because the sun has bitumen d or take liquid vitamin d.

    1. Please, see a Dr. And if you are prescribed BP medication,. Take it. Untreated high blood pressure leads to congestive heart failure! I am a 50 yr young woman, who had already has a quadruple bypass! And Chf. An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure!!!

    1. Blood pressure with repeated readings of 185/135 or higher as you just described can lead to a stroke and Or Heart failure.

    1. I am a 41 year old female,and I have had my b.p taken 3 days in a row, and it hasn’t lowered below 185/135 and pulse rate is 108, I’m not sure what to do about it,and my doc seems unconcerned…any comments or suggestions would be great!

      1. Mommaintheburbs

        That’s very high. I was also very high last week 180/117 and he called it a hypertension crisis. Your numbers are recognized as a hyphenation emergency. Call 911 or get to emerg right away.

      2. I have had high blood pressure for 20 yrsI’m now 43.so because of my age Ive been put on blood pressure pills.

        It’s considered dangerous when over 40 so go back your doctors to be safe .

      3. WOW! s.miller, I certainly hope you have found a new doctor.
        Those are very dangerous high readings. That is crazy! I hope all of you over the last couple of years have seen a better doctor with those high numbers.??!

  3. 63 year old woman on blood pressure meds and still has a BP rating of 214 over 104 is that bad what does that signafy

  4. I am taking Ramipril and Felodipine for high blood pressure.
    My readings have been 180/120. – 190/130
    Do I need to go to the doctor.

  5. My father, age 60, just got out of ER last night. his bp was 205/130 when he went in, and they gave him injections to bring it back down to 145 hours later. He was released, 2 hours after we got home, it went back up to 185/123. He was prescribed Metoprolol 100mg, Hydralizine 25mg, and enalapril 20mg. His bp right now on meds is 193/116 and heart rate 66, and it fluctuates to over 203/136 different hours of the day. Should I take him back to ER? His primary care will not be back from vacation until next week, or should I take him to see another doctor?

      1. My wife has never had high blood pressure she gave birth to are beautiful son five days ago the doc told her that her blood pressure was high so I got a monitor and her blood pressure is been running about 212 over 185 is that dangerously high


  7. I’m 32 and I’m worried about my bp. What should I do its always high I just checked it and it was 182/114 and I’m on bp meds but I keep having chest pains and I can feel my heart beating to fast. Seen doc today and says I’m fine but I got a lot of fluid on me. Can that cause your bp to go up to.

    1. I’m 32 extremely worried tonight. Have been prone to migraine but what I we nth through tonight for an hour or so makes a migraine feel like a joke!!! Checked my b/p & ended up getting 209/130 & 204/127! Woried to say the lease going to take a trip in the the Dr. tomorrow I guess. I think it’s a must with that bp that high & the horrible headache that came with it I see no other option honestly! Not to mention the pulse rates were in the 50’s-60’s….weird & scary! My dad has had 2 heartattaches & he is only 59 so I think I better trust my gut on this one!!!

      Any advice would be appreciated!

    2. You could have a blockage in your artery. I did or you could just need fluid pills to remove excess fluid as that can lead to congestive heart failure which is fluid built up around your heart. Probably need xray. I have both of these promblems,they are controlable

    1. I just looked up what my blood pressure meant. My readings have been 131/117 with a heart rate as low as 46 and as high as 110. I found I’m in stage 3 hypertension crisis. I’m really scared. I’m only 54, too young for this s**t.

  8. Last year I was admitted to the hospital with a bp of 238/124. I had to stay the entire weekend until they could get it under control. I know high bp runs rapid in my family and even my mom, who was thin, had it. I take 4 different meds now to control it and bp is finally in the normal range.

  9. 165/121 is my blood pressure.I am 46 cholesterol over 300 .No meds Almost passed out twice this morning.Surreal feeling all day.Extremely bad headache. Nervous feeling and wore out all at the same time.Been real stresses lately.Something to worry about?

    1. Richard Chamberlain

      Bottom number is very high, you will need medication to bring that down. I’m on Ramipril 10MG daily, mine was 210/130 in A&E and meds helped to bring it down. Still having problems with it but yes, 165/121 is very high and you will definitely benefit from medication.

    2. to me it sounds like you might have heart failure. i would go to a good hospital and get checked out. teaching hospitals are the best. im 47 and have had 10 heart attacks and am in stage 4 heart failure.

    3. Get to a cardiologist. I know this was January I hope you got help. I had the same symptoms had severe blockages now I have stents. Dizziness, tired all the time.

  10. Im 37 female diabetic with severe high bp my averages readings are 190/115 currentlybits 228/118. I been in the hospital and yet it has not come down. Imnretain fluids especially from my back to my feet… I take clonidine 3times a day and metropolol twice a day aling with hctz.. But i do not see anybreaults. Should i go back to the ER

    1. I was prescribed metropolol. that med sent me to the hospital. I went back to Labetolol and the problem was solved. I guess metropolol, for me, has too many side effects.

  11. My wife is 43, she has been seeing the same doctor for 6 years and her blood pressure slowly went up over that time. 2010 it was 122/89. 2013 it was 171/110. January 13, 2016 she had a check up and it was 210/111 and the doctor passed it off and had her do a sleep study. Less than a month later she had a stroke. We relied on the doctor to know what was good or bad, it almost killed her and she will pay for it for the rest her life. Her new doctor was appalled that he let her leave the office with it that high. Slightly over weight and lack of exercise, never smoked. Doctor says if she changes her diet and exercises it can go away may not have to take the medication she is now on. If we would have known that a while ago she may have never had a stroke.

