What factors affect blood pressure?

High blood pressure, or hypertension, affects millions of adults and it’s a major risk factor for vascular disease, stroke, and other health problems. This is why it’s important to understand the causes of hypertension and what factors affect blood pressure, for better or worse.

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7 thoughts on “What factors affect blood pressure?”

  1. Pankaj Chhibber

    My father is having frequent attacks of high blood pressure. First time it went to 210 /110… second time it went 185/110 and now it touches 150/90 or even 100 often. Normally it can be observed as 135/85. He is 72 years of age. A sportsman with a good physique. And is taking Amtas 25 as the medicine for bp. We went through TMT,Folder test and even the engiography. Every thing appears to be normal. Please advice

  2. A year ago my blood pressure average readings was 137/ 84 but a few days ago it was checked at 181/97….. Panic! What to do? I am aged 64 but am somewhat overweight.

  3. Am worried, not feeling fine for the past few days. My head feeling light, cant sleep. My bp is 157 over 103. Should i be worried?

  4. Im so stress in the morning and checked my bp 151/103 and after few minutes check again of 142/80 and one day later, i check in a manual bp machine, its 130/100 i did not take my medication i choose the natural way..i have anxiety im always worrying.

  5. I’m not feeling gud since last few days. Today my bp was 96/75 .I was feeling some problem in breathing nd heaviness in chest as I’m not able to breath.

  6. Your blood pressure and heart rate are real time indicators of your body’s need at that moment in time. Exceptions are when blood pressure drops when you are hypovolemic, dehydrated, very ill or dying. At those times blood pressure may be low but the heart rate may be elevated. But if your blood pressure is elevated it is usually elevated for a reason. Which is why one should try find out why it is high, rather than to just lower your blood pressure and not fix the real problem. In other words it is more important to focus on overall health rather than to aim for ideal blood pressure and continue an unhealthy diet and lifestyle.

  7. I am 77 last night my Blood Pressure was 189/103 I took a tablet of EXTOR of 5/160 and ALP 0.50 for Sleep. To day I checked my Blood Pressure after a Light break fast and it is 158/68 and pulse rate 68. I have taken one tablet of Extor 5/160 and other medicines like LOWPRIN 75 and one Capsule of B.Complex . Should I continue this treatment and need some changes. I am also diabetic patient and taking Insolen .

  8. I have panic attacks and o worry alot and blood pressure is at 155/114 for 3 days and on meds for it

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