Hypotense (low) blood pressure

The hypotense blood pressure also known as too low blood pressure is at a systolic (upper) value under 105 mmHg and a diastolic (lower) value of under 60 mmHg. But this classification is not generally valid. For example the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute in the US states a value of under 90 to 60 mmHg as a value of Hypotension.

Reasons for a hypotense blood pressure

Low blood pressure?
Low blood pressure?

If your blood pressure is only slightly under said values and there are no health impairments a hypotense blood pressure might be alright. Sometimes a hypotense blood pressure does only appear for a short time, for example when switching your body position (getting up fast). Blood pressure is usually kept stable in this situation by automatic mechanisms in the body, but if those mechanisms are slow or fail, pressure can drop. Too little taking of liquids or ullage (when having diarrhea or vomiting) can also be a cause of low blood pressure.

If one’s blood pressure drops after eating, that is the postprandial type. This seems to result from a redirection of blood to the digestive system. Again, this is usually mediated automatically, but if the system fails, a drop in pressure may result.

Low blood pressure can also be caused by factors such as heart disease, when the heart is not pumping enough blood to oxygenate the organs. Some endocrine system problems such as hypothyroidism can also cause a drop in pressure, as can heat exhaustion and dehydration. Severe allergic reactions (anaphylaxis) and severe infections that affect the blood vessels are other causes of low blood pressure and, of course, a severe injury that results in blood loss or internal bleeding can produce a fatal drop in pressure.

To increase your blood pressure drink more water, do some sports and eat some salty foods.

Variations from the hypotense blood pressure

Check your blood pressure many times a day to avoid catching only hypotense phases. If you measure a hypotense blood pressure very often it will be helpful to check your blood pressure for 24 hours with a doctor. With these results it is much more easier to detect reasons for the low blood pressure or to approve that they are not a problem at all.

But remember, it is not unusual for someone’s blood pressure to naturally be chronically low; a low reading may simply be normal for that individual. If the person is showing no adverse symptoms, no treatment is necessary and the condition only needs to be monitored during routine doctor visits.

Dangers of a hypotense blood pressure

The most serious consequences of untreated low blood pressure are the danger of falling and damage to the heart and brain from insufficient oxygen. Anyone who experiences the symptoms of low blood pressure should seek a doctor’s advice to determine if treatment is necessary.

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      1. I am 62 years of age. Just took my BP at 9:56 pm i also smoke and just had a colonoscopy. They found a very small polyp and told me it didn’t look bad. Still awaiting for results. My BP was 132/69 pulse 73 is 69 to low?

          1. Hi i dont know where to post
            I hope here is ok
            Is 106/80 for BP ok?
            Im usually low but im in nursing take care of dementia patients and im always on the go…is that ok the BP?

        1. Mabrigida Cruz Santiago

          My last blood pressure is 109/50 with Pulse of 59. I’m taking Nebilat, TMZ MR and Candez for almost 2 weeks now after my blood pressure went up to 170/100 last July 4, 2016. Is my BP now indicative of Low BP? I am diabetic and hypertensive.Thank you

        2. My chest has been hurting most of today and is gradually getting worse this evening even at rest. I have had a severe eating disorder for nearly 10 years now,
          My blood sugars run in the 40’s & 50’s to which my doctor is not happy with.
          I just cheched my blood pressure and its 98/57 which is normal for me as I usually always run low, but the chest pain has me concerned.

          1. This is not an ER, with chest pains most of the day your should go to the Emergency room and get checked out.

        3. I’m no dr but my pb has gone at its lowest to 80/60. Average for me is around 105_110/ 58/60 my resting rate anywhere from 54-62. It rarely gets over 100 even with exercise anymore. I do have hypothyroidism and this is a norm for me. I don’t tend to be light head dizzy, no heart condition ( no svt problem over 5 years) and my Dr’s say it’s good as do CT and mri. Your most likely fine. Normal is an average not necessarily set in stone. My temp is even around 97-98 area not 98.6 always has been. So unless you feel unwell I would not be too concerned

      2. This is an ideal blood pressure the top reading is normal and bottom ideal your pulse is in the normal range to don’t worry in all it’s all good .😃

    1. Because systolic is 158 you are considered to have high blood pressure even though the diastolic is normal diastolic is the pressure between beats systolic is how much your heart has to work to move blood through your system.