  12. I recently took myself up to A&E because of severe headache and bp of 234/119. One Dr was quite dismissive but when she went off shift another Dr took it seriously and prescribed meds and is seeing me again. The whole experience has left me confused

  13. My BP today was 207 over 101. Dr gave me a pill under my tongue. Made me lie down in their little ER. 2 hours later it was 194 over 104. He sent mw home telling me to take my prescription med (Enap 10mg) whrn I got home and ro relax. Should I be worried?

  14. Michele Sutherland

    I have high blood pressure & I’m taking 4 pills a day for it. I have been on the medication for almost a year now. I still get high top # readings some times. Last read was 184/86. Should I be worried that it still gets this high on all this medication?

  15. I am 35 years old. Have had high BP since I was 18. It stays under control with meds. But every year or 2 I have to have my meds readjusted because they stop working. I have stopped drinking soda, excise at least 3 times a week and try to watch what I eat. Sometimes you have to learn to watch your bp closely. I get headaches when it’s high and try to lay down. If that doesn’t work I may take a bath. If after that I call my doctor and get recommendations. But it is something that you have to stay on top of. Read up on it and don’t be afraid to ask questions or get second and 3rd opinions.

  16. I just came home from surgey my blood pressure is 158 over 116 should i head back to the er or just relax amd call my doc on MondayI am male and 65 years old

  17. My bp has been running 180_200 top num120_150 bottom num with severe headach but also have sevr copd and time of yr i have a real bad cough what should i do could alergys be doin this

  18. My normal BP is 118-120/75-80. For the past three days, it has been as high as 187/114. I just had endometriosis surgery two weeks ago, but there are still some major pain issues. Can intense pain cause such a dramatic spike in BP??? It’s crazy because I have a bad headache too with this.

  19. My bp rt now is 164/114 it has been running really high for several days and I’m taking bp meds I’m concerned

  20. I was at work when the blood vessels in my left eye burst. All I saw was red. Went to the emergency room and my blood pressure read 237/125. I had headaches but I thought it was stress. Nowcim on 4 different high blood pressure medications DAILY. I don’t miss a day. Can’t miss a day.

  21. Hi my blood pressure went up to 245 over 115 from a bad head injury a year ago in june they had to clear me for a stroke but my blood pressure has been on the high side for no apparent reason I am on a high blood pressure medicine they had to increase the dosage to 35 mg what stage would this be?

  22. 6:12am. My bp has been 205/107 for hours. Now 172/90. Everything I read says that most people with extra high BP talk to their doctor and wind up being told to go home and change their life style and get more exercise. Combination of advice from all sources results in people who must change their diet, get more exercise, and take drugs of some kind. With me, I find that excess salt takes my bp through the roof. Clam Choder is a particular offender. Salted pretzels, bread, etc. and anything with added salt. Makes sense. Lose weight? I just lost 10 pounds recently to 180. Feel better, look better, But High BP. Take medications like Metropolol Succinate (time delay) Lipitor, Aspirin (325), Effient (heart). Taking them for two years. Perhaps they kept my BP from going to 400. Who knows. Now 155/86. Nite, nite.

  23. Cecilia Grossman

    I had Surgery last wk for my shoulder my Husband said when I was in Recovery my BP was 250/158, he said the Nurses was giving meds to bring it down …After all was said and done No one acted like it was a big deal…Should I be concerned..I could of had a Stroke right???

  24. I’m 52. Ive been experiencing severe headaches for the past 5 months. Ive also noticed, when at rest such as sitting or laying down, that my heart seems to slow down but the heartbeats become hugely stronger. So much so, that if i relax the beats will actually move my head and body. I had a heartattack back in 2006, ive been noticing the same pains in my left arm and left side of body like i had before. something else ive been noticing is an increased “clumsiness” and uncoordination. for example ill be holding something and then ill just drop it for no reason. Also when im reaching to grab something, i need to reach for it 4 or 5 times before i actually get hold of it.

    thursday i started another headache. continued to get worse as i had no pain pills to take. by friday might it had gotten so severe i couldnt sleep. by early morning saturday, it had gotten so bad it almost made me cry. 4:30 i got pain pills from wife. eased up enough to allow me to fall asleep. woke up at 7:30 with severe headache again. went to pharmacy to get more pain pills. pharmacy doctor gave me migraine pills (didnt help much), told me to rest and come for blood pressure. it was 188/100.

    i looked up blood pressure on internet and it got me scared

  25. I had a burning numbing pain in chest, both arms, neck and jaw. B/P 218/182. Took sublingual asprin and rested. B/P gradually dropped down to 124/64. I have been on blood pressure meds but my B/P drops to 90/56. What am I supposed to do?

  26. I sit with an 85 year old lady at 3.45 pm I took her blood pressure and it was 177/114, pulse was 70. She would not let me write it down or tell her husband. But I thought she should have went to the ER.

  27. I’m 27, with episodes of blood pressure of 180/115 with a high heart rate of 130. Sometimes have heart attack symtoms including chest pain, lower back pain, abdominal pain jaw pain. Went to ER 2 months ago with these symtoms, EKG not a heart attack that time i guess. Prescribed a med for blood pressure. Not sure when to be worried, a lot of it may be anxiety? I do feel pretty lousey sometimes, a lot of my energy dim, over exersion can cause feeling ill.

  28. I thought I was having a heart attack several weeks ago and was admitted to the hospital. Afyer a series of tests I was cleared of heart disease and diagnosed with severe anxiety. I went to visit my doctor today and my BP was 157/93. I was seen by a male PA that was a condescending jerk. I had never dealt with him before. I went in with chest pains, again and instead of helping me, he sent me into a full blown panic attack. Someone had to come in the room and make him leave. Hedid not check my BP before leaving. When I checked it at the pharmacy it was 197/110. I’m surprised I didn’t keel over right there.

