The high normal blood pressure

The high normal blood pressure requires a systolic (upper) value of 130-139 mmHg and a diastolic (lower) value of 85-89mmHg.

This classification is set by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

High normal blood pressure

A high normal blood pressure (sometimes also known as prehypertension) is still considered a normal blood pressure in most cases. But the high normal blood pressure can under some circumstances already damage your vessels especially if there are pre-existing conditions or diseases.

How to avoid high normal blood pressure

To lower the high normal blood pressure to a normal blood pressure (normal: under 130/85) there are multiple options: Important requirement is a well-balanced diet and sports. With that you can get a better blood pressure on long term.

Supporting this there are a variety of natural products that may help such as ginseng, hawthorn or mistletoe.

If you have other problems such as dizziness, circulation problems or palpitation it might be best to find a doctor.

16 thoughts on “The high normal blood pressure

    • Walk in the forest hard for 30 minutes or more 3 or 4x’s a week. get a cat and pet him, watch him bathe himself–this is very calming. Cut back on coffee, increase water intake big time. Eat more veggies and fiber like beans, grains and cranberry’s. Learn about aromatherapy–calming smells like lemon, lavender, sweet orange or geranium. Renew or develop a relationship with God through Christ the savior of the world. I don’t know your status–just throwing out helpful stuff–take or leave, it works for me. Spend time outdoors breathing. Laugh more!!!

  1. blood pressure is 159/86 , pulse 105
    Feel dizzy , shaky , and like I have been hit by a mack truck

    What should I do? Taking Verapimal 180mg

  2. My name is Julia, my BP is 125/55 most of the time it’s out of control really high, but when it low I am sleepy can’t stay awake, tired I have had high blood pressure for over 35 years I don’t know what’s going on . Please help….

  3. I am 41, my blood pressure is 186/113 after falling and doing spinal damage as the pain was very bad.

    Once the pain subsides will my bp go lower ?

    • Barry ~ pain and stress can raise your BP, it should get lower but I wouldn’t wait too long before seeing a doctor if it stays high for more than a week.

  4. 31 year old female bp is always low on top and higher on bottom am on 20mg lisinopril sometimes I only take half bp 104/89

  5. Im 40 and my bp is 148/85 I being to a doctor and he placed me on medication for a week, and it came down. done with the medication but its up again. What do I do?

    • I’d go back to see your doctor ~ you can also try to control your BP with diet and exercise. There are several good sites with info about this, just google “how to control your blood pressure with diet and exercise”

      I hope this helps!

  6. Hi I’m 26 my blood pressure was high I’m taking cranberry tablets and starting to walk more with my S.O. I’ve been eating less sodium. If you Google how much sodium is in whatever you plan to eat you can keep track of how much you consume. You can also Google how much sodium you should consume in a day. It’s only been 1 day but I’m already seeing a difference from doing this. I think mine is related to weight gain and a massive infection 3 times within a year. I’m female and doing whatever I can to lower my blood pressure through diet and exercise. Any tips? What foods are low in sodium?

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