        1. I keep feeling faint constantly right now it’s 103/64 rate 74 if this is within normal range why do I feel like I’m going to pass out?

    2. The past 3 days my blood pressure’s been getting lower and lower and lower today it got down to 97 over 57 and I feel very weak post was 87 but I haven’t irregular heartbeat they’ve already pronounced me with heart failure few times I’m diabetic I never smoked never drink 63 years old all I’ve ever done my whole life is work work work work am I looking for something to happen soon

      1. I am 26 and my blood pressure is 98/60 and my doctor is not concerned. I don’t have any symptoms other that slight dizziness on occasion. Maybe you’re fine too ?

    3. I just checked my BP for my evening reading, as I do an AM and PM reading daily. It is 130/48. I have never seen the lower number that low. I’m usually at pre-hypertension levels. I am a 48 yr old male in decent shape.

    4. my blood pressure was 220 upper but can’t remember bottom of it because I was so confused with it went to hospital had to sit on floor it was so overcrowded and wait for 9 hours to see doctor then told no beds for another 9 hours so was sent home to be looked after with meds by my family still under investigation

    1. My husband is 74 years. He was critically ill early this year. He was on life support and needed a pace maker. He has been in hospital for the past 4 days, he had a black out last Saturday. He is being treated for low blood pressure, 98/56.
      Can this be heart failure?

      1. I have severe diarrhea for 3-4 weeks. Everything I eat goes straight through as a liquid. I’m getting weaker. Went to Dr yesterday. BP was 117/20. Should I be worried

      1. My BP is 86/55. I was sitting down and suddenly I felt like the blood was coming out of my face. I became very pale and dizzy and extremely nauseated.
        I’ve had a history of low blood pressure but not this low and never had any symptoms until about three months ago when I started to get very dizzy and fainted three times in the past 3 mths. Should I be concerned.?

    2. Definitely low blood pressure but if tou are not having any problems like dizziness or fainting or constant tiredness you should be ok

    3. I’m 34, chronic bronchitis, normal resting hr of typically 103- 135 and normal low blood pressure. Right now I tested pulse 110, bp 83/64 and o2 sat of 96%.

    1. The best you can have her do is to have her lay flat with her legs higher then her body it will bring her blood pressure back up. I lay like that about 15 minutes get up slowly take my blood pressure works Everytime GOODLUCK

      1. I am 68, female, blood pressure is 120/49 pulse 70. Have heart disease. Having a few little pains in heart for a second or two 4 or 5 times a day for the past 3 days.

        1. I am 23 years old my blood pressure 118/42 ,114/48 it iS good or bad ,sometime when i run my chest pain so much after 8,9min automatic stop please send answer

          1. Hi my reading tonight was 94/49 and pulse 73. I do have a thyroid problem from having radiation from a brain tumor that was cancer. But my blood pressure makes me feel like I am going to pass out

  1. I had adrenal gland surgery on 2/25/2015 for left kidney. On the first week of my surgery done. My BP is fine, now it’s getting low to 85 sys/ 43 dia/ 83 pulse. Is it considerated “Hypotension”?

    1. I have Addison’s disease. That’s adrenal gland failure. I have very low blood pressure especially before I got treatment. Addisons is deadly.

  2. Im 19 about 125lb female, 5’6″ and have been helping my friend with her clinics in college and every week she has to take my vitals well they have been, 110/60, 98/ 64, and 102/54. I am tired/ sick feeling most of the day, if i stand too quickly i black out. My dad is a paramedic and says its fine because I used to be very athletically active and he believes i still am even though i try to tell him the most exercise i do is getting in and out of my car or walking to the fridge. I havent been to my physician since this problem has gotten worse because he doesnt speak very good English and the last time i went to him with my repeated headaches and nausea i insisted that i wanted to get checked for anemia because my mom and grandma are and had to take iron for it and he wouldnt test me, instead he insisted that other things could cause nausea i.e. pregnancy, but test was negative so he just proscribed be promethazine, that i take daily for my nausea and ibuprofen or Tylenol