  29. My BP has been high all day. Right now I”m Stage 3. My current reading is: 192/105.
    At 4:45pm it was: 161/91.
    At 9:30am: 169/92.
    At 8:46am: 179/98.
    At 8:00am: 166/90.
    It has been consistently high all day. I take 3 different meds. I take one 2 times a day. I took an extra Norvasc around 5:30pm (EST). However, it doesn’t appear to be very effective. My endocrinologist told me yesterday that it’s very likely that I can have a stroke with these BP readings, my medical problems combined with a couple of my medications. A family member told me nothing is going to happen; sit down relax and calm down. He was so sarcastic about it. I know that I’m in Hypertension Crisis mode right now and should probably seek medical treatment but this person thinks I overreact and that I always want to run to the doctor for the least little problem. I hate this. One day, he might wish he had believed me and shared in my concern.

  30. After some advice. My uncle (61) died last Tuesday of a massive heart attack, I took my mum (59) to the Drs yesterday as she isn’t coping with losing her brother, he took her blood pressure and said he would expect it to be a little high due to recent circumstances and it was 190/80, he said this is very high and looking through her notes that the last time she visited the dr (around 6 months ago) that her blood pressure was high then too but it was a different doctor and they didn’t tell my mum her blood pressure was high. She has now been put on blood pressure tablets but I am going out of my mind with worry. My grandad died of a heart attack at 61 and then my uncle last week also at 61 so there is a very strong family history of heart problems. I have just ordered a blood pressure monitor to use at home so we can check it more regularly. Please can someone explain how high this is (sorry I don’t understand all the different figures) thanks

  31. Samantha, the second number of 80 is her diastolic and is pre-hypertension “high normal” yet is a healthy BP reading, anything under 80 is normal,. no need for concern over an 80 diastolic. The first number of 190 is her systolic reading, and is considered very high, but could have been due to the emotional stress of losing a loved one. Any systolic reading over 180 is a Hypertensive Crisis and Emergency Care Is Needed. There are several causes to high blood pressure, including poor diet with too much salt and caffeine, lack of exercise, and also a common cause of temporary high readings is stress. Her doctor can evaluate the situation and prescribe medications if needed.

  32. Im 32 with a disability called cerebellum degeneration. I also have high bp. My bp is very high today 183/128 but the bp meds prescribed to me interfere with my disability making it more of a danger for me…should i go to the er?

  33. I’m a 36 yr old female with polycystic kidney disease . my blood pressure today was 168/121. my day was spent rather calmly . should I go to the er?

  34. I’m 48 y.o. female. A sudden jump of blood pressure. Was taken to hospital with 157/125 pulse 150, short of breath, shuddering, nasal bleeding and strong heart palpitations. Was stabilized within 2 days.My test results showed no abnormality. Keeping an eye on my diastolic bp. and pulse.

  35. A lot of times, high blood pressure is caused by excess fluids. Drinking a lot of water or fluids raises blood pressure.

    I have autonomic dysfunction and when my blood pressure gets to high (Doctor decided for me too high is 160 over 100 for this) I have to self cath and empty my bladder and it does the trick. Usually goes down into acceptable range.

    I wonder if many of you on here have urinary issues. As we get to our 50’s they develop. Urge to go, little output when going, etc.

    Since several are on here asking for info instead of going to doc or er on the high numbers, I wonder if you take your BP just prior to a high volume urination, and then after, if the after number will be lower. If so, after a few times recording these numbers you have a basis for an informed discussion with your doctor.

  36. I went to the hospital because I have a frozen should so I had my pre op asssessment my blood pressure was 197 over 103 I think they won’t operate until my blood pressure is much lower

  37. Just took mine, it’s 182/119. I am currently on meds, but it doesn’t appear to be working anymore. Murphy’s Law, my insurance expired last month. Attempting to get into the free clinics.

  38. My bp was 235/120 last year. Doc put me on candersaten 32 mg and lercandipine 20 mg both daily. Gone down to average of 132/78 feel better can see better. Plus I gave up added salt in diet. Just the diabetes to deal with now. Good luck all. Sean. England. UK.

  39. I’m a 31 yrs old male, military and in decent shape, I’ve gotten headaches and migraines before and have rizotriptan to help with the symptoms. Last night I got a sudden feeling in my body, an instant migraine. The rizotriptan didn’t help. Went to the ER and BP was 193 / 111.. hospital didn’t tell me much. Thoughts??

  40. BP is 191/122 pulse of 109. I emailed my Doc who just put me on Lisinopril, 10mg. My BP Has continously increased. Awaiting an answer, I have no insurance , my GFR a also at 51 but neprologist says Isn’t bad enough for an appt. I have also just been diagnosed with birads 4 and a CEA of 12.9. I have a partial blockage of abdominal aorta as well.
    a bit concerned, my dad dropped dead at 51.
    Any thoughts or ideas?

    1. Go to your local hospital! Most hospitals will treat someone with medical symptoms and no insurance! Get help sweetie!

  41. Six weeks ago i didnt have a care in the world, went to the gym 3/4 times a week, ate healthy, was normal weight for my height, then one day while at work my eyesight in my right eye started to go black, almost no vision in my right eye within hrs, was driven to hospital for a check and was told i had papilledema in my eye, my blood preasure was 250 /150, apart from headaches sometimes and my vision i didnt know a thing. I spent 6 days in hospital while doctors battled to get my BP down. I have to take 7 tablets a day now, i never ever expected at 47yrs old to have to take all these meds just to stay alive… But here i am 6 weeks later with my BP down to a respectable average of 135/88.. I am very lucky, high BP can happen to anyone..

