The ideal blood pressure

The ideal blood pressure is a systolic value of under 120 mmHg and a diastolic value of under 80 mmHg. That is the criteria that has to be met according to the World Health Organisation (WHO)

The ideal blood pressure

The ideal blood pressure is the best requirement to avoid damaging of vessels and organs. With an ideal blood pressure your expectancy of life increases

With a balanced and healthy diet and some sporting activity you can hold your ideal blood pressure long term.


Variations from the ideal blood pressure

Directly after sports aswell as after eating your blood pressure might be higher than normal though. To get better results check your blood pressure multiple times a day. With a long term measurement of your blood pressure you can get even better result. A long term measurement of your blood pressure normally takes about 24 hours and you will get a valid average with that method. Ask your doctor to get one.

If you feel like you are not completely fit, feel tired or have problems with circulation better find a doctor to run certain tests.

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  1. your website has been helpful. i’ve measured my blood pressure to be 126/62. i undestand that the ideal systole is 120. what does that say about my status and how impressive is my diastole

    • Take magnesium ever day. 100% RDA. No alchohol , cut fast food, no bread or cookies or crackers or chips. Drink water. Start walking a mile a day and increase to three miles over time. Try this to lower Bp but you are in a dangerous level of high Bp and may need medication for awhile. Go to a doctor . But still do the other things to get healthy!

      • Why no Alcohol? I measured 141 over 85. Then had 2 oz of dry wine over about 10 min and then measured 133 over 82. It seems the alcohol helped.

        • It just means that the alcohol relaxed you for a moment but what it does not show is that the alcohol kills the brain cels, making it hard for you to concentrate and makes it hard for you in your future health, from metabolism to mind related problems.

          hope i could answer your question 🙂

          • Wow – you are very misinformed. Dry or red wine in that amount once or twice a day can actually have very positive beneficial effects on your system in metabolism; muscle; and cardiovascular. Have you read some of the markups from the cleveland and/or mayo clinics regarding this? Sure – it might be something you want to talk over with your doctor to be certain that there are not going to be any negative effects to any medications you are taking but to suggest all alcohol intake is bad sounds more crazy than it does insightful in any way.

      • Your comment should have begun and ended with “Go to a doctor”. It is the absolute height of arrogance and ignorance to give medical advice when you’re neither qualified nor know anything at all about the person to whom your advice is directed. You DO understand spewing nonsense can actually cause people to lose their life, right?

    • Jeet: go to the emergency room immediately. Seriously. I had the same problem, 165/115, and the doctor told me I was in immediate danger of having a heart attack or stroke. they put me on meds which calmed everything down, but your BP is dangerously high and must be controlled.

    • I have had my BP in or around the 170 mark many times. Now the bottom number is concerning – because it’s the pressure while your heart is at rest (in between beats). You really should seek medical attention to this. It could be a warning sign to a greater problem – or you might just have hypertension but the doctors need to determine what the underlying cause of your high BP is. In my case it was diet and lifestyle. I have changed both – and am now on a bp medicine – my BP is consistently running around 140 or less systolic; and 90 or less diastolic 140/90 – which is still a little high ; but much much better than what it was

    • Get your arse onto some BP meds now & change your diet to include only really complex carbs. Lots of sweet potato and round beans!

  2. I’m 48years old male an my blood pressure is 126 over 73 the lower the bottom numer does that mean blood Going threw vanes good

  3. My blood pressure today was 152 over 71. A few hours later it was 124 over 67. So I think that yiu need to take your bp at different times during the day because your bp changes over the day. If your bp is constantly over 120 like in the 150’s then see your doc. Also I have yet to see anyone talk about the bottom number and what is considered low.

  4. How low should the bottom number be to be considered normal. During my doctor visit, my sitting bp was 126/48 and standing bp was 116/36.

  5. My BP is 195/116. I went to the doctor and she gave me 2 meds to take. How longs do meds take to help?

    • depends on the brand of the blood pressure pill EXAMPLE : i take LOSARTAN W/ POTASSIUM 50MG……AND…..AMLODEPHINE 50MG…THEY BOTH WORK GOOD TOGETHER TO LOWER BLOOD PRESSURE. 1 IN THE MORNING….. THE LOSARTAN AT BED TIME. eat fruits and vegetables….keep count of sodium intake…. stop eating high frutose corn syrup ( sugar ) and check your A1C BLOOD SUGAR. no one on here mentioned that high blood glucose / A1C can also cause spike in blood pressure. drink lots of water and look into taking MAGNESIUM…’s good for the heart. most important LOWER YOUR CHOLESTEROL A MUST. EAT WILD CAUGHT SALMON, FISH, NO-SALT NUTS, CASHEWS, WALNUTS, RAW ALMONDS….trust me…with excercise and daily diet, your blood pressure will decrease to 120/ 80 range in no time. you are what you eat. please do your research on all these items i’ve just stated above. get well friend 🙂

  6. I went to the doctors this morning for a blood test…they took a b/p and it read 178/111…they seemed quite concerned i have to go back now for more tests..

  7. My aunt is 60.
    Today she had 200 over 115. we called the doctor and gave her some medicine.. she was all shaking.. I was really scared to look at her like that…

  8. I’m glad to see many people looking for answers to blood pressure. But please consult a doctor, cardiologist or nutritionist. We are all different people with unique genes, environments, and choices. Each resolution is different but in most cases being healthy by exercise, diet, supplements and stress level lowering are healthy habits that help lower your blood pressure.
    Being 38 with a aorta dissection and heart arythmia I’ve learned some things definitely happy to be alive and made some changes that have made me in better shape than my high school years. (I was a health nut then)
    First consult, then try breathing methods or meditation, wim hoff method is my personal favorite.
    2nd, just walking around helps. But set goals. 3rd, supplements aren’t for everyone but here’s what works for me, Hawthorne, b12, coq10, magnesium, fish oil, St John’s wart and vitamin C. My blood pressure runs consistent 113/65 with a pulse around 70.
    4th, remember choices instantly or later effect blood pressure. Drinking, smoking, eating bad and sex without a condom. They might help things now, but there is repercussions for each choice. Be active in life, you only have one. The deepest wounds are self inflicted.

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