    1. change your doctor or ask to see another one in the surgery – it shouldn’t be a problem but if it is you can say you don’t feel he’s understanding you correctly and can’t therefore properly advise/ treat you – is there are walk in centre you could go to – don’t be too alarmed by your symptoms – I’m not a medic but it sounds like you would be better getting your symptoms properly checked out so you can know whether you have a condition that needs managing and there are plenty of methods for this (for example my mum has an underactive thyroid and this causes her low blood pressure – she just takes her thyroid pills regularly and she’s fine now – she’s been on them for around 12 years or so now and no problems) – and it will also set your mind at rest but you do sound like you are worrying and this in itself is cause to get better medical advice that you are getting from your current doctor – he doesn’t sound like much to me this person

    2. I don’t want to alarm you, but my daughter in HS was an athlete and posed the same conditions you are describing. I told her what your dad told you. A couple years later she became even more ill, had shortness of breath etc. Her doctor thought it was in her head… long story short, she was in heart failure, because her body attacked a virus that had gone to her heart, and also damaged her heart muscle at the same time. Doctors don’t expect young athletes to have heart problems, so they don’t check it out. Insist on an EKG and Echo of your heart, it may save your life!

    3. If you feel sick behind these readings then you should go to the emergency room so they can see that you have hypotension. There is the possibility that you are not getting enough oxygen to vital organs like your heart and brain

    4. At 46 I’ve finally learned to get a new doctor as soon as I feel that the necessary mutual rapport is not there. Also, as a female, having female doctors has been very helpful. Regardless, don’t settlexpect! They work for you. Also, your dad doesn’t know squat about your health. But then, you knew that, didn’t you?

  3. my dad has a pacemaker,67 years old ,and had five stints in heart. his blood pressure been low like 112/50.Is that to low of a blood pressure?

      1. I would see a doctor fast, go to the emergency, 112 over 43 is too low, it is the 43 that would bother me

  4. my B P goes from 95/55 to 104 /64 i do it twice a day to see what its like and as it dont go any higher do you
    think i should take the readings to the doctor so they can see what its like as if its not 1 or both it cames back as Hypotense to low blood pressure … i am a 44 yr old mum and all of my children are in school so all i do is walk the youngest to school and then back home again …

  5. I’m a 20 year old male, 130lb 5’9″ Very active good diet, eat very little and dont hydrate well. My BP has consistently for the last 5 years been around 75/40 resting heart rate mid 40s. should i be worried about any underlying cause

    1. You’ve, possibly unknown to you, answered your own question here. Your exercise level as compared to your food and liquid intake levels are off kilter. Those things in themselves will cause low BP all by themselves. Without seeing a doctor for any other testing for some other underlying cause, simply raising your food and hydration intakes will make a positive difference in your too low BP.

    2. Drink more water and consume more salt if you want to bring pressure up but if there are no problems like dizziness fainting tiredness headaches than you should be ok that’s what i was told.

  6. I’m having a very hard time staying awake . I’m really weak and I am soooo tired. I took b my pb and it us reading 74/ 40.. I ts even as t b one tone 72/38 Nad the highest I the k a d t hour was 80/47.i have high pb and am on meds for it. But my problem has been it stays high alot even with the meds. I never have low blood pressure. I just want to go to sleep.

    1. My phone is messing up words. Sorry. I was trying to say… my pb was as low as 73/43 oh and during that time of my pb being so low I could hardly keep myself awake. I would fall asleep in an instant if I sat down. I felt so tired and weak. And my pulse was down to 32 at one time the highest it went up when I had been walking around was 47.

      1. Have them check your vitamin D level, sounds like what happened to me. I couldn’t stay awake at all, almost 3 days solid i slept. My D level was extremely low.

      2. Very low blood pressure you should see a doctor right away since you are extremely tired it’s possible that you are not getting enough oxygen to vital organs like your heart and brain

  7. My docsays stress and my vagus nerve does this to my bp but when im asleep at night my pulse Is bteween 44 amd 57 amd bp os betwern 74-89/40-62 should i ne worried im four months ppst partun im always tired theyve done2 echoss stress test 5day hospital stay holter moniter gi doc and and im always SOO TIRED im not active at all i js quit smoking nine months ago i dnt understand why i have croed out to four heart doctors and two family docs and theyre all sayin im ok but i keep expressing to them im miserable i drink NINETY ounces of water a day and it dont help theyve done wwork for cortisol tsh lyme disease and adrenal too everythingnormal im so upset all the time i feel like no one is worried about my safety im so depressed some one pleasr help me

    1. I wud try and go through the emergency room and u might find a dr there that might have more experience. Or u could even try a homeopath and have them run a full hormone balance check as i have read the hormones run ur body systems. I have not tried this but just read about it and with a heart condition I thought I would try it and see what they say….it can’t hurt. My blood pressure is super low and always has been but lately the bottom number has been dripping into thev40s n that is worrying.