  42. I’m in the hospital and my wife is with me and worried.
    She had a migraine headache so when they took me to install a pic-line she went to the er to be checked out. She informs me when we meet back in my room that her bp was 184 over 109! Stage 3 hypertension! That was 2 days ago and I’m worried to say the least!! She is such a strong lady that takes care of everyone but pay’s no attention to herself with high bp… What should I do to let her know how important she is to me? I love her so much and want her to realize how important it is to take her bp meds and eat right… Thanks

  43. Wow! There are some mean spirited folks on here. A person just wanted to offer advise or get feedback on their health and someone starts criticizing grammar. Chill and have some respect.

  44. I’ve always had low blood pressue but now latley its been really high. I just took it and its 204/110.
    I was recently put on medication for nightmares that is actually medication to lower blood pressure could me taking that at night cause it to be high during the day?

  45. What is there to say about blood pressure 192/88its so strange because I read these things online and I don’t know what’s what really I get major head aches through my day and this is the range it stays in

  46. I had low blood pressure until my late 30’s. It became high so I was put on Diovan. A few years later Diovan HCL. A few years later Dovan HCL twice a day. I am now 50, 5’4 weighing 118 lbs. I exercise 3-5 days a week-running hills, sprinting etc. I eat a mostly vegetarian diet, I have never smoked and a the most, I will have 1-3 alcoholic drinks a day. About a year ago, I could feel my BP rising. Fast forward and I have now added an ace inhibitor to round out my meds. Beta Blockers made things worse. I was in the ER two weeks ago with a BP of 201/119 and my sodium and potassium were alarmingly low. My EGS’s have been fine all along. I did add Adderall in September but my BP was was way too high prior to this. I’ve since reduced the Adderall and only have a half a cup of coffee a day. No other caffeine. I am having am Echocardiogram w/Colorflow Spectral Doppler and a Vascular Ultrasound later this week. The headaches that come with high blood pressure is horrible. I’ve been told even with a 170/95 average (with 3 bp meds) I won’t stroke out but they are concerned about renal artery disease… anyone else had similar problems ?

  47. Copperas Cove Walmart is having this Health Wellness promotion to check Glucose, blood pressure, and BMI. My 10 y/o son had a blood pressure of 198/168. He’s 5’4″ and 200lbs. He is also has asthma. My husband says it’s due to him running around and wandering about. I work in the medical field and know that his vitals are too high. I’ve checked his blood pressure 3 more times since then and both pulse & blood pressure are still high even at rest. Now he’s being checked by the doctor.

  48. I have Ventricle tachycardia which caused Hypertension 3. I’ve had this problem for around 20 yrs now. My blood pressure gets so out of whack from 1 minute to the next. I’m a 47 yr old female. My blood pressure has been as high as 159/119. Very scary.

  49. My Blood Pressure has apparently been high the last four times it has been checked. I went to the doctir last week and she put me on one Tablet of Ciazapril 2.5mg a day. Today I had my Blood Pressure checked again at the Gym I go to and it was 148/110 and was told it is still high but let the tablets kick in. I have to get it checked in about one or two weeks time.

  50. Man I started freaking out when I checked my BP ans it was 141/105. That is awful but I’m seeing is not the highest, I also have graves disease so my thyroid plays with my heart rate and other things. Checked it again after reading this blog and I’m 131/86. So much better, I think I was having a panic attack, can that raise blood pressure?

  51. I had a baby 8 weeks ago I’m a 33 year old female when I went for post natal check up my bp was 143/101 the doctor didn’t seem too concerned and said to go back in 4 weeks to get rechecked but should I be worried I’m a mum of 4 I get a pounding ache constantly in my head but I put that down too lack of sleep

    1. You are right to be concerned. While it could be chalked up to stress with 4 little ones, you need to see your family doctor soon!

  52. I live and quietly suffer from manic depression, bipolar (that’s when I’m not quite anymore anymore! Lol), and severe anxiety… Terrible anxiety! I am in the 13th year of caretaking for my husband what originally had been told to us was a diagnosis of one year left to live from congestive heart failure, stage 4 renal cancer, diabetes, dialysis 3 times a week and chronic high blood pressure. I am a nurse at this point without the actual diploma to prove it!!! I learned to live off the insane schedule that his diseases incorporated into our lives including my 3 children. I found myself functioning on no sleep no food and had trouble it when there wasnt crisis happening but all that time I never had problems with my blood pressure I couldn’t believe.I just truly couldn’t believe it…
    I just attributed it to me, always being a dork, I would laugh at anything or just try to make. A joke? No matter how bad something was I would have to cap it off with a bad joke. Sometimes I made the doctors groan and shake their head – they were pretty bad! But then I’d see a grin and hear a chuckle as they’d exit the room.? I think laughter really does play a big part in healing and helping. I had a couple of emotionally crippling things happen to me that involved my pastor/closing of my church/loss of my home(parsonage)/being homeless sleeping in my car with my husband & son. I’ve since found us a home it’s just a matter a months before I fall behind in rent because it was not within our budget but after months, it was all I was able to find in the same school district. To give my son whatever bit of stability i could because he will be losing his father soon. Keep him with a good group of freinds he’s known his whole life. I have been having thoughts of suicidal ideation which I can’t really talk to anybody about because I don’t trust anybody and I see what it’s done to my kid because here I am trying to give him stability the best I can and yet he can hear me crying and sobbing for hours in my room and screaming into my pillow that I hate my life and then I have to come and apologize to him for that because no kid should have to hear their parent be like that and also the things that I’m saying that he can hear I don’t mean! I sold never give up and I know that I’m perfect but I would never kill myself my children are what for and I plan to around to meet my grandkids… I was diagnosed with severe migraines. When I was a child, I’ve had them my whole life. But 2 months before we lost our home, I started having a head pain that was different in the back of my head. It seemed to bother me. When I was doing gardening, if I bent over, it seemed to pound more. I usually do the gardening when I get stressed out when reserve, something really bothered me, I’d go out and pull weeds that’s how I dealt with my stress too. The last time I was doing my gardening, I thought I had a runny nose and I looked down and I was bleeding. That was hard, but I was really upset that day, and maybe that had something to do with it, so I went in house. Relaxed. And stayed in my room for a couple of days, just. Obviously, I needed to get some rest and. Then. It seemed like my head. Would the pain never went away? It was always there, but after that and I talked to my doctor about it, she said that it sounded like. You know a different type of stress migraine? And I told her no I didn’t feel the same way so she said take this pill and wait. No change still pain, bloody nose 1x week, my neck extremely stiff now. Take a different pill. Now. 2,3,4,5months nothing but head pain bloody noses neck stiffness… I was so stressed out I thought I had a brain tumor. Then I got to see a different doctor one day because mine doctor was out ill. She said my blood pressure was a little high. I couldn’t believe my blood pressure was high. I never had a problem with it. And I started monitoring my blood pressure as well as my husbands.I found when I was upset over the littlest of things my blood pressure started to go up. My head pain it never went away, but it would increase with stress, but nothing would take that pain away. No pill that they gave me, nothing. So I started thinking maybe I had a tumor. That’s not the case. Thank God, I just got MRI result back. Clear! But the bloody noses? Just yesterday, I got one 3 times check my BP 142/107 that my son almost called an ambulance. that’s high for me, that’s it’s so abnormal. So I just took one of my pills that I take for my anxiety and forced myself to get some sleep and rest which I needed , I obviously am under and have been under so much stress. IT WILL KILL YOU IF IT!? The beginning of this forum made me laugh for the first time in weeks. Thank you all from my heart. THANK YOU K2 & AIRMALE BOB! LAUGH & LIVE LONGER!?❤
    I take care of myself now.
    I hope this helps somebody. One thing…. DON’T Ever Apologize For For thinking you’ve told a bad joke! Let It out & Let It go!? I did that once and the doctor said, “Oh No! Don’t Apologize, No Worries. Actually… It Was Pretty Funny!?✌

