The normal blood pressure

The normal blood pressure requires a systolic (upper) value of under 130 mmHg and a diastolic (lower) value of under 85 mmHg. If your blood pressure is under 120/80 it would be an ideal blood pressure.

This criteria i set by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

The normal blood pressure

A normal blood pressure is a good requirement to avoid the damaging of your vessels and organs. With a normal blood pressure your expectancy of life increases.

Improve the normal blood pressure

Although a normal blood pressure is already a very good start for a healthy live you could try to get your blood pressure even better. The ideal value would be a value of under 120 over 80.

But please note, that heritable factors and physical factors can make it impossible to get these values. So do not force it. Important to get a better blood pressure is sports and a well balanced diet.

What to avoid when having normal blood pressure?

If you want to keep your blood pressure normal, try to avoid too much salt and always drink enough. Sports also keep a good blood pressure up.

If you have circulation problems, palpiation or you feel tired, please find a doctor.

3 thoughts on “The normal blood pressure

  1. hi guys I went to clinic today so I was checking my blood pressure rate to high so I dnt understand its high or lower 161/83 if you knw something help me cause I dnt like to eat pills

    • 161/83 is still within the NORMAL range for bp only the 161 is high and you should ask a Dr about lowering it as 120/80 or lower is what you really want to have.

    • Hi, you might have used stairs in the clinic or rushing or walking fast or something. But anyway better to consult a doctor regarding your systolic BP.

  2. Ur hpb is to high seek doctor ASAP normal 120/60 but then seek the doctor an will see why u this issues. Best of luck in God Holy name Jesus Chris.

  3. I am 46 years old my bp was in the morning 134/92 and in the night was 146/101 what does mean pls reply should I take medicine or what?

  4. A blood pressure 211/97 pls what is the solution….
    ? Help me for more information about it, thanks

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