      1. Emergency room did nothing for me yesterday. Wouldn’t even take my blood pressure or test for anything at all. I took it today at home 65/39, I’m feeling like rubbish, so tired all the time can barely get out of bed, they treated me like I needed psychological help at the emergency room and sent me on my way saying try mindfulness and cbt. I want to punch them now, clearly there is something medically wrong with me but how would they know considering they checked absolutely nothing.

  8. Chill everyone. I’ve just been for a drivers medical and my BP is 105/46. The qualified doctor said it was low but perfectly OK – ***as I feel fine**. The figure is just an indicator. If you’re not feeling well, of course investigate. If you’re feeling fine, a low figure could infact be perfectly normal.
    Best wishes to all.

  9. I had Stage 4 cancer of the mandible (jaw bone) a year and half ago, chemo and radiation with all lymphnodes removed on the side they removed part of my jaw. I’ve been suffering from low BP 97/57 for a while. I’m 48, my mom died this from COPD. I ‘m worried. I’m always tired, I do get dizzy. Doc says to watch it. Could be it be related to the cancer?

  10. Just got rejected from giving blood! After 30 yrs! I’m 66, I go to the gym regularly. Yesterday was my day off. Today I ran at a slower pace, lower incline but did 4 miles in 35 min. Only near the very end did my heart rate reach 170. When running faster and a greater incline, 183 was max. Today at the blood clinic, they got 97/49 the first time, then 20 min later, 93/41 and declined my volunteering to donate. For many years when donating, my BP was from 110/70 as a high to 90/60 as a low. Now if have a strict workout routine and a guarded diet. I don’t have any symptoms but my mother died when her heart failed on the treadmill at the hospital. All us kids have some arrhythmia. I rarely notice any heart beat irregularity. My question is, should I be concerned about such low BP?

    1. Died doing treadmill on stress test? They should have done the injection type test.. I had two doctors refuse the actual treadmill run.. Turns out the right heart artery was closed off to 95%,, Doc didn’t know why I was still alive. You might want to even see an attorney on your mother’s death..

  11. My bp is 104 over 82 I have very high bp usually. I have a bi cusspid aeortic valve. With some stenosis and regurge. I’m feeling some chest pain and I have had a head ache all day. Should I worry

  12. It is late evening. I check my blood pressure…it is 90-68-89…WHOAAAA! I come to this site and check it again while reading.>>.75-54-94…that is very worrisome. I drink two large glasses of water. 10 minutes later my blood pressure is 106-61-86

    Read the full article carefully.

    1. As long as it isn’t causing you any symptoms, it’s probably normal. I’m 38 and have had a reading of around 80/55 and a heart rate of about 60 (the highest it’s ever gotten when running is about 100) all my life with no physical symptoms.

      My doctors have always told me not to worry about it; some people just have chronically low blood pressure. If you’re worried about it, though, it doesn’t hurt to ask your doctor.

  13. I am 39 years old with type 2 diabetes, I went to the hospital for a migraine I had since Friday. I couldn’t sleep because of the migraine. They took my blood pressure and said it was 102/52 is that good or bad for my age?

  14. I’M on blood pressure meds,but my blood pressure stay at 101/59 at least for the last year and a half.I weigh 300lbs.Should I woory

    1. Those are actually pretty good numbers. I would talk to the doctor about lowering your body mass some unless it’s mainly muscle. As weight increases ; the heart size does not and has to work harder the heavier a person is. I had a problem with my weight but made very small lifestyle changes (watching my fat/sodium and cholesterol intake) – my bp is better ; my health is better and I have alot more energy now that my heart isn’t working so hard to just keep up with my daily movements. Exercise ; even if its just walking – 10 minutes a day has positive benefits on the body. 20 minutes even better – but you should speak to a doctor first before starting up any exercise plan – if there’s underlying issues its better to find them early than late.