  53. 248/88. On cozatan comp50mg/12.5mg. Had forgotten to takemy tablet this mornig as feel very under the weather with sore throat and cough. Thought at first headache was because of throat. Pressure back down 2 hrs later to 149/82. Was this just that i didnt take my tablet on time (was about 3 hrs later taking than normal)

  54. Hey guys! I noticed a lot of you were asking if your blood pressure was good/bad. If you google blood pressure chart, in google images there will be charts for blood pressure and they also are helpful because some charts go according to age. I was clueless as far as what good/bad blood pressure was until I went to my doctor and it was a little elevated. It was 133/86 and was due to stress and also eating salty foods due to PMS (premenstrual symptoms), I am a 34 year old female. I would go to the doctor and they would take my blood pressure and I would think nothing of it. When the doc told me it was slightly elevated I freaked out. I have anxiety and was also eating some stuff I shouldn’t like Italian cold cuts, cheeses, etc. Now I know the ideal blood pressure average is 110/70 but it all depends on your age, sex and lifestyle. Also many of you are on here because you are concerned about high blood pressure. Make sure it doesn’t go to low either. The top number should not go below 80 and bottom number under 60. And for people that are disrespecting people for spelling wrong, please, get a life! The poor guy is on here asking for help and had a potentially dangerous situation and some of you are mocking him for wrong spelling! Be kind! Hope he is healthy and his pressure went down. Good luck everyone 🙂

  55. Brian C Bamburg

    I’m a 45 year old male. Been dealing with high BP now for about 2 years. Have been kept overnight in hospital once to monitor. Ekg showd I have had some damage to heart at piont. However since I rarely go to a doctor they had nothing to compare to. Didn’t follow up with more test as I should have. Medically I’m in pretty good health. Stress is what they are telling me #1 problem. Put me on amlodipine. Didn’t help BP but made vision terrible. Put me on 200mg zoloft and 300mg of wellbutran a day. Took for 6 months and seen no benefit. Have had a tremendous amount of family tragedy over the past 3 to 4 years. BP runs on top # from 145 to 195. Bottom # and this one is the one I been told was more important runs 95 on a good day to high as125. Currently seeing no doc and no meds. Diet and trying to keep stress down as much as possible. But not having great sucess. Open to suggestions or lectures etc. Have a wife , two sons , and a mother that depend on me greatly. I have bad episodes of chest pains and numbness, sometimes with blurred vision. Not ready to throw in the towel yet. Helpful information will be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks so much

    1. Please, follow up with the suggestions you were given. You deserve a happy healthy life and it sounds like a lot of people care about you and need you to stick around for awhile. I’m a nurse and we are the WORST at taking care of ourselves. But my experience with Wellbutrin is that it raised my BP to 160/120 and screwed with my vision. After finding the right antidepressant I finally saw a cardiologist and found out I had damaged heart muscle causing Cardiomyopathy and Vasculitis that has affected my quality of life. Not trying to lecture. Just concerned. Don’t wait til it’s too late. Help is out there. We just have to go get it. Wish I had done it sooner. I waited until I was desperate and almost lost the fight. Believe me when I say, as a nurse I’m not fond of Doctors but sometimes they come in handy when it comes to a major organ in our body like our heart. Hope this helped and didn’t offend you. First time I’ve been on this site.

  56. High I am Fee,
    I have suffered from H/ P for a few years I am not happy to stay on medication and I want to find an alternative!
    Can you help me!

  57. What really helps me is eating couple leaves of lettuce in the morning and drinking 2 tablespoon of lemon juice in half glass of water. Fresh green stuff is very good for bringing down yr BP

  58. I was a pro athlete from 1998 to 2014, never had problems, last week on a sunday, I was watching a movie with my girlfriend, and out of nowhere I felt I was gonna pass out, numbness on the top of my head all the way to arm and tingling, felt the worst of my life.
    I walked it off for about an hour then it settled down. 3-4 days later in the middle of the night it started again, I did the same. That morning around 10:30am I was driving and it started to happen, but this time my whole body tingled and I was barely conscious, I stopped at the first pharmacy, they immediately gave me aspirin and took my blood pressure, and read 255/200. I rushed to the hospital and it went down to 159/96 after a while, they took all test from eco, mri, blood etc.. all was well but BP.

    I always was a over the top coffee drinker, like drinking coffee at all times, and huge on salt, not table salt tho, more like hymalayan salt nevertheless, I think that now at almost 40 yo, it was the cause of it, plus stress.. my bp today was 139/80 and since its been about the same, doc prescribed me meds, but the 1 aspirin daily has done well for me so far, also I will look into Natorupaths as well, for supplements and such…
    I also took off work a week to settle things down.

  59. 187/165 89bpm also chest pain left upper breast and sternum score as hell to touch push and deep breath hurts like hell too I’ve had before same symptoms but 2 time 2 months worse this time around

  60. I’m a 23 year old female my blood pressure has been 175/121 or higher but I feel fine. Don’t really know what the problem is

  61. I am a 53 year old female and my blood pressure is 183 over 70 I just came back from the doctors and she put me on a heavy duty blood pressure pill I have hypertension stage 3 no joke it’s very serious told me I was going to have a stroke if I did not take care of myself

  62. am a 23yr old female. lately my bp has been high and to be honest its irritating having to deal with headaches dizzines light headed and exhaustion. and i also have rheumatic heart disease. as of yesterday my bp was 160/110.

  63. Hi, I am tensed..my blood pressure is 175/117 which is very very high…what should I do other than going to a doctor…at home what can I do? Kindly explain.

  64. Be ye prince or pauper, with money, you can have others do your cleaning, cooking, driving and any other task you wish done, except take your place in a hospital bed.

  65. Hi there, I’m a 24 year old male and have been on meds for the past 4 years ever since I was diagnosed, sadly it runs in my family. 145/121 was the latest check on my blood pressure, usually though it’s around 140-180 / 100-120 even with my medication now. My father recently passed on due to extreme blood pressure (almost 4 months ago) and ever since then my meds don’t seem to be helping much anymore. I have also experienced a minor heart attack at the age of 21. It really is a messed up conditon to try and keep stablised! I weigh 70Kg’s and I am 5″11, also have seen a specialist regarding my high blood pressure because the doctors that diagnosed me found it extremely odd to have it at the age of 20 and everything at the time seemed fine, just a family thing that got passed on to me I guess. Please take care of yourselves guys and ladies!

  66. my bp fluctuates dramatically for example it went from being 138 over 81 to being 150 over 115 just because someone came to deliver a garden shed just ten minutes ago… both had a pulse rate of 58 makes me feel depressed as I follow a decent diet, not toooo heavy but not slim either.. dont drink or smoke. any ideas?

  67. so many grammar police on this thread…. no wonder you all have high blood pressure, I mean really does any of that actually matter?

  68. I have been on bp meds since my early 20’s, I am 51 now and my bp has always been controlled then out of the blue about 2 weeks ago it started going all over the place. It was as high as 189/90! I freaked out, almost went to ER but decided to rest and see if it would go back down which it did. Went to my dr and she changed up my meds and said monitor it for 2 weeks and come back.

    Any one else have this happen? And if so, what did your physician say/do?

  69. Having collapsed on a short haul return flight home aged 57 and out for over 10 minutes I saw a doctor. My blood pressure was 142 over 104. Since then I have been tested for an array of blood tests all of which are apparently fine as well as ECG and Lung tests. However over the past two months I have regularly tested my blood pressure and it varies from its lowest 138 over 98 to its highest pulse between 78-90 and (today) 165 over 115 pulse 78. My GP appears unconcerned and feels I should not bother testing, however other symptoms as advised to GP are regular chest pains and shortness of breath. I’m naturally concerned, any suggestions

  70. Feeling really rough as i`ve just taken my blood pressure came up 203/104. yes it`s far to high. also i have Addison`s disease.and am also a diabetic stage 2. and if you find any spelling or grammar mistakes. Please am not interested i would be just be happy i got my message across and got the right information to help me. As i don`t need my ego pumped up by finding fault in other people . have a nice life everyone

    1. Amy, the second number is the one you MUST be careful the most. Ideally should be 80 or less.
      This number tells you the pressure that your blood is coming out of your heart, if is too high you could even die, some artery could explode.
      I would visit a doctor as soon as possible so he can evaluate why your blood is coming out of your heart with such high pressure, do what he tells you including medications and evaluate your life style, could be something wrong that your are doing and you are not aware of.

  71. There is always hope for ALL.
    High Blood pressure is controllable and curable. These are a few recommendations that have worked for me beautifully, I will be out of all medications in a few months, I went from 2 pills a day (50 mg each) to half a day before I go to bed, and I know of people that are complete free of medication, ok here, my suggestions:

    Starting, is the most difficult, most of us have many challenges in life, betrayals, failures due to others and self inflicted, all these brings us to depression to the point of wanting to die or being disappointed of still being alive in the morning after waking up…I have been there.