  15. i woke up with bp at 166/104 took lisinopril 20mg and it has dropped to 81/47. i dont feel right i was suppose to take daily but it does this to me so i dont take it unless bp goes above certain reading. doc initially told me to do that but then said take daily. i cant afford to feel this tired cause i work at night as it is. ugh

    1. lisinopril lowers the bp through your kidneys ; you may want to talk to your doctor about taking carvedilol instead or possibly having the lisinopril adjusted to a lower dosage. Starting someone on a high dosage of blood pressure medicine (unless someone genuinely needs it) is never a good thing because medications have to be tailored to fit each person (adjusted in number of dosages and mg)

  16. I thought I was having heart problems, so I was going to the ER but stopped to do a NO reading at the drug store and it was 70/40. So I thought it was fine I wasn’t having a heart attack, so came home instead. I was still having chest pains around my shoulders so I thought it may just be muscle tension. I was dizzy and light headed, but I am fine now. Since reading here, I guess my BP was too low. I haven’t had my NO meds for a week and am still waiting on my pharmacist to deliver.

    1. You went to the drug store, checked your BP, and couldn’t pick up your meds at the same time. Hopefully you are alright but use your brain next time.

    1. If it happens alot – yes. You should be checked for COPD and also CHF – while both may sound terrifying ; my mom has lived with both for over 15 years and has minimal issues. Managing conditions after being diagnosed is key. Follow up with lifestyle changes and keep doctors in the loop with any changes.

  17. I blacked out in class and was then sent to the nurse’s office. I have had low blood pressure before (at least once every month) and this time it was 110 over 45 and the nurse said I was fine and to just go get a drink of water…is she wrong to consider it “fine” because I have had this before and it did not feel “fine”.

  18. Measured a bp of 88/55. Usually I don’t really think having a low bp is a problem since I have slight hypothyroidism and I’m just not very strong. But today after I took my meds (lomotil and acroxia) I have shaking hands, thumping heart and this. Can this be a problem?

  19. I was recently put on a third medication for high blood pressure. BP was contantly higher than 160/90… i even been as high as 158/112. Now my BP is going as low as 89/59. I am extremely dizzy and totally fatigued. I want to sleep all the time. I have multiple autoimmune disorders including mixed connective tissue disorder with scleroderma (systemic sclerosis). Recently my thyroid flipped from hypothyroidism to hyperthyroidism. Dr has not adjusted meds. I also have raynauds and early stages of copd (no meds). Also the newest BP med (indapamide 1.25mg) also has a diuretic. Initially this did reduce the edema in my feet and ankles but the swelling is coming back. How concerned should I be. I don’t have the energy to go to the ER just to be sent home.

  20. I have had a cold/flu since December 27th. My blood pressure today was 92/45. I’d appreciate any thoughts on this as I found it concerning.

  21. Hi my bp usually runs on the low side but doc says it I feel dizzy and tired to go to a+e. I’m feeling a bit dizzy at several points today and can’t seem to get hands and feet warm. My bp this morning was reading 96/49 should i be worried enough to go to hospital. Really don’t want to waste their time if i don’t have too. Thank you

  22. My father-in-law has been to the doctors today and told his blood pressure was 77/53. He’s 84 years old and suffered a blackout at home a few weeks back. Is there anything that increases the blood pressure to make him feel better…? He’s currently taking Fludo-cortizone half tablet and increasing too 1 tablet as of today. Will this help him as he is constantly falling asleep…:o)

  23. My blood pressure is 116 over 49 and feel very nervous inside and weak. Should I call my doctor. Been going on for a few days and seem to feel worse.

  24. My son in law had a heart attack while abroad on holiday and had 2 stents fitted,his blood pressure is 101/50 today before taking his daily 1.25 Ramipril,the doctor wants to get it as low as possible until he feels dizzy and has told him to continue with the Ramipril. My daughter would be very interested to know if others have been told the same after a heart attack.

  25. Hello my blood pressure currently 85/56 I usually run low, but i feel so tired no energy, heads and chest hurting a little

  26. My wife has had several strokes since august 2014 she is also diabetic most time her blood pressures are on the high dide but i checked her blood pressure 2 timed tonight and were both low 114 over56 and 115 over48 what should i do

  27. I am 48 yrs old and my bp has always been within the range of 100 over 80. ths is the first time my bp got so low at 100 over 40 and i felt dizzy. i am a very active person. any tips?

  28. I took my 17 year old son to Doctor the other day and his bp was 99/45 but they didnt say anything was wrong. I thought it was a very low pressure. What do you think?

    1. Get a second opinion with a different doctor I have lived my whole life with having problems with either my blood pressure being too low or Spike too high my best advice is another doctor until you find out what is causing it I know what my health conditions are that are causing my blood pressure drops I pray you find out what is causing them because even if it’s his normal to have low blood pressure too low can be fatal for anyone

  29. Carleen Pimentel

    Hello. I am just 15 years old but my blood pressure is 91/58 and 78 pulse rate . Is it normal??

  30. I am 68yrs old.i am under inderal LA 30mg daily since 15days for essential tremors.my BP is lowering gradually.today 93/51.my heart rate is between 70to60.can any expert suggest me

  31. I am just wondering, i am 17 years old which seems a little bit strange but my blood pressure is usually 105/66 and one time it dropped to 90/60 ,, should i be concerned ?

    1. are they replied to your question? i also have the same problem….
      i am 22 years old …my blood pressure is 112/57 & beats 56………..is that too low? any remedies for this?

  32. I am 64 and occasionally get extreme low blood pressure readings- 84/41,93/41,88/47′ 81/48 etc. Could this be contributing to my cronic migraines?

  33. Hi. I just want to ask I have a BP which is 106/66 and a pulse rate of 73. is that fine? I am 24 years old.

  34. I’m tired of feeling awful/unwellness. What I go through daily is challenging even to function. I suffer with hypotension daily my Bp readings today: 118/39 Pulse 83, 98/47 Pulse 88, 96/45 Pulse 92 and 96/32 Pulse 118. At times I struggle to wake up in the morning. I don’t know how much more of this I can stand. When my Bp is low in general I feel unwellnes, fatigue. Chest pain that travels in my neck, headache, nausea, sometimes vomiting difficult at times to consentrate and have had where I’ve passed out. I’ve seen a cardiologist. The cardiologist said it was orthastatic hypotension and figured I had possible a neurological disorder being my heart is good. In addition he’d prescribed medication a steroid drug that in the end had to be taken off because of a severe reaction. I was told to increase my salt intake. I actually eat salt in gross proportion. I’ve gone to the hospital when having low Bp I was apparently not forming my words slurring, disoriented and and and….. I was sent to a Dr of internal medicine and in one apt he’d decided unless my blood work was abnormal he had nothing to work with….I asked if he had my previous results during times when seen at the hospital…He didn’t…this was his position…so I went back to the Dr and he said we’d wait for another episode and then we’d try and deal with it…..ugh…. I’m past frustration….I’ve been now going through this for 8 years this has increasingly gotten worse over time….I don’t feel that this is being delt with and not sure what I can do about this. So maybe a suggestion of anything might mean a better quality of life.

    1. Sounds like you should have your thyroid checked. I have similar symptoms, and am now under the care of a endocrinologist. I’ve been recently diagnosed with Graves disease.

  35. My blood pressure is normally 140/98
    They switched up my medicine and it has been within normal limits
    I fell and severely injured my wrist. I haven’t slept but a few hours this past week. I am past exhaustion. I started feeling dizzy about 30 minutes ago. My blood pressure is 70/55. I am awaiting surgery to have two arm bones cut and pieces removed. 6”Metal plate and screws installed. I’m only 5’3 so that a lot of a little person.
    Last night it felt like my heart was beating irregular, too fast, double beats, then missing beats. I have my preop tomorrow with my PCP is it OK to wait or should I call my cardiologist I have a history of 8-9 times with pericarditis.
    Posted July 17, 2017. Please email me if I need to do something now Dr or nurse only reply please. [email protected]
    Thank you

  36. my daughter is 22 and she always had a block spot on her part of her body BP is 80/64 is this really bad or now we bring her to the Dr. and she gave her iron pill is it possible to her blood become normal please give some advice thank you

  37. I have had a double by pass-my blood pressure goes up and down depending on the time of day-just took it and it is 93/68/67

  38. my blood pressure is 97/46 and my pulse 83… is it normal or too low? I’m feeling tired, sleepy, my muscle and joint are aching.

  39. My bp after my surgery was 57/29 heart rate was 44 and oxygen levels dropped to 50%. It stayed down this low for over 30min before the nurse put me on oxygen. And even then it took my husband finally yelling at her to get her to look away from her computer. Should I be concerned that my organs could be damaged?