    1-Know that you are unique. There is nobody like you in earth, never have been and never will be. You are so unique that you could never be replicated and your uniqueness and importance is so immense that cannot be measured…your place in history is no accident, YOU ARE important.
    2-Start by walking 5 to 10 minutes in one direction OUTSIDE of your home, then, when you get the 5 minutes mark, just come back home; do it 6 times a week…This is what I was able to do, 5 to 10 minutes.
    I started looking at the neighborhood, people walking their dogs, beautiful women, nice gardens, a nice sunny day and many other things that I could not appreciate indoors.
    I failed so much in my life and was used and abused so much that I did not think that anything was possible, but this simple Walk gave me a tiny sense of possibility.
    As time passed I decided to walk a little longer and walk all around certain group of houses, the time expanded to 15 minutes, 30, 45, and at a point I was doing it close to two hours…
    I lost weight, was lighter, the extra oxygen that was taking in my walks, allowed me to sleep better…sleeping better gave me, for some reason Optimism, I would wake up desiring better for my life, for those whom I loved and others.
    2-Next, I realized I had to make nutritional changes, and since this is the only body I have and very little money, I decided to ask Mr. Google about it. I did. There is so much information I would never end to tell you and I am still finding more and more, and adding them to my routine.
    3-My “diet” is NOT complicated and is delicious. I do eat whatever if I go to a party or invited by relatives, and I enjoy it very much, BUT, big but, I have been “behaving” perfectly well with my day to day nutrition…Yes, I DO NOT call it diet at all.
    4- My favorite breakfast is an incredibly nutritious Shake or Smoothie that keeps me full and not hungry at all until 11 am or noon, almost always.

    Fruits of your choice, but I love to always have Grapes, Strawberries and bananas in it, but other fruits are great too; Bananas I love because they have natural sugar and I do not need to add any processed sugar, they are perfect and I usually add 2, even the ripe ones are good (I hated them before). I add a good scoop of a LOW CHOLESTEROL protein powder (The one I buy is only 100 or less cholesterol), I buy Vanilla flavor, which makes the shake even more tasty, chocolate will ruin the good taste of the shake, chocolate is a no no, at least for me in this fruit shake.
    I add: 1 Carrot. 1Celery stick. 1 Crown of Broccoli. 1 handful of Spinash. 1 handful of Kale. ¼ teaspoon of cumin. ¼ tea spoon of turmeric.1/4 tea spoon of clove. 1 or 2 soup spoons of honey. a few slices of Ginger. Add Oat Meal, raw, be generous, this will make you feel full and will nourish your body as well. Add Almond Milk, unsweetened preferably…BLEND!!!
    Drink at least 2 glasses, and leave some for later, with all these ingredients you will get minimum 4 glasses, but they ARE great nutrition.
    Note: I add 2 raw eggs, but be careful, they have to be PERFECT, maybe organic, if they have salmonella or are rotten, could make you very sick…leave it out for now and decide later, think about it.
    5- I drink the leftover Shake after my walk or work out.
    6- I Make sure I am drinking good water all day long, just to the level of thirst, do not follow people that think that you HAVE TO drink 8 glasses a day, well, maybe for them, maybe you will need more, maybe less, but drink GOOD WATER, it’s crucial.
    7- I stopped ALL the consumption of starches since I was 50 lbs overweight and was borderline diabetic…No potato, rice, chips, yucca, or pastas, which I love them to be honest with you, but I do have them on special occasions ONLY, not on my daily nutrition.
    8- I cook Meat or Chicken in a lot of water, and let it cool down. Sometimes I leave the whole pot in the refrigerator overnight (ideally) so all the grease comes out floating. I am amazed every time because I have trimmed the meat and the chicken so much, one could think that there is no fat leftover, but there is, and A LOT. The chicken, I take all the skin before cooking.
    I condiment it, add some salt, pepper, favorite condiments including Turmeric which is excellent (Just a touch), lemon or lime, garlic, chopped onions, celery, mustard, bbq sauce, etc., and cook it again for a while; you can cook the condiments for a while and then add the chicken or the meat.
    To simplify my life, I add vegetables at the end of this, so they cook lightly.
    Eat as much as you want.
    9-Eat a good salad at night with fruits, veggies, as raw as possible with your favorite dressing, ideally no later than 8 pm. (Honey mustard is mine)
    There is a lot to talk about nutrition, find what is good for you my friend, but DO something about it; my levels of energy and optimism went through the roof…hope you get the same.
    10- I started swimming which I always loved, a few laps a day that took me no time, really; at first I could only swim half a lap and had to stop and catch my breath, well in 4 months I got to 20 laps without stopping, ALL IS POSSIBLE, never did this before in my life, honestly.
    11-My car broke down, I loved my car, and was a good motive to be once again depressed. Uber to and from work became expensive, so I borough a bicycle from a friend, who reluctantly lend it to me, but I had no other choice, just be humble and use it until I could save enough to by one, which I did.
    I rode the bicycle for months to and from work 6 miles each way…again, I felt great, I suggest you buy one and ride it at least ONCE a week to start, you will see so many things that you were missing by driving a car everywhere, neighbors started to say hello, pretty girls smiled at me (no they were not blind, lol), noticed stores, parks and places I did not know existed, in short, riding a bicycle is great, as much or even better than walking.
    12- Buy a bike rack for your car and take your bicycle to the beach for example, do your walk on the beach and then do your bike ride somewhere nearby, a new view and the ocean fresh air always makes me think better of life.
    13- Sleep well; buy a good pillow and a good bed. Buy good soft and inviting blankets, make your time sleeping, GREAT, that would renew your body and even if you don’t believe it, your soul as well. VERY IMPORTANT to sleep good.
    14- Start a Traveling/Dreaming savings Fund with ONE dollar. Make sure you put that one dollar in an envelope every Thursday or pay day, then increase the amount as you see fit, but never, never, ever stop saving every pay day…Travel to that destination that you have always dreamed of, go!!! Make your bucket list and accomplish it, Life is Beautiful, Be the best you can and MUST be, one step at the time, SURE YOU CAN!

  72. WOW. I stumbled upon here, while researching my suddent high b/p, of 210/160. Going to try to get to a doctor asap. Thank you for all the info, and input

  73. I’ve had a bad headache for a couple of days didn’t think to much about it because I suffer from chronic migraines, but I was in Walgreens saw the BP machine and checked it out it said my BP was 220/195, should I be concerned?

  74. Hello I had been admitted to hospital as my BP was very high 254/119 they controlled it put me on some medication and i was sent home.
    Just taken it day as i feel nauseous and headache and it is 191/110 should i go to a hospital or what
    As that is classed as High level 3

  75. Is it normal for my blood pressure to be 186/115 after I exercise? It only goes high when I exercise. My resting blood pressure is normal..121/81

  76. Amanda E Gonzales

    My blood pressure was 232/203 with a 211 pulse. But i so have kidney problems and take the max of 3 blood pressure meds

    Yeah I feel terrible

  77. I am 25 years old of 65 kls. I am now at 170/120 and dont feel any ill of some sort. Should i be that worried of my BP? Anyone who has the same sentiment?

  78. I am aged 67 and had over the past 3 years 3 TIA strokes. I have seen my GP regarding bloop pressure at 185 and as low as 160 and he says this is acceptable..On another occasion it was 245 over 140 but he refused to medicate me
    .on 3 occasions i was taken to the A&E but was refused treatment “quote doctor said to me A&E is for accidents and emergencies do you understand what this means we do not treat what you have go and see your GP” unquote.so now i wait for the next stroke to hit me seeing as GP and A&E are not interested ..

    1. Make ready your ending could be near. This is life so what can you do?
      Ask we the people of the internet for medical advise? Ok so according to webmd or something like that and the Mayo Clinic or the mayo on my sandwich one not sure anyhow you screwed. Your use by date is approaching. Alas read and study your bible as you wI’ll have finals soon.

      Hope this helps.
      My 🧠 hurts now hopefully is no stroke.

  79. I had a syncopal event at home, and after the collapse, three pressures were taken over the next two hours. First one was 214/146, the second one was 205/134, third and final recording was 190/134. I have a history of stage 2 hypertension and this event is of great concern to me.

  80. I am just starting to experience high blood pressure over the past couple of months….this morning was the worst at 194/107…what to do ??? Its scares me….which seems to make the situation worse…on recheck 2 hrs later now down to 180/98..I am 65 year old female..help ?!?

  81. My blood pressure is 222/103
    I have been to the ER plenty of times and the just inject medications in my leg and they don’t give me any thing to control my stage 3 high blood pressure. What could I do. I already suffered through one prestroke and I get worried that I will have another stroke. Bad thing I just had a miscarriage and my blood pressure still is no high. Give me some advice.

  82. Hi I just got my blood pressure checked and it was 202/130! It scared me. I had no symptoms I just decided to get it checked! When I got to the hospital they wanted to admit me. I told them I felt fine and I promised to take the medicine they prescribed me. I have been on the medication 3 days now and my pressure is down to 171/108. Whats really sad is that I work in the emergency department and I see stroke patients everyday. I am now eating healthier and I will check my blood pressure regularly!!

  83. My husband’s blood pressure has been higher than usual the last couple weeks. He checked just a little bit ago and it read 214/179! Dr gave him another blood pressure med ontop of lisinaprol a few days ago but it is scaring me💔

  84. Asking for a friend

    If someone’s blood pressure was 200/130 and they don’t want treatment to lower it, how long would it take them to die?

  85. I have been treated for high blood pressure for years. Only this last month have I started monitoring my blood pressure on a daily basis. It appears to be all over the place within a 12 hour period. Only noticed this for the past few days. If I didn’t like my morning’s bp I took in the afternoon. Example: in the morning 103/67 and then 128/113 in the afternoon.
    This afternoon bp was 116/115.
    How many days before I call my doctor? I have been having gut trouble. My plan is to be fine shortly. But rather be safe than not worry.

  86. In march 2018 I had a aneurysm clipped. It took 3 clips to do it. I was having really bad headaches before the clipping. After the headaches went away. About 6 months later I started getting headaches again. I was told that the aneurysm was growing again. Now when the headaches are really bad my blood pressure gets really high. Today it was 187/103, then after taken medicine it went to 208/192. So I have severe pain from the aneurysm that causes my blood pressure to get very high. I have several doctors that I see. I don’t know what else to do.

  87. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure while in the army aged 29. I was placed on medication really annoying to take everyday. My doctor at VA wants to check me every three months alas I grew weary of doing this. I stopped going and taking medication. I had a health screen for a job height / weight blood pressure etc. The nurse was really excited to see my blood pressure reading 183/133. I think that I really impressed her. Anyway I feel fine so why worry over it if it is my time to go then I will go. Besides if you were living my life you might be ready to check out as well. Blood pressure readings are a hoax to chain you to your doctor and take medication that is not required. I feel just fine but everyone must decide for themselves. Death and taxes are certain die due to this or being hit by a car dead is dead.

  88. My blood pressure reading was 146 over 117….I am assuming that have a diastolic value of 117 is bad?

  89. Hello, I’m a 47 year old mail….😉 and my blood pressure was 187/123 and my pulse was 88. I know that’s not good. But my question is…is it better to have a lower pulse with a high reading or a lower one? Or does it matter? I’ve had lower a lower Bp with a higher pulse rate. Does one affect the other that greatly? Is one way worse than the other. Thanks for any imput, this is helpful and a bit stress relieving. I appreciate it.

  90. I have stage 2 kidney disease (as of last yr, with a GFR of 72) I also have, MS and liver disease.
    I just woke up in the middle of the night with my highest numbers yet (for me) 164/112 80p. I can’t take meds like heart meds ect… cause they affect my liver too much. I also am only functioning on 1 kidney. I was born with atrophy of my left kidney. Through the yrs, it quit working. I’m 49yrs old. I hate hospitals lol. Is there anything I can do at home to help for now?
    thanks, Sarrah

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