  40. I am 34 years old and my BP has been low over the past few months. 95/66; 102/65 – Today I went to get it checked..104/70 which is accompanied by nausea, fatigue, weakness in my limbs and headaches. When i went to the Dr a few months ago I was told that I have an iron deficiency and a lack of trace elements and I was also sick with an ear infection. So I was prescribed iron tablets, a special salt solution as well as tissue salts. This improved my condition alot…so when this started happening again, I realized that I had not been very diligent in taking the supplements and the nurse said that I could be getting sick with a viral infection as these are currently going around in my area which can also lower a person’s BP.

    I am sharing my experience in hope that it might help others. The Dr I went to see was a Homeopath that is also a qualified Dr.

  41. Checked my bp after not feeling well reading is 111/19 feel dizzy nauseous tired and head feels heavy on neck. Always have normal or low readings never as low as 19 although. Usually 115/78. Should I be concerned?

  42. I am 32years old, female, 5’1, 155lbs, and my blood pressure is 99/65 is that an ok blood pressure or should I see my doctor. I have been dizzy every so often, tired all the time, lack of concentration, nausea, headaches, and depression.

    1. Socorro a.sanchez

      I’m 48 years old this is the 3rd time I have a No that is too low..is this risky ??? I feel my head is empty I almost feel down and have a headache thank you so much..

  43. When a Dr. Is brushing you off you have a very valid reason to change Drs.I don’t feel comfortable with a Dr that won’t listen to me.It wouldn’t hurt to address your concerns and put them to bed or treat them.
    Also the language barrier is an issue I don’t like it either I have to repeatedly say EXCUSE ME,EXCUSE ME I don’t understand what ur telling me…That gets old after a while and embarrassing to me.
    I could be totally off base with this opinion but Is he the type of man or Dr that feels a women is not as smart as a man? In get that distinct feeling in my gut he is.
    I say go 2 another Dr…you don’t seem confident in this 1..I wouldn’t I would be looking for another Dr that I can understand,thats listens 2 my concerns and a Dr that doesn’t make me feel less than because I’m a women if in fact that’s the case. GOOD LUCK in whatever you decide & with getting the correct diagnosis…

  44. It’s incredible. Most people questioning this are women. Please. Instead of an online site with NO MEDICAL staff available bring your concerns to your DOCTOR. Even for some of you, go to the ER. Christ.

  45. Hi everyone I’m a 21 year old female. I suffering from lightheadedness, dizziness, severe fatigue, blanking out feel like I’m really woozy also thirsty all the time drinking gallons of water. I have taken my blood pressure & it was 90 over 50 is this normal ? Should I report it or decrease my Salt intake even though I never have salt with my meals.

  46. I have extreme high blood pressure without meds I run 193/150 to 203/163.Last week I woke up went to the rest room remember me getting up walking to the door…woke up to me on the floor . I crawled back to bed that morning no energy , couldn’t stay awake ,took my blood pressure 80/31.On meds I run 145/85.Thank goodness for my doctor…we adjusted my meds and now am ok .That was a scary feeling .Sue

  47. I have always had low blood pressure, but nothing compared to what I have been experiencing in the last 8 months. My blood pressure fell so low I passed out 3 times in one night and after several tests from a heart Dr. they found nothing other than I could not complete a stress test at the age of 46. In the past week my blood pressure has fallen as low as 58/47, which caused me to become extremely dizzy and fall without being able to get up alone. I have fallen at least three days and finally have an appointment with my heart Dr. Monday, but my concern is they will once again find nothing

  48. So I went to the doctor yesterday for vertigo related to an inner ear issue. They took my bp and it was 92/38. They freaked out a little and took it 5 (!) more times, on different machines, sitting, standing, and laying down until they got a number they liked a little better (102/48). My blood pressure is normally on the low side – why did they freak out? they didn’t really tell me. Other than the vertigo, which is dissipating with meds and exercises, I feel fine.

    Thanks –

  49. hello, I am 53yrs old & I have chronic DVT & high Blood Pressure. lately though my blood pressure drops & goes real low. just now it was 77/98. I lose my balance & get dizzy. my ears ring 1st so I have time normally to sit down 1st.
    I take Eliquis & hydroxyzine, lisinopril & carvedilol

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